Is The Banger Method A Scam Or Make $372/HOUR? Truth Here!

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Is The Banger Method A ScamDid you come across The Banger Method and wanting to find out if this is for real or is The Banger Method a scam just like the rest of them?

I’m glad you’re asking those questions because this product is really not as awesome as it sounds because there are a lot of misleading language on there.

In my review of The Banger Method below, I will show you what’s real and what’s not, giving you all the facts so you can make a better decision before you spend.

My review is broken down like the following:



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The Banger Method Logo


Program Name: The Banger Method


Price: $13.17 + UPSELLS

Owners: Brendan Mace, Mark Hess, Michael Thomas

Recommended? No

Brendan’s no stranger in the internet marketing scene and The Banger Method is his latest creation.

The Banger Method promises to make you money with a bang and sure gives you a lot of hype about how much money you can make with this method.

However, there are also many misleading things he says on his sales page as well that may give you an expectation of The Banger Method product that is much higher than in reality.


The Banger Method Sales Page & Sales Video


The product teaches you how to use bonuses as a way to attract more people to buy from your affiliate links.

These affiliate links come from products in the make money online niche and Brendan is teaching you to sell more by offering your audience free bonuses to encourage them to buy from you.

This is probably a good strategy but this course is not complete if you’re brand new in this space.

This is only good for people who are already promoting in this niche to learn more about how to increase their conversion rates.

Good for people who already know how to get traffic, already have an audience to sell to, and already have created an online presence for themselves.

As a newbie, who will you sell to that can make you thousands of dollars a day like Brendan shows in his sales page?

I will go into more details in a bit but this product is not going to work for many of you who don’t already have an online business in this space.




The Banger Method really tries to get you all hyped up about making lots of money in a very short amount of time.

Making you think you can have that kind of results if you’re brand new in this space, but I will show you how many of these claims are highly misleading.

Without further delay, here are the red flags of The Banger Method:

#1 Red Flag – Newbie To Make Over $5K

This product claims this is totally great for newbies and that anyone with zero experience can make the kind of money they show which is over $5K.


The Banger Method Is Not Newbie Friendly 2


Not only that, you only need to take 25 minutes to set this up and you’ll earn that in a day.

Why This Is Not Newbie Friendly:

  1. This product doesn’t show you how you will get anyone to see your affiliate links.
  2. You have no following or audience to start.
  3. You have no list to send your links to.
  4. You have no website for online presence.
  5. You won’t know the “beginning” parts of how to start this kind of business because that part of the training is not included in this product.


#2 Red Flag – Hyped Up Income Claims

They show you a lot of income proof but this is a “guru” ‘using this method.

This method shows you to promote make money online products from JVZoo or WarriorPlus by offering bonuses and you’ll be taught how to create those bonuses.


The Banger Method Hyped Up Income Results


The results that they show are from a business that they have grown for years and have a huge following to send these offers to.

Also, these guys sell their own products so you don’t even know if these earnings are from this Banger Method or from selling their own products.

When they sell their own products, they have a huge team of affiliates selling FOR them so how can a newbie get the same results?  There’s no way.

They also don’t train you or show you how to build a business like this from the beginning so you’ll not know how to start a business like this.


#3 Red Flag – Short Amount Of Time Needed

The product claims you can get this set up in 30 minutes but again, this is for people who already know what’s going on.


The Banger Method Is Not Newbie Friendly


If you’re a newbie, you’ll need to learn what they are even talking about in their training videos because this method won’t show you how to get traffic, and how to set up this business so you can send people to these offers.

There is a lot to learn that you may have to figure out all on your own and will take a lot longer than 30 minutes, if you can even learn it all by yourself.


#4 Red Flag – “Brand New Method” Is A Lie

The Banger Method is certainly not a brand new method by far because lots of internet marketers offer bonuses when promoting make money online products and this has been going on for years.


The Banger Method Is Not A Brand New Method


That’s all they do to get you to buy from their links and this is obviously targeting people who aren’t in the industry to trick you that you can do this with no experience.

I don’t know why they always claim is a brand new method because guys, these products are always about the same old methods that don’t really work.

They just keep repackaging these products to make you think there’s something new but it’s never new.


#5 Red Flag – No Support Available

Once you buy this product, you’re on your own, you won’t be able to get any support from any of the owners.

In fact, you need to pay to get any type of support or help (see next red flag).

So if you’re a newbie, you’re surely will get lost and not know what to do when you’re stuck on things you don’t understand once you’re inside.


#6 Red Flag – Upsells

The Banger Method also misleads you into thinking that this product alone, $13.17 at the time of this writing, will help you make thousands a day.

But once you buy the small amount, that’s the beginning of your spendings!

You’ll be bombarded with upsells galore, even one costing $2,000 for help from Brendan Mace.

That’s a heavy price tag and I had my experience with him when I started my journey, you can read my experience with Brendan Mace here.


#7 Red Flags – Low Quality Products

You’re also entering a business that promotes very low quality products in the internet marketing niche and they are known to be low quality products on JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

Those platforms are full of products like The Banger Method which have incomplete training, no support and upsells.

You don’t want to be known to be the provider of low quality products do you?

How about providing people real value and really helping others start their own business or whatever other niche you can help people in?




Thumbs DownNo, I would not consider The Banger Method a scam but you’re not going to get the results that these gurus get because you just don’t have an existing business that you can execute what’s taught in this product.

The Banger Method is not a complete system despite what it claims in the their sales video, it does not show you how to get traffic or build this kind of business.

The training you will get is for adding bonuses to your promotions and how to create those bonuses.

The results they post are from sales of their own products and they use hundreds of affiliates to promote for them so they are not from using this product alone.

They also have years of knowledge in this space and can do things quickly.

You will have struggles with this product if you buy it because you won’t have the know how to execute as quickly as them and the training only goes so far and then you’ll be stuck with no support.

Not to mention, you will probably end up spending way more than $13.17 for this system to work for you.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend The Banger Method.




If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to learn how to start an online business from the beginning and learn  what’s needed for the foundation of it.

Without establishing a strong foundation for your online business, you will not be as successful or see results as fast.

You also need training that is comprehensive in every way of making money online and use a business model that takes advantage of the millions of products and services that are available online today.

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Creating an online business does require real work efforts, consistent work, and time to allow for it to grow because this is the real deal and not some get rich quick scheme.

You will not find another more complete business training platform out there on the web, trust me, I’ve looked.

Stop wasting time on guru methods and start building your future today with complete beginner training!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Banger Method is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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