Is My Hidden Pages A Scam Or Easy $10K A Month? MUST READ First!

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Is My Hidden Pages a scam?I was emailed this My Hidden Pages and wondered if it is a scam because of all the high income claims it kept telling me about.

Sounds awesome to make thousands of dollars a month but this is far from what it seems and I’m glad you’re here to read my review about My Hidden Pages which will show you things they won’t.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of products on here and this is not that much different than some of the ones I’ve already done, therefore, it won’t be hard for me to tell you the truth about My Hidden Pages so you can make a better decision for yourself.

My review will be detailed out in the following sections:



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My Hidden Pages logo


Program Name: My Hidden Pages


Price: $47 plus > $64K (Yup!)

Owner: Hidden, of course

Recommended? No

My Hidden Pages claims that it has the secret sites that will make you tons of money without doing much work and they all run on auto-pilot.

It sounds exciting to hear this and a lot of people will fall for their lies and misleading marketing tactics.


My Hidden Pages Sales video home page


There’s always going to be a system out there that tells you that they found the loophole or have some kind of secret to making tons of cash online.

It’s too easy not to use this kind of sales tactic to lure you because that’s what people want to hear, make tons of money in a short amount of time and doesn’t take much work.

So many people turn to the internet thinking they can find some kind of way to make easy money on the web, but there’s nothing like that to be found.

The internet is not an ATM machine nor a quick fix for your financial woes, you will not find any kind of magical system there.

If My Hidden Pages really had the secret to getting the huge amounts of money from the internet, you really think they will give it to you for only $47?

The system you are about to buy into is not what it appears to be at all.  You’re actually being tricked into a very expensive high ticket program that you probably would not join if you knew all the costs involved from the get-go.

I know this because there are tons of sites like this and I know this because I recognize their purchase agreement which has the signature 21 step program that the underlying program has.

There are also other signs that led me to believe this is not the real program from my research of it because they are related to these other programs, Ultimate Online Success Plan and My Optimized Success Plan, that are known to also hide the underlying real program, MOBE.




My Hidden Pages hides MOBE really well even right up to the checkout page which is pretty slick, but they can’t fool me, I’ve been at this too long. Lol

If you don’t know what MOBE (My Online Business Education, Ltd) is, then you may be very surprised about what you’re going to read here.

My Hidden Pages is just a sales funnel that will basically mislead you into MOBE and how it works is, once you pay that $47, then you will be doing the same thing the owner of My Hidden Pages is doing, which is to also mislead other people to join MOBE.

But before you can do that, you will have buy into every product you want to earn commissions from and the prices of these high ticket products are pretty expensive:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


The five packages you want to earn commissions from are the Silver to Diamond packages running in the thousands of dollars.

If you don’t want to miss any commissions, then you will have to invest over $64K plus have a $295/month recurring fee.

This is how you’re able to make thousands of dollars a sale but the sale only comes from the people you recruit into the system.

So you’re basically passing money from one member to another, you’re not selling any retail customers or have anything retail.

You’ll be doing what other people are doing and if you think this system is still easy to do, you’ll have another thing coming.

The only way you’ll be able to get other people to join is by massively recruiting to find the very few that can also afford to pay thousands of dollars into a system that can’t deliver the promises it tells you.

Then, the only way to massively recruit is to spend more money on paid traffic.

You think sites like My Hidden Pages will be ranked by search engines like Google? Not a chance.  So these template sites you’ll get once you’re in their system will never be seen by anyone so you’ll have to invest in paid traffic.

This is why I laughed at the beginning of their video when they said it’s hidden from 99% of the internet on purpose because there’s actually zero chance of My Hidden Pages being shown on the internet in the first place since it’s just a two-page static website which search engines don’t show to people.

Paid traffic is not for beginners as you can easily lose thousands of dollars more to see if your ads will work and do a bunch of testing to optimize them as much as you can.

You’re also told you get a coach with this program for free, well that’s because these coaches are not mentors and will not guide you properly, they are there to do one thing: make you spend money and upgrade!

These coaches are actually sales reps that will also get a cut of the commission when you upgrade and buy into those high ticket packages.

So the whole system is just passing money from one person to another… and oh, a similar company with the same kind of “licensing” business model got sued by the FTC, so it’s only a matter of time they go after MOBE as well.

You don’t want to wake up one morning and find out your whole business has shut down, do you?


Many Red Flags

If what I’ve said so far won’t deter you from joining this product, then maybe some of the red flags will.

Let’s remind you what My Hidden Pages claims in their sales video:

  1. You don’t have to make buy any products
  2. There are no crazy investments
  3. Without doing much work, 100% automated
  4. Only he knows how to create these secret sites
  5. These are his secrete sites, his system.
  6. He’ll pay out of the goodness of his heart a personal coach to work with you

You can see that all these points have been refuted with what I told you how it all works above.

My Hidden Pages Lies

Maybe they meant you don’t have to buy any products as in inventory but they didn’t say that, they said that you don’t have to buy any products.

There are no crazy investments?  I don’t know about you but $64K is pretty crazy to me.  This guy must be rich for him to say that there are no crazy investments or he’s not rich and just want to lie to you.

My Hidden Pages Lies 3

These systems always claim 100% automation but that’s impossible, like I said, you’ll actually have the hardest part of the entire system which is to recruit other people into the system, you will be working and researching how to use paid traffic and how to optimize your ad campaigns so you can make your money back.

You won’t be able to afford not to work long hours with this system, it’s quite the opposite!

His video also claims only him and a few people in the world know how to make these secret sites, but like I said, there are no secrets.  Hell, I can call my site that you’re on right now, my secret site and I know how to build it!

My Hidden Pages Lies 2

Landing pages these days are not hard to make, there are tons of software that helps you create them so there’s no need to fret about making landing pages.

My Hidden Pages sells it very hard that this is his system and these are his secret sites, but it’s hardly true since My Hidden Pages is not even real.

My Hidden Pages is not a system at all, just a marketing dance to get you to join a system you know nothing about and he’s not going to tell you what you’ll be going into until you start opening your wallet.

It’s maddening to hear him say that he’s pretty much donating a coach to you since he’s such a nice guy.

Think about it, why else would they give you a “free” coach!?  It’s all a marketing scheme which FTC did not agree with (see the lawsuit with the other company).




Thumbs DownAre there any truths about My Hidden Pages?  Yes, the truth is, My Hidden Pages will take your $47, and many others’ $47 and won’t care if you’re being tricked into going into a business that’s not only extremely expensive for digital marketing packages but also very unethical to allow their members to market this way.

Yes, My Hidden Pages is a scam because it lies to you from beginning to end.

My Hidden Pages doesn’t have any system it owns, and the underlying system MOBE is not a way to create a real online business as you’re just passing money from one person to the next, and you’re being misled to spend thousands of dollars.

Many members who join never make their thousands of dollars back, so not sure how you’ll make 4 figures in your first month or first 2 weeks or first week.

There is really nothing good about My Hidden Pages or MOBE, I don’t agree with the way they market to people but that’s what people want to hear so they do it.

I highly do not recommend My Hidden Pages or MOBE.




Everyone is looking for a simple, easy way to make money online but easy fast cash doesn’t exist.

If there is a way, you won’t be making much money with it, I know, I’ve tried.  Any quick way to make money is a waste of time and you’ll be just making $1 here and a few dollars there but not much more than that.

The more you believe there is a way to make easy money, the more you will run into scams.

The only thing that’s come close to making a decent amount of money is to build your own online business, something of real value and not just passing money from one member to another.

I started doing just that in Sep/16 and now I’m able to make my living online from the comfort of my own home as a stay at home mom so I can be flexible for my kids.

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You’ll also be able to create your online business in any topic you’d like and not do what everyone else does so your own online business is unique to you.

Best part is that my guide shows you where you can get started today for FREE while still getting training, business tools to use, as well as lots of support.

Most programs out there don’t even give you any help or support and with this program I am a part of, you’ll get not only my personal help but also support from a community of like minded people as well.

Stop being scammed into high ticket programs and start creating a real asset today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Hidden Pages is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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