Commission Sumo Review: Power Up Your Content & Make Money

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So I have the inside scoop on this awesome new product called Commission Sumo which can really power up your content to make you more money from your blog!

As an internet marketer, I always want to find new ways to monetize my blog and this is one way that can’t be missed as you’ll get automatic commissions, targeted leads and traffic if you use this great plugin.


In this review, I will show you:

  • What is Commission Sumo?
  • How does Commission Sumo work?
  • Pros & Cons
  • Price
  • My Final Thoughts




Commission Sumo is a WordPress plugin that just launched on Feb 2, 2017 by Cindy Donovan.

This plugin uses targeted keywords in your blog content to automatically display Amazon ads and other features in a mini lightbox when your readers hover their mouse over it.

Not only Amazon ads, you can also do this for videos, opt-in forms, call to action buttons, and even create your own campaign with html coding so sky’s the limit on what you can use this for.

Cindy Donovan has been creating WordPress plugins for years and have been successful in the internet marketing industry with her many quality products.  This Commission Sumo product is no different and will do your blog wonders.

Check out this video about it:




It’s very easy to set up Commission Sumo and have it start working on your blog within minutes!


I’m going to show you how to set up an Amazon campaign here with these simple steps:

1) You first need to set up your Amazon Affiliate information under Commission Sumo menu > Settings > Integration:

Amazon settings for Commission Sumo


2) Next, once your preferences are set up, let’s start a new campaign under Contextual Ads > Add New Contextual Ad.

Here you can name your campaign and you can configure how many times ads will show per page for your keywords so you won’t have too many contextual ads if you don’t want to.  You can select up to 5 ads to show per page.

For example, if I want to use “dog leash” to show ads but I only want to show it once even though I use the words “dog leash” several times in my post, I can set it to only show one time per page.

Now, you pick your type of campaign you want to set up, so in this case, we will choose Amazon:

Campaign Types - Commission Sumo


3) Then you set up the keywords you want to display your Amazon ads with like this:

Keywords to Enter - Commission Sumo


4) Now you can control where Amazon will get the products from by choosing All categories, particular categories, and also choose price range of products to show:

Campaign Category - Commission Sumo


5) Finally, you can set up which posts and pages you want your ads in and have full control where your ads will show up:

Campaign Location - Commission Sumo


How will it look like on your blog?  Here’s the finished ad:

Dog Leash Ad Example - Commission Sumo


Design - Commission SumoPretty cool right?

The keywords that you use don’t have to be highlighted in yellow and underlined with red dashes, you have full control in how your text will look under Settings > Design Settings  as shown in the image on the right.

You can change the font, underline, and the background color of your keywords so you can make it subtle or not, you’re in full control.



All campaign types for Commission Sumo



As you can see in the image above, you can do five other campaign types to make your blog very interactive.  Could you imaging having a video lightbox from your text link?

Commission Sumo - Video Campaign

I think this feature is very unique and one I have not seen on other blogs before.  I really like this video component and you can link it basically any video you want on YouTube or upload your own.



You can be creating a very targeted email list using specific keywords that will show an opt-in box like this:

Build Email List with Commission Sumo



You can have your posts shared very easily too within your content like this and get more traffic to your website:

Social Sharing with Commission Sumo



  1. You can basically create any type of call to action lightbox in your content, you just enter your own text and the link you want people to go to.
  2. You can customize the campaign ad with HTML coding if you are saavy at it and build anything you want.

With these two customization options, you really have full flexibility and control of what you can create with your text ads.





  • Easy-to-use WordPress interface.
  • Hover technology will boost your commissions.
  • Flexibility in what you can build with it.
  • Great control on where and how many ads are placed.
  • No need for coding if you don’t want to.
  • Price is low and have different levels to choose from.



  • Not mobile friendly since you need a mouse to hover over.
  • Readers may get annoyed if you have too many lightboxes popping up.




There are three price level options which is nice:

  1. $9.97 – Single License
  2. $19.97 – 5 Site License
  3. $27 – Unlimited, includes developer rights

For what this plugin can do, I think their pricing is very reasonable and a great buy.


There are three up-sells you can add too:

  1. $27.97 – Done For You Amazon Keyword Affiliate Pack – Top keywords for every category in Amazon that you can upload and use right away and have your blog monetized very quickly.
  2. $47 – Shopify, Clickbank & JVZoo Modules Addition – Connect to more sources so you can make even more money!
  3. $97 – Sumo Your List Lead Funnel Bundle – 60+ Squeeze pages, reports & email sequences that will help turn your visitors into subscribers very quickly.




I really like this Commission Sumo plugin and totally recommend it to you if you want to monetize your entire site automatically with contextual ads.  This will be the way to do it easily and quickly.

You can pretty much connect to any network you want to make commissions with:


You really have nothing to lose with this plugin as you can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it.

Monetizing your blog is a crucial way to make money online and if you don’t have the right tools, it can take you a long time to do the same thing without this plugin.

Make your life easier and get this awesome Commission Sumo plugin here:

Buy Now Button


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Let’s make money online!

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4 thoughts on “Commission Sumo Review: Power Up Your Content & Make Money”

  1. Hi Grace, I have never heard of Commission Sumo, it looks like a great product, I think this can be a money-making machine for an established blog.

    Imagine buying this product and making the links have affiliate links on all your posts.

    The next morning you will be rolling in commissions lol!

    Thank you for this thorough and great review!

    • Yes, this is a great way to get monetize your blog, especially an established one. I like the fact that you can do Amazon links and customized campaigns. The video option is pretty cool too.

      I’m already using it on some of my posts and yes I wake up to commissions! LOL

      Thanks for your thoughts Anis!

  2. I had never heard of Commission Sumo, but it looks really great! I can see this being a great tool. I agree with the cons, you have to be careful not to add too many. I know I get annoyed when there are too many things jumping out at me when I am on a page. I like that it is so customizable. I particularly like the social share. This seems like a great way to get the social accounts out there more. Great information Grace!

    • Yeah I recently came across it and thought it was a super easy tool to get all your content monetized with one plugin. You can also specify which pages to include or exclude as well, so that’s a pretty cool feature that gives you total control.

      I hope you will give it a try too, pretty easy to set up. 🙂


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