Is Insider Profit System A Scam Or Make $1,250 Per Day?

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Is Insider Profit System a scamThere are a lot of people looking to make money online but is Insider Profit System what you need or is Insider Profit System a scam that’s going to leave with with nothing but headaches?

A lot of systems say they can make you tons of money and quickly too but I’ve reviewed so many products that I’ve pretty much seen it all.

This product is no different than the majority of them and it’s nothing new I haven’t seen before.  My review of this Insider Profit System will show you everything you need to know to make a better decision for yourself.

I know the following info below will help you:



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Insider Profit System Logo


Program Name: Insider Profit System


Price: Free

Owner: Jeff Davis

Recommended? No

This Insider Profit System will let you in no problem to their system since it’s free to join and you’re in the member’s area in no time.

Jeff goes into how his system can make you $1,000 – $1,250 a day easily with this two step system.

His training area consists of 3 parts and each part has a few videos to talk you through his system and how it works.

You will basically be building an email list and using email marketing to make money this way.

You won’t be building a brand or any other online presence which will make any email list hard to be effective if you don’t have a bigger online presence like a website or being a social media influencer.

You will be making some money with this method but it won’t be anything significant (not the $1K+ a day though, sorry to disappoint you) which I will tell you why in more detail in the next section.

You will also need to be using paid traffic using this kind of system since you’ll be using his template pages to build your email list with which won’t rank in search engines to bring you free organic traffic like the way you landed on my review today.

Using paid traffic is not as easy as it sounds as well, you will be spending a lot of money to perfect your ad campaigns and if you don’t make enough from your list, you’ll even be in the red.

Systems like this never work well for beginners because there’s a lot to learn but these programs only give you so much training and it’s never as comprehensive as you need it to be to make it work for you.

Similar systems are The Banger Method and Incognito which I never recommend without a having a larger online presence.




If you’re wondering all this time why Insider Profit System is free, it’s because Jeff is going to make money from the system you’ll need to sign up for to make this Insider Profit System work.

For this to work, you need to do two things:

  1. You’ll need an email auto-responder (I use Aweber but Jeff uses GetResponse)
  2. Sign up to affiliate networks like, Clickbetter, CJ, etc. to find products to promote

Jeff making money from you this way is fine, this is called affiliate marketing and you’ll be using affiliate marketing as well to make money from this system which is totally legitimate, something I use myself as well.

Jeff teaches you to use the make money online niche to promote products from since everyone is looking for money making opportunities.

How this system works is that you will need a landing page like the below image where you will collect the person’s email address:


Insider Profit System Sample Landing Page


Then, once someone puts in their email address, the page will forward to the program/product you want to promote, so in this case, it went to Insider Profit System.

If that person didn’t want to buy immediately then you still will have their email address to send daily emails to promote either the same product or other make money online products using the email auto-responder you need to sign up for.

The emails you send will have affiliate links to the products you choose to promote to your list which Jeff says he’s got samples of email copies for you to use.

So if anyone on your list will buy from your affiliate links then you will make a commission for that product.

The whole process is summarized here, except you won’t be making $500 a sale or $500 a day:

Insider Profit System is a email marketing system

How much you make will depend on the price of the product, the commission structure for each product, and if there are any refunds.


Why This Kind Of System Won’t Work For You

#1 Reason – No Trust Factor

People will not buy from you if you don’t have any trust factor.  You are sending cold traffic to products without any pre-warm up, pre-sell, or why a product is even good or not.

No information or explanation about the product you are sending your email list to except the cheesy landing pages they will see for those types of products that promises to make them thousands of dollars a day.

No one will buy from those types of products because they all sound too good to be true and people are scared of being scammed these days online.


#2 Reason – Majority of the MMO Products are Scams & Very Low Grade

The affiliate networks that Jeff suggests for you to go look for make money online (MMO) products to promote from usually have scams or the products are very low quality.

Clickbank used to have better products, but the last few years have really gone down in the quality of their products.

Clickbetter is known for having tons of scams on there so unless you feel good about sending people to scams knowingly, then this system will not work for you and that’s why I never did it either when I first looked for ways to make money.


#3 Reason – Paid Traffic

Beginners will lose tons of money using paid traffic because most of us won’t know how to perfect high converting ad campaigns.

Internet marketers I know take about a few thousand a month to play around with for paid traffic in order to be able to keep testing to see which ad will convert for you.

One time I lost $20 in 5 minutes, no joke, and scared the heck out of me! Lol  I don’t do paid traffic.

You also need to be careful where you buy your traffic from as well because you could be getting clicks from people who are not even looking for make money online opportunities and you’ll just be wasting that money.


#4 Reason – People Will Quickly Unsubscribe

These systems always tell you to email people daily and for this Insider Profit System system, they want you to email them daily for 30 days.

Don’t you think within those 30 days, people will be unsubscribing if you’re shoving crappy, borderline scam products to them everyday?

And then when they do, you just lost even more money since you had to pay money to get them on your list in the first place!


#5 Reason – No Support

Not only I’ve seen real members of Insider Profit System complaining about having no support after they have signed up for the services Jeff wanted, most systems like this never provide support unless you pay for it.

Insider Profit System doesn’t even have a paid support option.  Once you’ve signed up to the services Jeff want you to sign up to, that’s it, you’re on your own.




Thumbs DownNo, I don’t think Insider Profit System is a scam, it’s like most make money online products, not enough training and definitely low quality.

Email lists are used to accompany a real online business, you can’t build any business just from having an email list.

You will need to build a bigger online presence first and then use an email list to connect with your audience in a more personal level where you should be providing more value than just stuffing them with product after product.

You’re also not taught to vet those products that you’re sending to people too.

How do you even know those products are even any good?  Do you just want to spam people with low quality, crappy products that won’t deliver what it says?

This is definitely not the way to use affiliate marketing which could potentially drive a much bigger business for you if done properly.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Insider Profit System.




I would have to suggest to build an online business properly first then build an email list to accompany your business.

You will learn how to drive free organic search traffic (best traffic) to your online business just like the way you landing on my review today.

From where I learn, you can build your online business in any niche you want so you don’t have to be stuck doing what everyone else is doing or providing people with bad products to buy.

The affiliate marketing business models opens up tons of products and services that are online today and you can use it to build an online business in any niche you choose.

By building your online business the way I do, you will be helping others instead of sending people junk mail everyday.

You can find out what I do, how it all works, and why it works in my free guide here:

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My guide also shows you where you can get started with this for FREE that also gives you training, business tools to use and tons of support.

In fact, the support is so big, it’s a huge community worth where you can get help not only from me personally but also other like-minded people so you’re never stuck long on a question you have.

The way to build a proper online business is to learn it from comprehensive, step by step lessons that really go into how the making money online process works on the internet and how you will then take advantage of that and use it to propel your own online business.

Stop wasting time on low quality systems and start building a real future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Insider Profit System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Of course Tom. 🙂 The process of what I do is basically learning how to drive traffic with a blog like mine. Once you learn the principles of how this works, you can drive tons of visitors to your blog for people to learn about your band and music.

      The training that I recommended is for affiliate marketing, meaning to be used to promote other people’s products, but the concept of driving traffic to your blog is the same. So instead of promoting other people’s products, you’re promoting your band.

      You will just substitute what they say about affiliate marketing products to your own band, your music.

      I hope this helps,


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