Is Cash In On That Passion A Scam Or Easily Make $125K/Month?

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is Cash In On That Passion at a scamHave you been sent Cash In On That Passion at and wondering if it’s a scam?  I’m glad you’re wondering because your radar is right on!

This guy sure makes having such high income claims like $125K a month and making thousands in commissions sound super easy.

Wouldn’t you want a system that just dumps commissions into your bank account?

Yes I would too but guess what?

No such systems exists.  Not even this one you’re trying to research about.

My review of this site below will show you everything you need to know and I’m going to make this one quick:



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Program Name: Cash In On That Passion


Price: $97 + $10,000’s

Recommended? No

When I landed on Cash In On That Passion’s site, I knew right away that this is something I’ve seen before. I’ve been writing hundreds of these reviews so I was not surprised to see this again under a different name.

In fact, this is the exact sales video that’s on Countdown to Profits:


Cash In On That Passion Rehashed System


Now, why would they take the same sales video from Countdown To Profits and use it also on this site?

You notice on the new site, they didn’t even brand it with any logo this time so it’ll be hard for you to find negative reviews about it since you don’t really know what to search for.

They do this kind of stuff because there are probably too many negative reviews for Countdown to Profits so they put it on a new domain to see if they can sucker more people their $97.

So can you even trust what system they are really selling if they are being sold under two different names essentially?

There are literally TONS of sites like this that promote the same underlying program but under many different names.

Some brand them very nicely and very convincingly, then you have this type which looks very lazy to me really.

Anyway, by now, you know this is a scam right?

In my review for Countdown to Profits I called that one a scam because you’re not being sold the right system, so they are doing the same thing here.

I really don’t like sites that do this because it’s highly misleading and unethical.  I will go into what this really is next.




This Cash In On That Passion site is just a front to hide the real program MOBE.

I know this because this is MOBE’s signature program description in the purchase agreement of Cash In On That Passion:

Simple Money Sites Is Really MOBE, MOBE Clause


In the sales video, the fake owner talks about this $500 and how you’ll get it at the end of the video.

It’s just all a sales tactic to get you to watch to the end.  I’m sure you’ve found out by now that there was never any $500 to you and that you’re just getting a bogus discount.

But the guarantee of $500 is for if you don’t make any commissions in your first 30 days, then you can get $500 if you have followed all their instructions which will include spending in the thousands of dollars.

MOBE is a high ticket program where they use the “pay to play” business model.  You will have to buy every product you want to earn commissions from and if you doo’t you will have the risk of losing that commission to someone else.

This program has high ticket products that you can buy to promote with, they need to be high ticket so you can make high commissions.

Here’s a look at how expensive these products are:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


It’s basically a system where a new member (Referral) buys these products so that the person that got this referral in, his sponsor, can make a commission.

When the referral starts recruiting other people, he will only make a commission only if his referrals starts to buy those obscenely expensive digital marketing packages.

Then, the cycle keeps repeating with no outside sales or any retail customers.  Just one new member passing money to an existing member.

A company that has a similar business model and structure just got sued by the FTC in Jan/18, so it’s only a matter of time when FTC will go after MOBE as well.

Very risky business to go into right now.




Thumbs DownYes I would have to say Cash In On That Passion is a scam because it’s totally deceptive and a rebrand of another system.

None of which is the real system.

I also do not like MOBE’s business model and how the affiliates have to do what everybody does.  No one is creating any real value or asset here, just passing money from one member to another.

Never mind the outrageously pricing of digital products just so you can make high commissions.

Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s only a matter of time that the FTC will go after this one too so if you get in now, you may not have a business tomorrow.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Cash In On That Passion or MOBE.




I don’t have the kind of money to “invest” in MOBE (nor would I want to), I rather build my own online business and have total control over it.

If you want to be in the business of making money online, then you really need to know how to build this business.

Not join some system that has all the control over your business with template this and template that, everyone else who joins will all have the same thing.

It’s better to learn how to build your online business from the ground up so you have a better understanding of how the process works and once you understand that, you will have lots more businesses you can build.

All you need is the right guidance and a better business model than what was discussed above, what I use.

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I would love to help you too. 🙂

Stop wasting time and money on scams and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Cash In On That Passion is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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