Can GIM System Make You $100s/Day Or Is GIM System A Scam?

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is GIM System a scam?Is GIM System a scam or can you really make hundreds of dollars a day just sending emails?

The truth is email marketing can make you money and lots of it, but GIM System is something else and using their system will only make you lose money.

Nothing I have seen about GIM System is good and they go by other names like Guaranteed Income Machine, Guaranteed Email System, and GIM System training.

They are all the same thing but I want to show you all the different names so you are aware.

This GIM System is nothing but smoke and mirrors which you will shortly learn in my honest review.

There’s nothing real about this site and I will show you with the following below:



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GIM System Logo


Product Name: GIM System aka Guaranteed Income Machine


Price: Free (supposedly)

Owner: Micheal Beeson

Recommended? No.

This system is supposed to help you make money from just sending out emails.  You will earn money from any clicks you get from the emails you send out.


GIM System Home Page



You are supposed to earn $0.20 per click and it all sounds super easy since the whole system is already set up for you.

They even start you off with a 500 subscriber list so you can start making money right away.

The guy in the video Bobby says that they have too many email subscribers on their list so it takes too long to send out one email to everyone on their list.

In order to fix this “problem”, they want to partner up with people like you so not only you will help them send out emails faster but you both will make money.

This all sounds good and dandy until you get into their members’ area where you will be enticed to sign up for things before you even start.

Of course, when you sign up for things, they will make money from anything you buy so they will make a point of giving you no choice but to sign up basically like tools you’ll have to need.

Once you get set up, you’ll start earning money and you can tell how much you’re making from the little red flashing commissions amount on the top right of your menu.

When you earn enough money to payout which is a minimum of $500, you will be able to cash out.

On the surface, this is how it is supposed to work but as I dug deeper, I see the real scheme.




Right when you set up your free account and in the members’ area, the first thing you need to do is buy an email software so you can start sending out the emails to make money.

They say it’s only $25 so it’s not a problem making that money back, but this is also a monthly charge.  The service you’re to sign up for is My Inbox Pro and the GIM System owner will make money here when you sign up for this monthly charge.

Underneath that, there are two options to earn money faster.

You see, they claim they will give you 500 email subscribers for free but if you want to fast track your money making by six weeks, you can pay $47 for 3,000 email subscribers.

GIM System 3000 email subscribers for $47


However, when you try to buy that, it turns out to be a $47 MONTHLY charge, ouch!  So you’ll be up to about $72/month so far for this free system.

GIM System 3000 email subscribers for $47 is really a monthly charge


There’s one more option where you can get 10,000 emails for $97, which looks like a single charge, but who knows, I’m not testing it with my credit card.

After your account is set up and you send some emails, your red flashing commissions amount starts to increase which will make you happy since you’re finally making money.

GIM System Fake Commissions Amount


When you reach the $500, however, you will have an extremely hard time to get that money paid out to you because it’s not real.

Yes, you’ve been taken for a ride and that commission amount is just a fake number that just entices you to keep doing what you’re doing so that you will keep paying your monthly payments!

Look at all these real complaints about this the GIM system below and this is only from two sources, there are probably a lot more out there:

GIM System Real Testimonies 3


GIM System Real Testimonies 2


GIM System Real Testimonies 4


GIM System Real Testimonies




Yes GIM System is a big scam and you won’t be making a dime from this, and worse, you’ll be only lose money with the upgrades you do.

Everything about their site is fake from the red commissions amount counter on the right to all their company links on the bottom.

Any site that takes people’s money should have working pages for Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, etc but on this site, all the links are broken.


GIM System Broken Links


The Contact Us link is only to a gmail address and not a company email address which I know they do not answer if you’re trying to get your commissions paid out.

People who upgrade to get more “email subscribers” don’t even always get what they pay for either and their commissions don’t reflect the increased amount of emails sent out because there is no emails sent out, it’s all fake.

The news “AS SEEN ON” is also fake as they put it there to make you think the news have talked about GIM System but none of logos are linked to the real news stories because there are none.

GIM System Fake News


There is no way I can recommend this GIM System to anyone for the above reasons.  If you have any experience with them, please tell me about it below in the comments!




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether GIM System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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