Secret Society of Millionaires Review: Scam Or Road To 7 Figures?

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is Secret Society of Millionaires a scamTempted to buy into the Secret Society of Millionaires system so you can be a millionaire too or is it a big scam that will leave you dry?

My Secret Society of Millionaires review will show you everything you need to know including things they won’t tell you because you would run otherwise.

I will show you how this really works as well as what you’ll be getting yourself into.

These types of sites are not to be trusted and I show you signs you could look out for in the future.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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Program Name: Secret Society of Millionaires


Price: $97 + $10,000’s

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

I’m sure it sounds exciting to get a millionaire mentor to teach you the ropes of making money online and Secret Society of Millionaires claims they have the system to make you $2,550 this very week you start.

You’re led to believe that they have the secret automated system that will bring you thousands of dollars very quickly with everything done-for-you.


Secret Society of Millionaires sales video


You won’t need your own products, deal with customer service, or bug your family and friends.

You won’t even have to work that much to achieve such financial success like just working 30 minutes a day or less.

Secret Society of Millionaires promises a no-nonsense system that will help you create a life you’ve always wanted and not work for someone else.

You’ll be able to pay off your debt, go on fancy vacations on the whim, buy whatever you want and live in a house you’ve been eyeing for years.

You are also led to believe that you can get this kind of life with their system that is on complete autopilot.

You will be given a millionaire mentor to get your business started and hand hold you through the process to earn yourself huge commissions.

They claim that the Secret Society of Millionaires system is able to generate you thousands of dollars in your first weeks.

I mean who wouldn’t want a system that earns you $2,550 in the first week and then $5,420 in the second week, right?!

Here’s the catch: You’ll have to spend thousands of dollars first before you can earn a dime!

The truth is Secret Society of Millionaires is not even a system, it’s just a website that’s promoting an underlying system in a very misleading way because they are totally not telling you how expensive this program can actually get.

If you want to earn $1,000, you’ll need to spend about 2.5 times that much first, and guess what? You won’t be getting any millionaire mentor either.

There are tons of sites like this that promote the underlying system as if it’s theirs but it’s really something else and it’s totally misleading how they are marketing the underlying system:

Now, we’ll take a look at what this system really is.




You will see the name of the underlying program in Secret Society of Millionaires’ Terms of Service or Earnings Disclaimer as seen here:

Secret Society of Millionaires Real System is MOBE


MOBE stands for My Online Business Education, Ltd. and they are a high ticket 2 tiered MLM program where they use a licensing business model and you will have to “pay before you play”, sort of speak.

In order for you to make any commissions from this, you will have to buy their digital marketing packages for the ones you want to earn from.

There are 5 levels and they will cost from around $2.5K to almost $30K as seen in their chart:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


If you don’t buy a package and when someone you bring into the system buys that package, then you don’t earn the commission, it goes up to the next sponsor that has bought into that package.

Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out on any commissions, then your cost is over $64K + $295/month, plus thousands a month in promotional fees, easily.

So before you even start, you have a hefty monthly fee as well as huge product fees, and the way they will tell you to promote is by paid traffic so you’ll have another high cost of paid advertising.

Once you paid for your product or products, it’s time to get working because it’s going to be way harder than they tell you.

You will get template sites like Secret Society of Millionaires so you can mislead many more people their $49 and hope they will have $1,000’s just sitting around to invest in this game.

If they do, you can earn the 4 digit or 5 digit commission as you had seen in the sales video, depending on which package you own and sold.

Those template sites do you no good if you don’t promote it since search engines don’t show those 1 or 2 page websites to anyone, so get ready to spend tons in advertising and hopefully you know what you’re doing or else it will be even more costly to you.

You will need to be able to recruit massively that’s why the sales video said you don’t have to bug your family and friends because you’ll need thousands more leads to find the very few that will buy in.

Once you get someone to buy in, you will earn the commission if you owned that product that the person bought, and then they also do the same thing and go out to recruit more people.

No one is creating anything, building anything, just trying to get others to come join in this game of passing money from a new member to existing member and the sales rep.

There are no outside sales, no retail customers, nor retail sales.


There Are No Millionaire Mentors

The mentor or coach you’ll get as soon as you start is not a millionaire nor a real coach.  This is a sales rep that’s going to make a commission when they have convinced you enough for you to upgrade and buy the 5 products.

Once you buy everything, you think they still need to mentor you?  Fat chance.

That’s why they tell you that you will get a sales team to close sales for you, this is the coach they are really talking about, it’s the same person!

Their main purpose is have you spend and make you open your wallets.


Fake Testimonies

Secret Society of Millionaires uses various video testimonies in their sales video but those are totally fake and are just hired actors.

I know this because I recognize a few of them in other scams and I have found them on a freelance site called fiverr,com.

You can see them here for example:

Facebook On Fire Fake Testimonies 6


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 4


It’s hard to trust anything on their site because even those news logos are fake, they don’t link to any real news stories about them.

That’s because they are not in the news and they just have the logos there to provide fake trust.

Legit companies that actually have news stories about them always link to the actual news stories, the illegitimate ones don’t.


Risky Business

I never really liked this licensing business model because first it’s always some crazy investment you have to make before making any money and they usually push you to promote the same program so everyone is doing the same thing.

Though legitimate business model, one of MOBE’s competitor was sued and shut down by the FTC not long ago, so this could be very risky for MOBE or anyone that joins it.

You could dump $64K into this and then wake up one day that it’s all gone because the government has stepped in.




Thumbs DownYes I do consider Secret Society of Millionaires a scam because they are being highly misleading and no one will be making the amount of money they say in their first 2 weeks.

They also make this system look so easy and don’t have to work hard at it to make the huge commissions but the reality is quite the opposite.

Many members have lost thousands and thousands from joining MOBE because it’s way harder to earn those commissions than how they made it seem as well as not being fully automated as they keep telling you it’s completely on autopilot.

You’ll have the hardest part of the whole system which is recruiting massively.  There will be a lot of work involved like knowing how to optimize your ads to convert people better or knowing where to advertise, etc.

You’ll have to pay for all this learning curve as well to test your ads on top of everything you already invested.

Then there’s that risk of being shut down by the government factor.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Secret Society of Millionaires or MOBE.




The business model I use don’t make you buy anything before you make money or buy any products or services at any time for that matter.

You will just need to put in work effort to start build your online business with this business model which I’ve been using since Sep/16 and now making a 4 digit income while being a stay-at-home mom for my girls.

But I didn’t just wake up one day and know how to build this, I learned from a safe and legitimate source which I want to share with you because I’ve been in your shoes and have been scammed before as well.

However, once I found this training platform, everything I ever looked for on how to learn how to make money online was right there in front of me!  I’m living proof that this works!

Let me show you how this business model works and see what I used to learn how to build such an online business in my free guide here:

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You can literally start this online business for FREE so you can check out if this is really right for you before you commit to a small fee of $49/month.

There’s no sales pressure because you can stay free for as long as you want but in order for you to earn like me, you really need the know-how of the rest of the training to really understand how this all works and make money.

You’ll also learn how to get visitors on to your online business for free, just like how you came onto my review post today so you don’t need to promote your site if you don’t want to spend on advertising.

Learn it the right way, at one safe place so you’re not wasting time fumbling all over the internet to figure this whole how to make money online thing once and for all!

Stop chasing shiny objects of fast money and no work (equals running into more scams) and build a real online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Secret Society of Millionaires is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Secret Society of Millionaires Review: Scam Or Road To 7 Figures?”

    • You’re so welcome Oscar, glad you were able to reach my review before you went for it. That’s the whole point of my site, is to help people understand what the money making programs are really about and see what is all involved before making big decisions.

      Most money making programs don’t tell you what all the costs are or even what you’ll be doing to make the kind of money they lure you with.

      This way, after knowing what’s all involved, you can make an educated decision instead of an emotional one.

      That’s why I explain everything thoroughly for the program I use and recommend.

      Best of luck to you Oscar!

    • Yes Heather, that’s exactly right. You won’t be able to do much with this system with paying just the $97 too.

      I hope you didn’t go for it yet, if you did, I hope you can request a refund.

      Check out my free guide for a better way to make money online!

      Best of luck to you,

  1. Grace,

    Thank you ~ I waited all day to get information about this company.
    It’s like my grandmother would say….. If it sounds to good to be true…….

    Thank you
    Tammy From Texas

    • You’re so welcome Tammy, and thanks for visiting my review.

      Yes, there are many products online like this so you have to be careful. My free guide here shows you how to properly build an online business to make money online, the exact method I’ve been using myself since Sep/16 and it brings me a monthly 4 digit income now.

      I wouldn’t trade it for the world and once you know how it all works, you’ll never be scammed again!

      Best of luck to you!

  2. Hello

    The company has got to the point they are using a woman name Candice to do the marketing for them. I almost got on it but that God I have done research.They want you to pay $97 dollars to get the training tools. Also, what the company would do is say they need 20 people to join so they start at the beginning of the video saying that 17 people have signed up for the program. While the video gets to end the number automatically drops from 17 to 4 then at the last minute the number goes down to 1 then after the video it stays at 1 so you can hurry up and get your debit card to pay that $97.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Monica!

      That’s always a fake counter, they would never block how many $97 they can steal from people, that’s why the counter never gets to zero.

      I’m glad you didn’t fall for it. Check out my guide instead for the exact method I have been using since Sep/16 to make my 4 digit online income as a stay at home mom!

      It’s the best method I’ve used from all things I’ve tried in the past and this one has given me the success I was looking for as well as learning how making money online works so I know I won’t ever get scammed again.

      Best of luck to you!


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