Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites for Beginners

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Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites for BeginnersFor new freelance writers, the ultimate goal is to make consistent money which is why you’re searching for freelance writing websites for beginners.

You can find tons of pieces of advice out there, including here in my blog, about how to land your first writing gig and grow your online career.

However, organizing all those tips and methods can cause someone analysis paralysis.

Instead of going out there and finally achieve your dream job, you’re stuck with your day job since you failed to piece everything together to get paid as a freelance writer.

Yes, I get you. You don’t want to know every piece of information about freelance writing. You just need to learn how to earn from it.

It’s how many freelance writers started out. They didn’t have any training or experience.

They had to learn the hard way – they had to make a lot of mistakes and kept trying before they finally figured it out.

An excellent piece of advice I can share with you as a beginner is to take baby steps. There are so many courses you can learn so you can succeed in your writing business. But, take things slowly.

Information overload will get you nowhere. So, for now, let’s focus on the top freelance writing websites for beginners:



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Upwork is one of the most reputable freelance websites, with more than 1.5 million clients.

It offers a wide range of jobs – the rates can be hourly or fixed, projects can be short-term or long-term, and they even sort tasks according to the skills and experience of the employee, for instance, entry-level and expert-level tasks.

The platform will charge 20% for each gig. Because of the countless jobs posted each day, you have great chances of landing a job. However, you need to get approved first by making your profile legit and credible.


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How to Get Approved on Upwork

According to Stephanie Kasriel, the CEO of Upwork, they get at least 10,000 new sign-ups each day. Due to the site’s popularity increasing each day, so does their being strict in approving job seeker profiles.

Lately, I’ve noticed a common concern among new freelancers: their profile keeps getting denied.

I understand how frustrating that is so I’m going to share some helpful strategies to increase your chances of getting approved.

A word of advice though, if your profile gets rejected, it’s not the end. You can always improve and make some changes in your profile and resubmit.

I know some people who got rejected a couple of times and even had to wait for several months before their profiles got approved.

Anyway, here are the tips to keep in mind when signing up for Upwork:

  1. Show them that you’re a professional and that you’re serious about your career.
  2. Tell them all of your skills.
  3. Make sure to choose more than one work subcategory.
  4. Never undersell the level of your experience.
  5. Allow them to calculate a personalized rate tip.
  6. Your title must not be too specific or vague. For instance, “consultant” is too general and appears low-effort. On the other hand, “Legal Representation for HDMI Cable Manufacturing Companies,” sounds too specific, and Upwork might assume you’re not interested in other job types.
  7. Go beyond the minimum with your profile overview. This will show how committed you are and not taking shortcuts.
  8. Include all of your education attainments, and not just your college degree.
  9. Boost your profile by including some of your portfolio pieces. If you don’t have any, then make some!
  10. Take Upwork’s skill tests.
  11. Keep improving, try, and try again!


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This portal has more than a million people from across the globe to land freelance jobs and earn online.

How It Works

Employers can hire freelance in three ways:

  1. Posting a job – Employers will post jobs on the portal along with the scope of their projects. They will then receive proposals and applications from freelancers why they are the best for the job and the rates they offer.
  2. Purchasing an offer – This method is usually used for job orders that only require a short time to finish. Also, they are pre-packaged and come at a fixed price. This method is ideal for short-term projects or for employers who want to try out their employees before giving them bigger projects.
  3. Browsing through profiles and contacting the freelancers directly to offer them proposals.


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This is probably the largest platform for freelancers, with more than 12 million jobs posted on the marketplace.

So, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. After signing up at, set up your profile. Like what you need to do with your Upwork profile, you must invest time and effort in making your profile attractive to potential clients. Don’t take shortcuts and make sure that your profile shows how serious and committed you are as a freelancer.
  2. Search for projects and begin bidding.
  3. Work, work, work. This could be the hardest step, but it surely is the most rewarding! When you get hired, try your best to impress your employer by writing excellent content consistently.
  4. Get paid and earn five-star feedback. You can get paid through PayPal, Transferwise, or your nominated local bank. Your goal should always be to earn five-star feedbacks from your employers. This will greatly boost your profile.


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Fiverr logoFiverr is an excellent start if you’re new to freelancing.

In this platform, you’re going to offer any freelance service, which in your case is writing, at a minimum rate of $5.

This is helpful for those who still don’t have a stable income. You can even earn more than $100 each day here with the right offer.

Examples of how people offer their services:

  • I will write excellent blog posts and deliver them within 24 hours.
  • I will be your social media organizer at $75 per week.
  • I can design an effective website for $110.
  • I can write a 500-word SEO article for $10.

Fiverr offers so many different ways for you to make money on there in general because you can market any skill you have or create a gig about doing any type of work that you think others don’t want to do like transcription or other typing kind of work.

You just have to look through their categories and see how many gigs you can create for yourself to start earning some good income.

I have done this for my social media accounts and it has worked for shutouts.  You can really accumulate money fast when you’re doing little jobs for people.

The only thing about Fiverr I don’t like is the time it takes to get your money.

First the gig takes about 3 days for the other party to confirm delivery of your service, if they don’t do it themselves earlier.

Then your funds will not be available for at least 2 weeks, so the whole time waiting for the funds to be available is about 2.5 weeks.

If you have regular jobs being done, this won’t turn into a problem as you’ll continually have jobs that will have funds available but it will take you some time before getting a consistent stream of gigs to fulfill.

You will have to build your profile up and get good reviews, then more orders will come your way.




FlexJobs will screen job postings first before they are placed on the site. This means that the jobs posted are almost assured to be legit, which sadly, is not the case for many sites.

Giant companies like NBC and CNN use this site to employ talents.

This platform is created to help job seekers budget their time, so it’s an awesome place for those who wish to earn extra and have non-traditional schedules.

There are still so many freelance writing websites for beginners you can look into. I have mentioned only five, but there are more than twenty out there where you can potentially land a freelance writing job.

Do you have more suggestions? What are your favorite sites? Share them on the comment box below!



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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the top 5 freelance writing websites for beginners or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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