Brendan Mace’s Incognito Review: Scam Or Bank $319/Day?

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is Incognito (by Brendan Mace) a scamLooks like Brendan Mace launched yet another product yesterday called Incognito but how great is it? Is Incognito a scam or could you really bank $319/day?

A lot of these types of product have extreme over hyped income and never tells you much about the system you’re about to buy.

So I’m glad you’re here to learn what Incognito is all about and my Incognito review below will show you just what you’ll be getting yourself into.

Plus, I hope I can point out the red flags I see on this product and what you need to watch out for so you have all the information to make an educated decision.

The Incognito review is broken down into these sections:



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Incognito Logo


Program Name: Incognito


Price: $12.95 + Upsells in the Thousands

Owner: Brendan Mace & Pallab Ghosal

Recommended? No

I’ve known about Brendan Mace and his products for quite some time now.

In fact, just as I was getting started with this website here you’re on, is when I came across Brendan and took him up on his consultation.

Ever since then, he’s been putting out products like this that pretty much sell the same system over and over again.

The ones before this Incognito was The Banger Method and The Awakening, and he’s always just re-branding his stuff and using rehashed methods.

It’s always some long drawn out sales page with no info on what the system really is or what you’ll be doing to make your money.

Well, I’m here to tell you that this Incognito system consists of sending paid traffic to a squeeze page to then build your email list, then redirect them to a low quality product like Incognito.


Incognito Sales Page


Then, the cycle keeps repeating because once you build that email list, he says to keep sending to your list more of these low quality products that won’t be helping anyone.

I will get into why this product won’t work like the way he says, especially for newbies out there who think they can bank $319 per day from this system.

Not a chance, and not within 24 hours either, or even months later.




A Closer Look At Incognito

When you buy Incognito, you will get a set of training videos that you can view at your own pace.

The training videos will teach you how to set up this business model of just building an email list by sending traffic to a squeeze page (aka landing page that collects people’s emails), redirect them to an offer and if they don’t buy immediately, then you follow up with them on email to send them more products and offers.


Incognito Member's area


This training doesn’t really take you step by step but will let you know where to look for products to promote which is on Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

This is also using affiliate marketing to earn commissions from promoting other people’s products, some marketers use this for good, some use it unethically to scam others but this is a legitimate business model.

Most of the “make money online” products on those two platforms I mentioned are very low quality and never give you the complete picture.

Then you’ll be taught about how to build landing pages which the training will just lead you to the software he wants you to use so you will sign up under his affiliate links.

Finally, he’ll show you how to use free traffic methods to promote your squeeze page on but ultimately that’s not going to get you anywhere since free traffic methods will not work as fast as paid traffic.

So, he will throw in some paid traffic as well.

To tell you the truth, this kind of business model won’t work for newbies like his sales page says because you’re starting at zero.

But just because you start at zero, it doesn’t mean you can’t get to $319/day, it will just take a lot of time to get there, just like anything else you want to do online to make money with.

I just want to give you real expectations here.


Why This Business Model Won’t Work Well

Think about this business model, you’re basically sending cold traffic to a landing page that tells them you have some “secret loophole” to making hundreds of dollars a day to collect their email and then you expect them to buy right away from you who they don’t know?

Remember a squeeze page is nothing but a headline, some quick points, and then an opt-in box.

The people visiting this squeeze page don’t know who’s behind it, what’s this about, and then you send them to an offer that shows highly over hyped income and God even knows if that product even works because you’re not taught to vet them first.

Even if they buy it, you’ll get a bunch of refunds because the products do suck.

Therefore, what you’re left with is an email list that people will probably unsubscribe from because Brendan will teach you to send people emails on the daily.

For this business model to work, you would need to build a bigger online presence first then add to build an email list, no one will buy from you if you don’t have trust and people know who you are.


Incognito’s Many Red Flags

Here I will point out the many red flags that this product has:

#1 Red Flag –  LIES

Incognito Red Flags

There are so many lies on their sales page is not even funny.  Why I say this is because he lists the opposite of everything this product is.

Here are the real truths:

  • Not a brand new method
  • It has to do with traditional affiliate marketing
  • Not 100% newbie friendly since it’s not a complete product (there are many upsells)
  • You will need to be techie when the training doesn’t teach you how to put all the pieces together
  • You do need an email list for this to work (it’s what this whole system is based on!
  • You do need an online reputation so people will trust and buy from you.
  • You do need to show yourself on camera to create more trust (for YouTube videos – even though the sales video doesn’t say it has to do with YouTube).
  • You will NOT make money within 24 hours.  It will take you much longer just to set this whole system up if you even know what you’re doing.
  • If you can get this set up and working for you, you can eventually make money in your sleep.


#2 Red Flag – Over Hyped Income

As a beginner, there’s absolutely no way you can achieve these types of results that Brendan shows you on his sales page.

Incognito over hyped income

You will not make this kind of money within your first 24 hours, there’s just no way.

He probably didn’t even use this method to make that money because he also sells his own products but he doesn’t sell his own products by himself.

He’s got hundreds if not thousands of affiliates selling on his behalf so don’t you think he made all that money by himself, nope.


#3 Red Flag – Upsells

It annoys the hell out of me that most of these products that are sold on Warrior Plus & JVZoo always have upsells.

They can’t just give you what the full price of the product is so they break it all up so you can get funneled in and see if you will buy also this and that.

Incognito Upsells

You won’t even know if the original product works without these upsells.

AND to top it all off, you don’t get any support from buying this product unless you pay $2,000?!

Trust me, his consultation is not all that, read my experience with him back when I first got to know who he is.


#4 Red Flag – Free Traffic

He also misleads to say that this will work with free traffic but the only way you can get enough free traffic for this to work is to either build a YouTube channel or build a blog like mine.

Otherwise, if you just try to do social media traffic, there’s no way you will get results like what they show on their sales page.

Incognito Free Traffic Is Fake

I know a thing or two about getting free traffic as I’ve been learning how to get people like you to my site for free.

However, without a solid online presence like a YouTube channel or a blog like mine, you won’t get big results if you are just sharing on social media.

Even using YouTube Channel & blog like mine, you will not see much results in the beginning because these assets take time to build and you’re not going to get tons of free traffic just setting one up.

You have to continuously provide fresh content and build yourself an audience.




Thumbs DownNo, I don’t think Incognito is a scam because you are getting a product for your money but it has a very misleading sales page.

You will have to make sure you have real expectations if you want to still go ahead with this product.

As you can see, I’ve had the consultation with Brendan before (which taught me the same business model as taught in Incognito, and my consultation was back in Aug/16) and I never took his advice because I didn’t want to be unethical and send people a bunch of crap or low quality products that won’t be helping people.

That’s not the way I want to make my money online, and I’d rather work hard to build something else like this blog that helps people instead.

Whatever you end up choosing to do to try to make money online, no system out there will give you fast cash.

Yes, it’s faster to use paid traffic, but there are tons of people I know that uses paid traffic who tell me it costs A LOT of money.

My own experience has also confirmed this because you have to pay for so much testing before you realize what will work and won’t work.

Incognito is not the best product out there and I really don’t like using a business model that just sends garbage to people.

Therefore, I have to conclude that I do not recommend Incognito.




I have to tell you that I love affiliate marketing because it is easy to get started with and you can really build a great online business with it.

But just building an email list without a website like mine or have a YouTube channel to accompany your email list, it’s not a complete business.

You should be building an asset first then add email list to it.

Just building an email is not going to give you the trust that people need to buy from you.

That is why I have my website blog and how I learned how to build one of these blogs is all documented in my free guide here:

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If you want to build an affiliate marketing business correctly from the start, you should really check out my guide.

There are things you need to learn about how to get free traffic to your blog, what you need as a base foundation, what you need to write, etc.

Nobody wakes up one day and just know how to do this stuff and that’s why I searched for a long time to find the right program for me to learn from, which you will find out in my guide.

Sure build an email list, but have an asset first to have a bigger online presence to gain trust.

Stop wasting time with low quality products and start your new adventure for FREE!  Let me show you how.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Incognito is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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