Is Countdown To Profits A Scam? Better Look Closer First!

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Countdown To Profits FeatureWhen you come across a product that you can’t tell what the product really is, that is a sure sign that something fishy is going on!  Countdown To Profits is exactly one of these products that you should probably skip over as Countdown To Profits is a scam more than anything that will help you make any money online.

I have written this Countdown To Profits review so that you can be warned of the signs and to show you there is a better, honest way of learning how to make money online.


I will take you through these sections:



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Countdown To Profits LogoProduct Name:  Countdown To Profits


Owner: Richard Paul(?)

Cost: $97 + Upsells

Recommended?  NO.

It’s actually hard to know what Countdown To Profits is because in the video that they make you watch for 500 seconds, the video doesn’t really tell you what exactly you’ll be getting yourself into.

If you were to spend almost a hundred dollars on something, don’t you think you should be able to know what you’ll be getting for your money?

All I know after watching that video is that you will get some magical system that has some magical algorithm that will make you thousands of dollars a month on autopilot.


Countdown To Profits $500 Guarantee


You will also get $500 for just watching that video but if you look a little closer, how you’ll get that $500 will be very difficult.

The owner, Richard Paul, promises, actually guarantees, that if you follow his system and you don’t make any money in your first 30 days, you will get your money back.

However, the things you’ll have to do to follow his system, will involve a lot more money than your initial $97 plus learning everything in their training in the 30 days.

There are a lot of hoops to jump over to get that $500 so I wouldn’t count on getting that money if I were you.


Countdown To Profits Make Big Bucks or $500


You also have to wait until 30 days to see if you make any money which also is when your 30 day money back guarantee expires.

Therefore, if you don’t make any money in 30 days, you won’t get your $97 either since that guarantee expires by then and you’ll have to fight your way to get the $500 instead.


Countdown To Profits clause


He has a clause at the end of the video page that the:

Guaranteed $500 payout depends on your work ethic, completion of our one-of-a-kind training program, and other factors you can discuss with your mentor.

This clause is very subjective and they can basically reject you for any reason your mentor can come up with.

So you’ll end up spending $97 and won’t get $500 as promised.



My #1 Recommended Training Program That Really Teaches You How To Make Money Online




When you pay $97 for the so called product, you will have a Gold membership and a “millionaire mentor” to help you through your learning.  I finally found this info in their Terms of Service.


Countdown To Profits Membership Levels


They make sure you have a mentor so that they can convince you to invest even more money into their system to buy this and that or else you can’t make your business work.

You will also need to spend more to upgrade to the other two levels of membership available: Platinum and Platinum Plus; if you want to be successful that is.

How this program works is basically to get you to “invest” as much money as possible within your first 30 days and if you don’t, they can easily then say you won’t get the $500 because you didn’t follow all their steps or instructions on what to do.

Programs like this will never make you any money because they are not in the business of helping people.  They are there to suck as much money out of you as possible before you figure out this is a scam.

Read on to see more scam tactics.




I’d like to now point out all the other red flags I see with this program that you should take note of and learn that if other products show you the same thing, then beware and probably stay away.

  1. Huge Income Hype With Little To No Work – when programs say things like making thousands per month or per week with little work or runs on autopilot, this is a sure red flag to stay away from the product.  There is no such thing as making money with little to no work.  Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean making money is that much easier.Countdown To Profits $125K per month automated
  2. Making Lots of Money In A Short Period Of Time – In the video, there are “testimonials” about making $70,000 in the fourth month, $4,000 a day, etc.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  There are no instant profits or fast money on the internet.  Building an online business takes time just like any other business.Countdown To Profits Massive Results
  3. Owner Richard Paul Is Not Who He Is – The man in the video that calls himself Richard Paul has been seen in two other videos of similar products: Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers System.  This is an actor and not sure if Richard Paul even exists.  Those two other products are scams too.Countdown To Profits Owner Richard Paul
  4. Fake Testimonials – this one is so obvious, in the video, he uses a picture of this girl named Sarah Johnston, but below the video, the same girl is also listed there but with the name of Kate Weinstein. How can we trust any of their testimonials now?Countdown To Profits Fake Testimonials 2Countdown To Profits Fake Testimonials
  5. His System Used To Cost $2,000 – If people were happily buying this magical system for $2,000 then why would you drop the price down to $97?  Doesn’t even make sense.
  6. Pressure Sales Tactics – Why limit the amount of spaces available if this system is so great, wouldn’t they want to sell more?  The 50 spots available is obviously fake because it quickly drops down to 12 and to 8 spots left but then it stops dropping down no matter how long I kept the website open, it never drops past 8 spots.Countdown To Profits Limited Spots
    Countdown To Profits Limited 8 Spots
  7. No Clear Idea What The Product Is – it’s all very vague what you’ll be doing to make your thousands of dollars, and you don’t know what you’ll really be getting until you pay money.  This is horrible and who can buy based on not knowing what you’re getting?!  It says that you get all his websites, his training, payment processing, the software, the advertising, and even a millionaire mentor, so what does this mean?  Am I using your websites to do what to make money?!  Am I selling something, if so, what is it?  So confusing!Countdown To Profits what you get
  8. Millionaire Mentor With Your Purchase – this tactic is really to have someone assess how much money you have and how much they can get from you.  You will be answering very personal financial questions that you should not be answering and they have no right of knowing.  Don’t compromise your private information and risk your assets!
  9. So Many Hidden Costs – By the time you have any sort of business online, you’ll probably have spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, on upgrades and upsells.  If they are upfront, they could have just sold you this business system as a total cost in the beginning.  This just means that the initial $97 gets you pretty much nothing.My #1 Recommended Training Program That Really Teaches You How To Make Money Online
  10. Deceiving and Luring Tactics – This type of program always prey on people who are desperate to make money online.  The $500 is the “least” they will pay you as what the video tells you but really, you’ll never see that $500 because their clause allows them to make any excuse not to pay you, so this is very deceiving.  Instead of actually helping people to make money online, they are squeezing as much money out of them in the 30 days as possible!  Just horrible!

I hope now you have a clear understanding why this Countdown To Profits is a scam and why you should stay far away from it.

If you really want to build an online business with easy to follow step-by-step training, I have an honest company to show you in the next section, who’s owners genuinely care about you and your success!




If you’re sick of being scammed and false hopes but really want to learn how to build a legitimate online business, then you should really look at the training program I’ve been using.

wealthy affiliate logoI have been using Wealthy Affiliate as my training platform to build this website and make money with it using affiliate marketing since Sep 2016, and currently still a Premium member.

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can have a FREE “Starter” membership for as long as you want which gives you:

  • 2 Free Websites
  • Includes Top Quality Web Hosting
  • 10 Free Lessons
  • Test Drive some Premium features in the first 7 days

After the first 7 days, you can decide to upgrade to the Premium membership or you can stay as a free member.

Upgrading to Premium opens up the entire platform to you and you won’t need to deal with any other upsells.

The only other cost I can see is if you want your own domain, you can purchase that on their platform or buy it elsewhere, either way, custom domain names are not free anywhere you go.


What Will Wealthy Affiliate Teach You?

  • How to pick a niche – you can build an online business around a topic you’ll love and passionate about.
  • How to build a website – you will have 50 lessons to learn how to build your website that includes video training as well as tasks at the end of each lesson to take action on your website with… so you build your website as you learn!
  • How to write your content – you will be taught how to write and it’s not as hard as you think!
  • How to use keywords – this will be important as using the right keywords will bring tons of traffic to your website for free from organic searches people do on search engines.
  • How to make money using affiliate marketing – you will learn everything you’ll need to know about affiliate marketing and how to use it in your content to make money.


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  • They are a legitimate company with genuine caring owners.
  • Their lessons offer you a proven path to take to make money online.
  • They have a huge community of members on the platform to help you along your journey!  This was a nice bonus that I didn’t know about before joining!
  • They offer incredible business tools to use on the platform like website building, keyword search, live chat, private messaging, etc.
  • They have incredibly fast, secured web hosting that’s way cheaper than comparable plans.
  • Weekly Live Webinars to teach you even more about your online business plus doing live case studies.  More than 200 archived past webinars for you to learn from.
  • Many other resources at your fingertips!


You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate in greater detail and see a video tour of the training platform here in my honest review:

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I was so relieved the day I found Wealthy Affiliate, and I know you will feel the same!

Countdown To Profits can’t even come close to any type of comparison to what Wealthy Affiliate offers.  After you learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, you will think the same.

I hope you have now concluded that Countdown To Profits is a scam and that you need to stay away from this product and other products like this in the future.

I hope to see you inside of Wealthy Affiliate, where I will personally help you as well on your new venture!


If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Countdown To Profits is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always answer my visitors. 🙂



Let’s make money online!

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