Robin Moore Work At Home Program Scam Needs To Be Avoided!

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Robin Moore Work At Home Program ScamThere’s been a lot of talk about the Robin Moore work at home program scam and I wanted to clarify to my readers what this is with my review below.

You will see in my review that this is a program that won’t work out as easily as they claim and in fact I have done many reviews of other programs that are pretty much the same as this but disguised as other programs and claiming the same things.

It’s unfortunately true that there are more scams on the internet than not so when picking what to do to make money from home, you must be very careful.

I’m just glad you’re here so I can show you what this Robin Moore work at home program scam in the following:



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Program Name: Robin Moore Work At Home Program

Website: Multiple

Price: $99

Recommended? No

Robin Moore talks about a program she came across one faithful day when she was so sick of her job and wanted to find something that will give her the freedom to have a flexible schedule, no boss, and while working from home.

Someone showed her this new way of making money online where all you have to do is post links around the web and you’ll make as much as $379/day with it.

She makes this sound very easy to do and that you’ll be raking in the money in no time.

Robin goes on to tell you that companies are desperate for people to post links for them and that they are willing to pay top dollars to people who are will to help them post their links.

But she’s not the only one telling you about this system, there are many others who do too because this scam keeps changing it’s program name and the person telling you about the system changes all the time as well which I’ll show you more about below.

They are taking a legitimate business model but using it to mislead and deceive people by telling them it’s way simpler than it really is.

The way they tell you how to post links won’t work in this day and age, and you certainly won’t be earning $379/day from it.

So let’s take a look at how this really works.





What This Really Is

The Robin Moore work at home program claims that there is this thing called “link posting” you can do for companies but what they are really talking about here is affiliate marketing.

While it’s true that companies offer affiliate programs for people to join and then will pay them for generating any sales from their promotions, the act of just posting the link themselves will earn you zero money.

You can post the link on social media, online forums, or bug your friends and family with it but you won’t make any money from your work unless someone clicks on it and buys the product you were promoting.

These days, posting affiliate links everywhere like the way they are telling you to do is absolutely the wrong way to do affiliate marketing.

I know this because my whole online business is built on the affiliate marketing business model and just spamming links around the internet is not going to get you earning much money, if any.

To build an affiliate marketing business, you need to know how to build it properly from the get-go and it’s a process much more involved than just getting a link from a company and pasting it all over the place.

If you want to learn it right, see my guide for complete explanation on what is all involved and how you would go about doing this properly.

You need to create trust and a relationship with your readers so just pasting links without much explanation of why someone should click it and buy that product/service, will not make you much money.

This is where most people fail in affiliate marketing because they never get educated on how to use this business model properly and think they can just post links everywhere to make money but you’ll never make the kind of money you want doing it this way.


Multiple Programs Doing The Same Thing

This Robin Moore work at home program has been rebrand and redone multiple times to even count.

They do this because when a new one comes out, honest people like me will tell the truth about these bad programs with negative reviews so when there are too many of these reviews and their money is not coming in anymore, then they rebrand and continue scamming new people.

Once the new rebrand name gets tarnished with negative reviews, they go ahead and create new ones again and the cycle hasn’t stopped yet it seems.

For example, I’ve reviewed these that are all about link posting:

Each of them will give you new personalities to tell the story too, so instead of Robin Moore, there will be Raena Lynn, Kelly Simmons, Kelly Richards, Karen Evans, Karen Johnson, Mary Roger, Ross Williams, etc.

So any program that has to do with link posting is not good at all, be warned because there’s more to tell you, keep reading.


Some Are To Trick You Into A Completely Different Program

Some of these programs are used to actually trick and mislead you to buy into a completely different program all together.

From the samples I listed above, the first two were proven to lure you into a “high ticket” program called MOBE where you have to buy “high ticket” products before you can make any commissions.

This is not an affiliate marketing model anymore, and more of a “licensing” or “right to sell” business model where you have to pay to play.

MOBE is a program that is known for being able to make high commissions from but you also have to spend thousands of dollars on their products before you can promote anything.

The high costs are in the 4 to 5 digits plus monthly fees in the 3 digits!

MOBE is also something I don’t recommend because this is really unnecessary to do as well as you’re not creating any business of value, you’re just recruiting others to buy into products and then they go out and recruit more people to do the same.

While nobody is selling to real customers, and just one new member passing money to an existing one and to a sales rep that will persuade you to upgrade.




Thumbs DownYes, the Robin Moore work at home program is a big scam because it’s highly misleading and you’re going in under false representation of the real program inside.

Even if there is no other hidden program like MOBE, you are not going to make $379/day with spamming links all over the place, that’s a pure lie.

These types of programs will not earn you the money you’re looking for because they are not going to provide you with comprehensive, step-by-step training on how to really use this awesome and legitimate affiliate marketing business model.

You’ll just get some low grade training where they will suggest places for you to spam on the internet.  This method would have worked years ago, but nowadays.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Robin Moore work at home program.




To build an affiliate marketing online business, it takes hard work, determination, and dedication because results will not come fast.

This business model takes time to marinate and very cumulative in nature so the more you work at it the more results you will achieve in the long run.

If you can learn how to do this properly, you can build it where you will make $379/day, I make a 4 digit online income with this and allows me to stay at home to be flexible for my young children.

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Stop wasting time on scams and use what I used to start building your new online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Robin Moore work at home program is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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