[HONEST Review] Is Easy1Up A Scam Or Can You Really Make Money?

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is Easy 1 Up a scam?Updated May 2, 2019

Have you come across Easy1Up and wondering if it is a scam or if this could be your ticket to financial freedom?

You’ve come to the right place to get all the details on this program and I want to say first of all it’s not a scam and that I’m not affiliated with them.

In my Easy1Up review below, I will show you what this program is about, how you can benefit from it but also what the implications are for you to start a business like this.

Some people have been calling this a scam but I want to give a fair review so I will do my best to give my unbiased assessment.

Here are the topics I’ll go over:



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Easy 1 Up Logo


Program Name: Easy1Up

Website easy1up.com

Price: $25 – $2,000

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Recommended? No.

This program Easy1Up is actually a very simple system to understand and very similar to Aspire or MOBE (which are BOTH SHUT DOWN in 2018) but on a lower level and slightly better.

The business model this works under is called cash gifting where all you’re doing is recruiting people to get into the program and for them to do the same thing.



It’s call cash gifting because the money goes straight from one affiliate to another so you’re earning 100% commissions and there is no retail product or service.

Meaning, you don’t have any customers that just buys the training products so they can build their own online business with it.  Everyone becomes an affiliate member and are taught to do the same thing, sell these memberships that come with the training to help you recruit.

One might call this kind of business model unethical or even down right scam but there’s nothing illegal here.

The owner of this program Peter Wolfing has been putting out similar products for years now and is well known in this business.

Upon researching some of his old products like Ultimate Cycler, people don’t usually end up succeeding in his programs.

For Easy1Up, I will go into this more later on but for now, let’s see how this program works.




Easy 1 Up Pricing Packages


There are 5 membership levels you can buy into and each one comes with an admin fee, ranging from 10%-20%, that goes straight to the company:

Elevation $25

Elevation Elite $100

Vertex $250

Vertex Elite $500

Vertex Pro “Connect” $1,000

Vertex “Live” $2,000

There is training and marketing materials that comes with each level to teach you how to build your business to sell these memberships.

So if you want to join, you can join at any of these levels and if you join at the highest Vertex “Live” level for $2,000 and $500 admin fee, you’ll be earning 100% commissions on all levels and will be considered qualified for all levels.

This is where this program is better than Aspire or MOBE where you have to buy in at each level high ticket item.  Whereas at Easy1Up, you will get all levels below the level you join at for free.

Therefore, if you’re smart, you may want to just spend the $1,000 (+ $100 admin fee) right off the bat so you don’t have to upgrade later.

If you upgrade later, you would make the Vertex Pro level more expensive than $1,000 since you already spent money on the lower level(s).

Why you want to be at the higher levels is because if you recruit someone and they buy at a higher level than you, you won’t make that commission, the commission will go up to the sponsor above you who is qualified at that higher level.


Reverse 1 Up Plan

This is how you make your money, let’s say you join at Vertex Pro for $1,000 (+ $100 admin fee).

You recruit one person, you will earn 100% commission on the membership that your referral chose to buy at and you will get paid instantly as well, there’s no waiting to be paid at the end of the month or anything, you get paid immediately.


Easy 1 Up Reverse 1 Up Commission Structure


Your second sale will go up to your sponsor at 100% commission, so you get nothing for your second sale.

All other sales from your 3rd sale onwards will be all yours at 100% commission.

All your direct referrals will also pass up their 2nd sales to you and that’s the only residual you’ll get from your direct referrals.

Once you’ve received their 2nd sale, you don’t get to earn any more from them unless of course they joined at a lower level and brings in people at higher levels, then you would get that commission because you are at the highest level.




Yes, you definitely can make money from Easy1Up and some may make a lot of money with it especially if they are very good at getting leads and already have a large following or email list.

The hardest part of this business is getting leads and recruiting.

I can see from their training that they teach you methods that will not build a thriving business in the long term because you’re basically just trying to promote your affiliate link all over the internet.

Which is not the best practice as you will run out of places to spam because you can’t really do that in the long run as the platforms you post at will ban you if you do it too often.

The other methods they teach is paid advertising that will cost you a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s highly risky.

These methods are all making you chase the money, making you go out to get your leads.

In my business, people come to me, I don’t have to go out to promote if I don’t want to.  I do on social media as a complementary method to my main traffic source that’s free, highly targeted, and the money comes to me.

Easy1Up teaching you to do solo ads is highly risky as they are not always highly targeted email lists you’ll be promoting to and you don’t really know where or how they got their emails from.

Another thing I see in this program that is worrisome is that your sponsor has no obligation to help you any further once you’ve signed up and given him/her your 2nd sale.

Your sponsor will be busy moving on to recruit more new people because that’s the only way your sponsor will make more money which is the same situation you’ll be in.

You’ll forever be needing to recruit new people into the program to do the same thing you’re doing so you have no long term residuals from all the work you do to create your huge team.

I just don’t see this part as a sustainable business model to use in the long run or that provides value to anyone.

It’s a cash gifting scheme that just transfers money from one person to another with no retail component which doesn’t make it an ethical business model to use either.

Because of this cash gifting principle, you are not allowed any refunds.  If it was a legitimate company selling a product or service in the retail space, it would have a refund policy but not here because the money for the “products” aren’t going to the company who provides the products, it goes to the members.

Perhaps, Easy1Up could implement a policy to allow for the refund of admin fees for members who want out, as that’s the portion that goes to the company for the packages bought.

For all these reasons mentioned above, I have concluded not to recommend Easy1Up to you and could not sign up myself for those same reasons.




If you want to build an ethical online business that actually provides value to people by helping them and make money at the same time, then I have a better business model for you to use.

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Like all businesses, this also requires real work effort, time, and commitment – without this, you won’t be making any money no matter what system or program you use.

If you finally want to build something you can be proud of and in a topic of YOUR CHOICE, then this is the way to go.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Easy1Up is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “[HONEST Review] Is Easy1Up A Scam Or Can You Really Make Money?”

  1. i am from vietnam. and i was read this post right here. i think i can trust you. and you very friendly and kind Because you are willing to share your experience for everyone.
    i really want to become a MMO member , but i do not know how i do and what i do. because i not rich , i am student in university , i saved about 200$ . i hope you help me make my dream come true. pls help me. thanks you so much.

    • Hi Bo, I couldn’t only show you what has worked for me, I could only hope it will work for your too. Check my free guide here for all the information you need to know about how I make money online and how you can use the exact training I did to learn as well.

      I can help you indeed, but you need to learn and do the hard work it takes to make money online. $200 may give you a start, but you may need more than that. The membership on that training platform is $49/month or $359/year, this business takes a good year to build and to start seeing money come in, so you must treat it like a real business.

      Best of luck to you whatever you decide, I hope you will build your dreams with my help!

  2. Hi Grace
    I read your Review of Easy1up
    You advise to use the social traffic system for the promotion.
    Wich targetgroups should I approach?

    Can you inform me, please how to go ahead?

    Thank you


  3. Hi,Grace!
    Thanks for this review!

    I am familiar with MOBE and ASPIRE. Ant this site really is similar to them. And uses the same PYRAMID SCHEME to fool people!
    (I was involves for long years in MLM and I know and can recognize PYRAMID SCHEMES)

    There are nothing ethically in these schemes and I advise all readers to stay away from them.

    YES, you can make fast and good money if you are starting earlier, but you will not build a business. All will be ruined some day (when too many people will be involved and burned up with money).

    Better way for me is to go slowly and build a sustainable long lasting business in 6-12 months time span period, offering useful products/services to people.

    Thanks once again!
    Best regards!


    • Hey Hristo, thanks for your comment here and glad you agree with me. 🙂 That’s great you have that MLM experience to spot pyramid schemes. They are dangerous and not allowed basically.

      Appreciate you!


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