Merry Christmas To All My Visitors! What’s Coming in 2019!

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Merry Christmas To All My Visitors! What's Coming in 2019!Hello to my dearest visitors of Work Anywhere Now!

It’s again been a little while since I’ve done a “rambling” post so here is one that I’d like to write about and my favorite time of year.

But wow! This Christmas really snuck up on me like no other year and I have my work to blame for it but I don’t really blame it because I LOVE WHAT I DO!

This post is not about bragging to you what I’ve accomplished in 2018 but to let you see what’s possible in the online world and if you’re willing to put some work into it and learn the skills that are required, you can do the same thing and break away from the usual 9 to 5 or make some extra money for the family if you’re a stay at home mom or dad like me.

I hope you will enjoy my ramblings in the following ways:



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So, I celebrate Christmas, so Merry Christmas to all of you who also celebrate too!  I love this time of year and brings back so many childhood memories.


Christmas Tree 2018


These days, I get to enjoy the smiles on our girls’ faces when they open their presents and see what Santa gave them.

Who am I kidding?!  Okay, they told me this the other day, “Mom, we know Santa’s not real.”

Thanks to my husband, who had already told our oldest Santa is not real when she was 4.5 years old.  *sigh*

My husband never had the “magical” Christmases like I did so he doesn’t know better, however, he also has this thing about not lying to the kids. Hmm. LOL

Okay this post is not about bashing my dear hubby who’s allowed me to be free to explore all my entrepreneurial adventures!!

Anyway, the point is this is the first year that they will really think it’s just mommy and daddy putting stuff in their stocking but I will not give up, I am still pretending they are wrong about Santa!

I will need to not put anything in their stocking this year to let them see they are wrong.

Ahhhhhh, who am I kidding?!  I won’t do that.

Christmas for me is about the giving and getting that *right* gift and sometimes is a big challenge but when I can get it right, it feels so good!

Our 6′ Christmas tree is beautiful this year without needing to trim anything!  Not many presents on the bottom yet as I write this, I still have 4 days! LOL

Well, probably 3.

Poor kids are like, “yeah mom, only 5 days til Christmas and there’s hardly anything underneath the tree!”

Heehee… well, kiddos… all the boxes are here hiding in the house somewhere. 😉

Ahh, it’s very fun to be a parent at Christmas, these past years with our kids have been amazing times and I love every part of it.

I hope you and your family will all enjoy your holiday season too, whatever you’d like to celebrate!




If you haven’t been following me, then you’ll learn quite a few things here that have happened to me in 2018.

I started this blog back in Sep/16 and 2018 has been an explosive year for me and my blog!

I have been able to break the 4 digit online income that I’ve been waiting (what seemed) forever to see in March and has since increased to an all time high of $7.9K in Nov/18.

I’m able to generate this income with my typing fingers, my laptop, and a wifi connection.

What was I selling to achieve this great income?  Nothing.

What I mean is, there’s not much “selling” I have to do (I hate selling by the way, I have an accounting background and never would go near sales) because what I do is offer people tips and tricks on how to make money online and then recommend them what I used to learn everything I know about blogging and how to make money with it.

By providing high quality value to visitors, I’m able to build their trust.  When I have trust, I’m able to recommend things to them and they will trust me and go check it out, and even maybe buy.

When they do buy, I make money.

I learned how to generate free traffic from this blog and, by telling others how I learned, they will also used the same training platform I used to learn this.

My blog generates 35K – 45K visitors a month all for free without me spending a dime on advertising.  That kind of traffic is worth a lot of money and it’s highly targeted since it’s all organic search traffic.

With traffic like that, just having display ads on my site generates $900 – $1,300 a month for me.

The other amazing accomplishment is earning the Super Affiliate title at Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories - Super Affiliate Announcement


Yes that is the training platform that taught me all about affiliate marketing, how to blog right, and use SEO effectively to bring in those visitors.

Achieving that title was a huge goal of mine since my blog started and I got it accomplished in 2018!  It took almost 2 years but I did it!

What this means is that I have really learned my stuff and now I can go on to reap the rewards of other great affiliate programs I have found.

But what really is the most exciting about earning that title is that I have won a free trip to Vegas to attend Wealthy Affiliate’s Annual Private Super Affiliate Conference for 4 nights!

I will be meeting with the two owners, their weekly webinar trainer, and all the other Super Affiliates that made it this year who are able to attend.

This conference is set for the week of Jan 28, 2019 and it’s going to be so much fun as they always plan a great week for the Super Affiliates!

You bet I will have an update here about it!




I have big goals for 2019 as I have been using the last couple months to really think about where I want to take my online business.

The thing is that there is SO MUCH still to learn in the online marketing space and I feel like I’ve only started scratching the surface.


Things I’m Planning For 2019:

  1. Free Training – I’m going to be adding even more value to my website here where anyone can learn in detail what I do from a free course I’m building.
  2. New Facebook Group – I’m going to be giving my readers a place where they can interact with me in real time as I will be doing Facebook Live Streaming there to show you things and also an opportunity to ask me questions.
  3. Tons of Tutorials – I have been wanting to revive my YouTube channel for the last few months and I have been working towards making room for it.  I’m going to be building my channel in 2019 to provide even more value to you all.
  4. Skype Coaching – Those who need extra help will be able to take advantage of my Skype coaching offer for private 1-on-1 help as well as sharing my screen to show you how to do things if need be.
  5. New Promotions – I’ve just added a new website for a new niche I’m going into and I’m also learning a new platform (new for me, that is, it’s not a new product) to bring you even more value and learning.

Personal Goals to Reach in 2019:

I hope adding those 5 new things to my online business will take me to my next goal of reaching 5 figures a month.

I want to have a 6 figure online business and those things up there will take me there I’m sure.

I also have a goal of winning a free Tesla!

YES, it’s all possible guys!!

You just have to find these opportunities and go for them.  Just like I wanted to be a Super Affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate and accomplished that goal, I will accomplish my next ones, God willing.




If you’re interested in making money online like I am doing, then you need to start somewhere and that somewhere I hope is right here at as I’ll be adding that free course very soon and you’ll be the first one to learn about it!

In the meanwhile, visit my FREE Make Money Online Guide Here!

Building an online business does take some time especially because we want to build a free traffic source first.

Building free traffic is one of the most valuable things you can do and when your business starts making money, you can scale it with paid ads, which I still haven’t touched yet.

I’m hoping once I get most of my 5 things above done and getting back into a routine, I hope to really learn how to do to paid ads to scale my business even further.

But, it’s so addicting to build these free traffic online assets because they will work for you in your sleep for months and years to come!  That’s how powerful and valuable they are.

However, most people don’t have patience for it and don’t see the incredible value it brings.

To be successful, you must do what most people won’t do.

So, my advice to you for 2019 is to do something that you’re uncomfortable doing.  Most of the 5 things above that I want to add to my online business scares the sh*t out of me, but that’s what we need to do to go to the next level.

Breaking through these uncomfortable things in life is what will get you to the other side of where you want to be.

I hope doing multiple uncomfortable things will get me to my 6 figure online business!

What uncomfortable thing(s) you’ll be doing in 2019 to reach what goals?  Tell me about them in the comments below!!


Have yourself a very Merry Christmas and a very safe Happy Holiday season!!

Let’s rock this 2019 together!!


…and make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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