Oh My God! Has MOBE Been Shut Down By The FTC?!

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#2 UPDATE Jun 12, 2018:

CONFIRMED: FTC has indeed shut down MOBE as seen in the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which is supported by over 4,500 pages of evidence.

The TRO indicates and confirms everything I’ve indicated below on not only how they run their business but also that MOBE’s entire business model is a fraud.

Evidence has been collected from multiple sources: FTC undercover agents, declarations from multiple MOBE victims, banks, payment processors, hotels, property leasing agents, and many more.

FTC also stresses and confirms what I’ve always said about MOBE’s marketing tactics which grossly misrepresented what members could really make in the system and that they were highly deceiving.

What’s interesting and something I didn’t know was that, at the Live Events, people were given fake “blank checks” so MOBE members could write down how much money they would want their commission check to be.

They do this so that MOBE can include this part of the live events (people holding up big fat checks with huge amounts of them) in their promotional materials, but not disclosing that these were fake commission checks to potential customers.

Your spendings in the MOBE program never stops as they would continue to pitch you higher and higher mentoring packages in the ranges of $25K – $100K, when you’ve already invested $60K+ to buy all five high ticket products.

FTC estimates that MOBE has stole over $125 million, calling their system an “illegal scheme”.

For all the details of what the TRO entails, check it all out here.



#1 UPDATE Jun 10, 2018:

I have learned that there have been communication from MOBE’s “tech team” to several sources and the communication is quoted as such:

Hi everyone.  I know a lot of you have been asking what is going on and right now NO ONE has a definite answer.

Based on an announcement from the tech team, the FTC has stopped all MOBE websites with no warning.


Then, there is also this one siting similar communication:

Based on an announcement from the tech team last night, the FTC has stopped all MOBE websites with no warning.

From what myself and a few other top leaders have researched and analyzed – By law, Matt and the MOBE team are not allowed to reach out, or talk or post on social media.

We will continue to update as information becomes available. But it’s the weekend so we don’t expect to hear anything for the next few days.

Again, we are not in contact with any of the MOBE team and do not have definitive answers.

Nor do we have access to, or authorization to speak in [sic] behalf of MOBE.


Both quotes were found on behindmlm.com, more info to come.


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MOBE shut down by the FTC?There have been major signs in the last 48 hours that shows MOBE being shut down by the FTC but no official word has come out yet.

However, tons of MOBE affiliates are wondering what’s going on also having the same sunken bad feeling that it has closed its doors.

I have been reviewing tons of programs that lead you into the MOBE high ticket program and through all my reviews, I’ve always said this was not a good program to join for many reasons that I will go over below.

MOBE being possibly shut down is such good news, like the clouds parting the sky and the sun shining through!

Even if it’s not confirmed, all the signs are pointing to this possibility so it’s still happy news to me and for all the people who haven’t been tricked by their marketing ways.




There are numerous signs that show that MOBE may have been shut down by the FTC but no official word has come out as of this writing.

All the signs point do point towards MOBE being shut down so I will list the signs here and will update this post as often as I find more of these signs:


#1 Sign – MOBE’s Official Website Is Not Working

You can’t go to mobe.com anymore and all their major domains also don’t work as well.  Even Matt Llyod’s own sites are also down, namely mattlloydsblog.com and askmattlloyd.com.

Their official MOBE Facebook page hasn’t had any posts on it since June 7, 2018 and they usually post something daily.

In their latest post, someone commented and asked if mobe.com is down and MOBE responded saying “Yes it’s down – tech is working on it.”


MOBE.com doesn't work


To have their site down for 2 days is highly suspicious and they wouldn’t have ALL their sites down at the same time.

This is a major sign that MOBE IS DONE.


#2 Sign – Top Earners Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis Left MOBE 2 Days Ago

Michael Williams and Michael Giannulis were just celebrating with Mat t Llyod last month on the millions they have earned from the MOBE program.

Then 2 days ago, these two sent their downline this message that was found by behindmlm.com:

This is a bitter sweet moment for BPO that we must inform you of.  As of now, we are no longer affiliated with MOBE at all.

As we move forward onto bigger and better things we want to let you know where we are with MOBE.

Any members that you were working with to sell them MOBE must stop immediately.

This also means that any sales that we have made that are not paid will have to stay that way.

The FTC has brought the hammer down upon MOBE and we have to cut ties with them 100%.

If we do not we could also find ourselves stuck in a sticky situation.

We know the loss of sales hurts, it hurts all of us as a whole, but we know that BPO is going in a great direction and is making this move to protect us.

Thank you for your understand in this moment and thank you for making BPO great.

BPO refers to the company Giannulis set up in Florida to run his business with.

When top earners are leaving like this, it’s a pretty sure sign that the rumor mills are true!


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#3 Sign – Home Business Summit Abruptly Canceled

There was a Home Business Summit event scheduled for June 8 – 10, 2018 that was abruptly canceled.

These are events that come with the digital marketing packages that you buy into so these events would not be canceled so hastily unless it was for major reasons like being shut down!


#4 Sign – Promotions Have Canceled

I’m with an affiliate network that lists sites that promote MOBE and I saw one that was heavily promoted cancel it’s affiliate offer from that network just yesterday morning!

Update June 11, 2018: All the rest of the promotions of MOBE have been canceled as of this morning since they couldn’t do it over the weekend I guess.


For now, these are the four big reasons why a lot of people think MOBE is being investigated by the FTC and are being shut down but again, there’s no official from the FTC yet like the way they did with Digital Altitude that was shut down earlier this year.

FTC may just need more time to get all the info together before they make the official announcement.

If you have any experience with MOBE or know of anymore details of this shut down, please leave me a comment below so everyone can be updated on the latest news.




MOBE was a high ticket program that you can earn thousands of dollars in commission from and this is the exact point they sell in their sales funnels.

But the problem is that, people never learn about their real costs until they have signed up with the initial fee of $47 or $97 and going through 21 step training program where they will have to talk to a “coach” to unlock certain steps.

Most people who sign up have no clue how much this program really costs and they think that their initial fee is all that they needed to pay to earn thousands of dollars without doing much work.

Then they start talking to their “coach” and then finding out how much money they actually had to spend in order to be allowed to promote their high ticket products.

The investment people had to make ranged from $2.5K to $30K, and if you were to invest in all five products, you are looking at well over $64K!


MOBE True Costs
See https://s3.amazonaws.com/mobecompensation/MOBE-Compensation-Plan.pdf for Full Details.


They also marketed that you will be giving a sales team and a coach to help you with your business but guess what?  These are one and the same, just a sales rep who will take a commission as soon as they have convinced you to buy in.

Morever, this MOBE business has always been a controversy since they structure is very much like a pyramid scheme but has technically escaped from such naming because of the digital marketing products they sold.

However, if you noticed, these aren’t even being sold to the general public, they are just being sold to other new members who join the system.

So they are using the products as a vehicle to just pass money from a new member to three places: the immediate affiliate that recruiting that new person, the sales rep that got that new member to buy, and MOBE.

Once you’re in, you’re also heavily influenced to also promote MOBE since it’s so lucrative to earn such high commissions instead of creating your own business.

But many fail to promote MOBE properly since they would need to recruit thousands of people to find the very few that will have the money to also buy into these very expensive digital products, and they don’t know how to recruit massively.

Innocent people going into MOBE have no idea what they are getting themselves into because MOBE affiliates use so many different names to promote their system that people have no idea they are being funneled into MOBE like Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough and Secret Society of Millionaires.




I’ve always said in my MOBE product reviews that it’s very dangerous to rely on someone else’s system because if anything were to happen to them, then you’re out of luck and everything that you’ve invested in them will also be gone.

This is the problem with all these so called done-for-you systems – the more that’s done-for-you, the more you don’t know what the hell is going on.

It’s really best to learn how to build your own business and learn how the process works.  If you did know how the process of making money online works, you would have spot MOBE as a system that’s really not worth going into.


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I’m glad I learned this back in Sep/16, and I have been able to build myself an online business that no other system can shut me down.

I own everything I have in my online business and this is the way to go if you really want to make money online in the long run.

If you want to check out what I do and where I learned everything, check out my free guide here now!


I will certainly keep you updated on the MOBE shut down as more information is available.  Please if you have any other info, comment below to alert others of it as well!  Thanks very much!

47 thoughts on “Oh My God! Has MOBE Been Shut Down By The FTC?!”

    • Yes definitely because you get to learn how to build your own online business without depending on other people’s systems and that’s how you can earn online in the long term since no one can shut you down. But that’s if you build it on your own domain and not on some free site on sub domains!

  1. Hi Grace

    I was expecting this after the FTC went after digital altitide. Not many people know this,but Mobe took Digital Altitude to court for being too similar to them. After the FTC shut down Digital altitide,I definitely saw a difference in the Mobe advertising,they even changed their main homepage in to a subdomian training.mobe.com. Then recently there was an announcement to reward people who had supposedly used Mobe training for their own offline business. This was definitely an attempt to fool the ftc that they were changing. To little to late.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Minhaj! I definitely felt the same way after they went after DA.

      Yeah, I think that was too little too late but they also didn’t stop the way they advertised their program under all these deceiving different names which is false advertising.

      So this was certainly coming to them and I have always said this after Digital Altitude was shut down.

      I hope you didn’t invest too much into MOBE or hope you were never involved with them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • The guy who started digital altitude used to be partners with the owner of MOBE ( micheal left MOBE and started digital altitude, hence the law suit.)

  2. Hey, Grace!

    MOBE, Matt Lloyd and his affiliates have had it coming to them for a long time.

    I guess they aren’t so smug now! LOL.

    What gets me is that all these Top MOBE affiliates who have cashed in $100,000s from the “vulnerable” – will jump ship and find the next latest and greatest “rip off money making schemes”.

    Instead of holding their hands ups and confessing to the all the scamming they’ve done over the years, they’ll just be in denial and pretend it never happened.

    These “high ticket” affiliates bring as much shame to the Internet marketing world just as scammers who create hoaxes do.

    With MOBE, Empower Network and Digital Altitude out the way, let’s hope it sends a message to these “greedy money hungry affiliates” that what they do will no longer be tolerated by the FTC.

    With MOBE gone (for good hopefully), it means less newbies will get scammed for sure.

    About time the trash got taken out lol. 🙂

    • Exactly!! Thank you Neil for your input on this issue!

      I totally agree with everything you said and now with all these scams gone, people will really have a chance to make real money online without having to spend thousands of dollars!

      I totally knew it was just a matter of time that MOBE and Matt Lloyd goes down, their marketing was always deceptive and not very clear on what their program entails.

      I’m really happy for all the people out there that haven’t been scammed by them and hope more legitimate programs will now surface because of this.

      Thanks for stopping by Neil!

  3. June 9, 2018



    • Um, having a Facebook page doesn’t tell you anything! Of course the Facebook page is up and running but you can see they haven’t made any posts in 2 days already. You believe what you want, the writing is definitely on the wall!

      Good luck to you!

    • It doesn’t take a genious to figure out what’s happened.

      Please listen to what people are telling you about MOBE!!

      The facts are 100% correct.

      It’s a sunken ship (almost).

  4. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for the longest time. Whatever happens, should happen. I’m glad the FTC is looking into this.

  5. I started with MOBE when it was My Online Business Empire. It was before they had all the stuff now. All I am out is a little over 2000.00. I was pressured on the up sale and never did move up. For the money, you spend I would get a loan for a car or a down payment on a house then try something where the chances are not in your favor to make all the money. After reading the Facebook Post I am glad I did not recruit anybody. I do not feel right seeing people go into more debt. I am glad the FTC is looking into it. I am starting a business on my own to help people understand how these programs work, also I am going to do a health and wellness business. I already started a DJ service. Thank you for this info.

    • Hi Scott,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and man, so sorry to hear about your $2K+. I’m glad you didn’t fall for more and pay more into their system.

      Yes, why I never joined MOBE was because I would be recruiting others to do the same and I didn’t want others to have to spend that kind of money on such a program, especially the way they market, I didn’t want to deceive or mislead anyone to such a high ticket program where you are not building anything of value or an asset you can own yourself.

      I’m glad you have started your own business and that’s really the only way to assure yourself of a steady financial future. My free guide shows you the place where I learned how to build my online business and now I make a 4 digit online income.

      I know it’s not as glamorous as making $10,000’s but I also didn’t have to PAY $10,000’s. I know eventually my income will reach 5 digits and my business HELPS people instead of deceiving them or misguiding people.

      I wish you a brighter future and if you need my help, please do not hesitate to reach out!


  6. But if its not official as yet why are yous going for the road kill already? Like wouldnt you just wait till it was actually made official and then go hard with your comments. Like you are all as bad as what they are. If yous all knew this stuff have you alerted anybody to say hey no this is no good, again your all on the ban wagon to say Ive got a better program that just sounds the same ????

    • Shaz, I’ve written so many reviews on anything that promoted MOBE and most of them are highly deceiving, misleading people into a high ticket program that is not right at all. If you don’t think the signs above show you anything, then you just don’t know what’s going on with the industry.

      When you have these major signs, there’s really one conclusion.

      Best of luck to you,

    • Shaz, no offence and this is a quick reply but might help. It’s mind tricks everywhere. They fool you into believing in them and once you do, your mind protects you by believing they are good and defending them to the hilt.
      The reality is it was a scam, and this was only a matter of time. Don’t prolong the agony, accept, decide if you want to join the class action suit if one happens but learn and move on.
      It seemed too good to be true and like 99% of these, it was.

  7. I also lost $2000ish but I decided this wasn’t a program a could feel comfortable promoting. I was lucky enough to earn a $1000 commission (I didn’t actively promote, it just happened), which just offset some of my losses.

    I just felt more fool me for getting drawn in by the hype.

    As an affiliate, if I couldn’t see the justification for the high ticket items, how can I ‘sell’ it to someone else.

    Just left it alone and just regarded it as a lesson learned that it’s so easy to first “need money”, and then jump on anything that holds some promise.

    Some people made a lot of money and they’ll probably not be chased to pay it back. But I hope they can sleep knowing some people gambled their savings on a better future. If those people
    (the affiliates) genuinely felt it was a good business then fair enough. But many people don’t care about the people they’re promoting to.

    The only shame is that it just all adds to people calling all MLM programs scams – they’re not. Provided the payplan is a small part of the business, not the main part.

    • Hi Troy,

      Sorry about your loss, but yes, glad you did make some money back. You are certainly right about those that make a lot of money in MOBE doesn’t care who they market to, nor do they care how they are earning that money (deceiving others into buying into MOBE).

      I really don’t know how these guys sleep at night especially those that use the ridiculous income hype type of sales videos that never show anything close to what MOBE is even about.

      I think the FTC will site this point as well in their filing, just like they did for Digital Altitude.

      I hope you will be able to recover more money from this! Please update us in the future if you do.


  8. I really felt good about mobe and spent nearly $35,000 out of pocket for level platinum and ads. Then just invested $3,600 in marketing distribution and as always check the 3 funnels I will be sending out and they did not work. Even my outlook email. I text through Skype on of their mentors and was told about the FTC have shut down Mobe and heard rumors and he did not say why. I then typed in Google FTC Mobe and your story came up. I and my family are so upset right now I’m taking off from work the next two days. People have no heart these people have no soul. https://youtu.be/vO8tg1pD-3I. Watch this video clip Mobe owners this could be you. I recommend that all diamond members give up any money earned they have left over be given back to people who earned nothing back. I don’t expect a full amount back but something anyways. David A Landry

    • Hi David, so sorry for your immense loss! Wow!

      I hope you lawyer up and follow suit with the FTC and get some kind of remedy for what you lost.

      Thanks for sharing your story and really hope you will have some recovery for your investment.


    • I lost my inheritance money. I am at platinum level. I was planning on making my mom and family proud that I had my own business. I was shown the other digital products that you could promote and higher ticket items to promote. I felt it would be a good business. I have about $3K left out of thousands. I feel like a fool now.

      • Sorry to hear this Kathy, I hope you can get a lawyer and tell them about the FTC lawsuit to see if you can get any sort of recovery for your loss.

  9. Hi Grace,

    I joined MOBE 4 months ago. I had a strong belief in the system & I just found out 2 days ago about this. I’m shocked beyond belief. If this is all TRUE, how is a Class Action Lawsuit filed. I invested close to $30 K into the MOBE Business Model.


    • Hi Steve, wow, you invested a lot as well. I am not anywhere close to giving any advice about lawsuits or anything like that… I have no idea. The best thing I can suggest for you to get yourself a lawyer and ask him/her that question.

      If FTC is already going after them, I think that is a great start for all of you. I have no idea if your lawyers can piggy back on that or what.

      I wish you can also find some kind of recovery for your loss as well.


  10. Hello Grace,

    I don’t know huge amounts about Mobe, but I went to an Internet marketing conference about three years ago and this particular Internet marketer was trying to promote Mobe, I have to say I didn’t like what I saw! When I came home I actually carried out a bit of research on Mobe and didn’t like what I saw, personally I wouldn’t attempt to promote it! The particular Internet marketer was actually doing extremely well, but I still don’t think it is particularly ethical, I believe there are much better programs that can be promoted online and that a much more genuine and fair.

    Just my little take!

    • Hello Roy,

      Thanks so much for visiting and I totally agree with you that when I looked into MOBE I realized I would be recruiting others to spend so much money that they may not even have and knowing how MOBE marketing their program, I just couldn’t get myself to trick others into a program that’s just all about spending.

      I’m glad FTC followed suit after Digital Altitude, with these two big scams gone, people will have a better chance at finding a more legitimate way to make money online.

      Best to you Roy,

  11. I just recently invested $27,768 in April with MOBE making it over $30,000 of a total investment. I didn’t even have a chance to advertise before MOBE got shot down by the FTC. What can I do to get my money back??

    • Hi , file Complaint to FTC website. Tell your story in there. I did. We have group people that did same thing to get refund. What is your Facebook name? I will invite you to join. E

      • I invested about £2000 as well, it was all I had and is now causing me hardship. Stupid in hindsight but my first foray into online businesses and my naivety obviously blinded my rational brain. At this level am I likely to get a refund? Can you add me to the Facebook group regarding this. I’d be keen to know how to request a refund. Thanks

    • Sorry to hear about your recent investment, wow, that’s a lot of money. I’m sorry you fell for their scheme. I would advise to get yourself a lawyer and see if you can piggyback on FTC’s lawsuit or find some kind of remedy for your loss.

  12. Wow? I was with Mobe for a while but never went to far. I didn’t like the idea of paying for product only from Mobe. I guess my feeling was correct that it was just another pyramid scheme.

    • Hi William, you definitely had the right hunch and indeed just the idea that you have to “pay for the right” to sell their products is already not right.

      There are a sea of affiliate programs out there that don’t cost you a penny to join and promote other companies’ products for free.

      I have never joined an affiliate program that would ask me to pay first for that very reason.

      Hope you have checked out my guide to learn how you can build a legitimate affiliate marketing business properly without spending thousands of dollars.

      Best of luck to you!

  13. I feel if you’re going to promote your brand, then you shouldn’t bash on another company when you’re down. I know it’s business. But in my experience in marketing you should never bash another business even when things are unclear. It’s obvious you are trying to take mobe clients or online marketing clients in general.

    • It’s not bashing but telling the truth about these types of programs that people NEED TO KNOW since the way MOBE was promoting themselves was highly misleading and unethical.

      Wouldn’t you want to be warned if you were to walk down a trap?

      I have helped many people from losing thousands of dollars and the truth is no one needs to spend thousands of dollars to make thousands of dollars, I’m living proof of this so why not tell people the truth?

      Systems like MOBE and other get rich quick schemes really skew people’s perception on how money is earned online and I’m here to tell people that’s not how it works.

      I will continue preaching this to as many people as I can because nobody needs to lose money like these good people in this comment thread shows.

      If I could have saved those people I would have, but I can’t save everyone from losing so much money.

      But it is my mission to help others build their own online business and learn the real process of making money online, I think people deserve to know that there are still legitimate ways to go about learning it.

      I know my visitors appreciate it, so I will continue my work.

  14. I’m curious how people can say ‘they owe me’ or ‘they took $___ from me’ or ‘they scammed me”…
    Are we not each responsible for our own actions, decisions, buying decisions, lives?! When you pay to go to University to get an Education, training, learning on a Subject, you are learning new skills to go out into the world & use to make your way in the world. Is the University blamed or a ‘fraud/scam’ if you can’t get a job in your industry? Of course not! It’s up to YOU what you do with what you learn! There’s a reason less than 3% of our population are successful as Entrepreneurs. They are the ones that take personal responsibility & do not give up! If more people did that, none of this would even be happening! I used the training from MOBE to build 2 successful businesses & it has been worth every penny. The only difference between myself & the rest of people who are calling themselves victims is that I went out & used what I learned to achieve Success! It was not overnight, I had to work for it, but I couldn’t have done it without MOBE!

    • Hi Sabrina,

      Thanks for your comment and glad you are able to make success out of yourself with the MOBE training. I think what happens is that people get caught up with promoting MOBE instead of building their own business with the training there.

      I’m glad you’ve done a great job with it and congratulations to you!

      We are sure 100% responsible for our lives and if we allow negative influences to make bad choices, then it’s also our own fault for falling for it.

      Wish you continued success!

    • People can say that because MOBE was riddled with false and misleading claims and false advertising…no matter how you spin, that’s what they were shut down for…and everyone deserves to get their money back…got anything else wonderwoman?

  15. Just….wow is all I can say…I was at Platinum level. I went to one summit and was stalked thru emails to buy another summit.

    I’m so happy I didn’t. At the summits they convince people to Max out lines of credit, take a second mortgage, all to line their greedy pockets.

    I had to send my bank after them for a sum of money that they refused to return. As frustrating as that was, I am happy I stood my ground about it. (They over charged me and refused to give it back)

    I am now bankrupt of about $30K. I will be following up with the FTC to see if I can get any of that back. I

    I am in the process of tryna ng to build an online business, but it will never again be about selling digital products.

    • Hi Kaseihf,

      That’s the problem, you weren’t selling digital products really, that scheme was more like a ponzi one where you’re just passing money from one new person to the people in the system.

      It’s sick what they do at the summits then, to just encourage people to go into debt, who does that?!

      I’m not sure where you’re trying to build an online business, but have you checked out my guide? That’s a real online business you could do without owning any products but you can promote physical products.

      I have used this business model myself and I make a modest 4 digit online income now (and I only paid an annual membership once $359 and my business paid the next year), anyway, check out my guide for more info.

      Sincerely wish you good luck getting your $30K back! You don’t have to pay that kind of money to make that kind of money, you just need a little patience and build it up to 5 figures, that’s where mine is heading. 😉


  16. Woe is me, I lost twenty thousand dollars, because I was too lazy to close my own sales. Everyone that joins these programs joins for the same reason; tired, frustrated, wants it the easy way, not willing to learn and earn the traditional way.

    If you were part of any of these programs you have been given some million dollar knowledge. You have been taught to be a capital fund raiser. Put a decent product behind it, a start up company, or an invention to be patented and marketed where the people you recruit can make a small return on their investment and still recruit people for commission.

    Raising capital is hard work, before the internet you had to make 300-500 calls per day, at the end of the week you might find 15 potential leads, and if you were good, one or tow of them would become a member or client. You went into the program knowing that your commission came from recruiting others, when someone closes a deal they usually keep the client. Think about it.

    • Hi Vindi, sorry to hear about your experience. I hope you can contact the FTC because they have funds for you to recover if you reference this case to them and tell them your story.

      I hope you will recover at least some of your losses, that’s a lot of money.

      Please let me know if you’d like to know how I have earned my online income without much investment $50/month, and I generate a consistent 4 digit online income.

      Hope I can help you in your near future,


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