Is Computer Experts Online A Scam? Really Make $379/Day?

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Is Computer Experts Online a scamDoes Computer Experts Online really teach you how to make up to $379/day just to post links around the internet or is Computer Experts Online just a scam waiting to take your money?

Glad you’re on my review to find out because I will show you what this is really about.

I’ve been reviewing many programs like this exact type so I can give you the details of what you need to know so you can make a more informed decision.

Unfortunately, there are more scams on online than legitimate programs, so this is good you are researching before getting into it.

I will walk through Computer Experts Online in the following sections:



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Program Name: Computer Experts Online

Price: $97

Owner: Karen Johnson (Fake)

Recommended? NO

Computer Experts Online is a program that teaches you how to post links to make money but everything that it teaches you will not be good unfortunately and highly misleading.

It might have worked years ago but in today’s climate where internet users are much smarter, this kind of method won’t work.



It tries to tell you how you can work from home and just post links on social media, online forums, and spamming your friends and family.

These are links that their supposed clients will give you once you are in your account but these “links” shouldn’t be given to you this way and I’ll explain why in a bit.

To add to all this, Computer Experts Online’s sales page is full of lies anyway which I’ll point out below plus proof of why this is all a big scam.

There are also dangers that you may be funneled to high ticket programs as well which can cost you up to 5 digits!

I’m not saying this one does that, but I’ve seen almost exact layout that does funnel to such a program so I’m just giving you that warning too.

It’s good you’re here to learn about the scam signs so that you can look out for these in the future and avoid other scams.  It will save you time and money next time if you know how to avoid them.

$379/day is a lot of money ($11K+ a month) and while the fundamental concept of this link posting can make you that kind of money, you’re not going to be making that kind of money with their training.

No way.




I’ve been doing business online for over 5 years with the recent years really concentrating on the fundamental concept of “link posting” that Computer Experts Online is trying to get you to buy into so I can tell you a lot of things wrong from just their sales page.

Computer Experts Online poses an opportunity for you to post links to make as much as $15 per link and all you have to do is work about an hour a day.

Karen Johnson goes into her sob story which is the same story by the way in many of the same type of scam.

She will tell you how easy this is and so worth, making it seem like you can make a comfortable living like that but these are all lies.


What This Really Is

The fundamental concept of “link posting” is called affiliate marketing where you can get an affiliate link from a company like Apple and promote their products.  Once someone clicks on your affiliate link which goes to the Apple site and that person makes a purchase, then you will earn a commission.

The commission varies widely in this field, you can make as much as 100% commissions to very low rates like 1%, it all depends on the affiliate program you apply to and what that company offers.

There are no fixed rates and it’s always up to the company running the affiliate program to determine how much their affiliates could make.

Whoever wants to become an affiliate must apply personally to the individual companies or affiliate network that you want to promote the products from.

No one can do this part for you as you have to give details of yourself and sometimes need to be approved for the affiliate program.

Now that I have revealed what business model this really is, I will go into the lies they are telling you on the Computer Experts Online’s sales page.


Lies Of Computer Experts Online

#1 Lie – There Are No Limited Availability

There are no jobs or “openings” here, companies who offer affiliate programs usually want as many people as possible to promote for them so it’s unlikely there are limited positions left.

Home Online Profits Club Fake Limited Availability

Also, becoming an affiliate does not mean you’re an employee or that the company is your boss.  This is a business opportunity so you will work for yourself but with the companies you choose to work with.

Affiliate programs rarely limit by city, they may limit by state/country because of inventory availability of their products but they would not limit by city as the counters on the Computer Experts Online tells you.


#2 Lie – Use News Logos To Make Them Look Legit

“Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On:” on the top of the sales page shows the news outlet logos but they use this to make you think Computer Experts Online has been featured in the news.

Computer Experts Online Fake News

There are no real news stories linked to those news logos and no one is talking about Computer Experts Online in the media.

This is just to fake you out and make you think this site is trustworthy.


#3 Lie – Karen Johnson, Fake Owner

The supposed owner named Karen Johnson is totally fake as well as her picture.  This stock photo has been used in so many other sites like this and sometimes they will use the same name or new names.

I will paste here where else I’ve seen this “Karen Johnson” which is mostly named “Kelly Simmons”, also if you click on the images, it will take you to those reviews I wrote and you’ll see those sales pages are the same layout as Computer Experts Online’s sales page.


Simple Income Strategies Fake Owner


Home Online Profits Club Fake Owner


Internet Income Online Fake Owner Kelly Simmons


Home Internet Income Club Fake Owner


Complete Profit Code Kelly Simmons Fake Owner

There are actually even more than that but I think you get the point! Lol

This also means that there are that many more of the SAME EXACT program being promoted out there but under different brand names to evade negative reviews like mine.


#4 Lie – Sample Income Calculator

The link posting calculator is bogus because you really can’t calculate your income potential like that because it depends on the affiliate programs you apply to and get accepted to.

Online Income Fake Calculator

The affiliate program determines what you’ll be making and I told you above that it ranges vastly across the industry.

As well, one affiliate link may earn 100% commission but if nobody sees it, you’re not going to make any money from just posting the link.  Someone needs to see your link, click it, AND buy/do something to trigger you a commission.

Which brings to my next lie…


#5 Lie – You Don’t Earn Money Just By Posting Links

If you know how affiliate marketing works, you don’t make any money at all just by posting your affiliate links which Computer Experts Online does not explain this clearly.

Someone needs to also click on the affiliate link and take action at the merchant site they were sent to.

All Computer Experts Online explains is that you’re going to make money posting these links but doesn’t tell you the rest of it.

It’s more complicated than what they tell you on their sales page so they want to make it sound super simple and easy.


#6 Lie – Computer Experts Online Can’t Give You The Links

On their sales page, Computer Experts Online explains how this works with 3 steps.  First step was to get your account by paying their fee, second step you get the links in your account, and third, you post those links.

Secure Job Position Step 2 completely wrong

Second step is so wrong because no one can provide these affiliate links to you.  You have to apply to each individual program or network.

Therefore, if they are providing you the links, it tells me that these are all THEIR affiliate links and you’re just doing their work for them and they’ll pay you maybe a small percentage for your work.

So you’re basically being ripped off since you could be earning 100% of the commissions but instead, you’ll get a portion of what Computer Experts Online will get.


#7 Lie – Fake Testimonies

Their testimonies are always the same ones so if you click on the other reviews in the Karen Johnson Fake Owner section above, you see the fake testimonies there which will match the ones seen on Computer Experts Online.

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 4


#8 Lie – Method Simply Won’t Work

They will teach you how to post the links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and all over the places like forums but doing such spamming all over the net will get you banned.

If you do too much spamming, not only you’ll lose your friends and family on FB and other social platforms, but you’ll get your account shut down for spamming so much.

Online forums rarely allow any affiliate links these days even in your signature.

To build an affiliate marketing business properly, you’ll need complete training like I went through and build it properly with the right guidance.




Thumbs DownYes, I’m afraid Computer Experts Online is a scam and from all the lies above, I don’t know what else you can call this.

You won’t be making much money with this if you join them and give them your hard earned money.

They will not helping you out either if you have any problems or questions.

I mentioned earlier that one of these types of sites actually funneled you through to a high ticket program and it’s this one, Automated Daily Income:

Automated Daily Income home page 2

Limited Commissions Raena Lynn is same as Automated Daily Income


This Automated Daily Income funnels to a high ticket program called MOBE and you’ll be spending thousands of dollars before you get even started (click on the above image for more details).

I don’t have the proof that Computer Experts Online does the same thing but wanted to give you all this warning.

From everything I discussed above, I highly do not recommend Computer Experts Online.




From everything that I’ve tried online for the past 5-6 years, I have to say affiliate marketing is my favorite to make money with.

But, I wasn’t successful with it the first time around, nope because I did it on my own.

It’s not until I found proper training that I learned how it really works, how to build a real business with this business model, and how to use affiliate marketing to make money.

I also learned the right way to attract the right targeted people to my online business, just like the way you found my review today.

If you want to see how I learned all this and where, take a look at my free guide that will take you through how the whole process works:

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Without proper training, most people fail in this type of business because there are fundamental things to learn and it’s not as easy as just copying and pasting links everywhere.

With real guidance, you’ll be able to build an online business in a topic of your choice and be able to make that $379/day when you have put enough work and time into.

To make 5 figures a month in this business, it usually takes about 3-6 years.  Yes, this is a reality check folks!  Scams never tell you the truth.

AND it depends on how much you’ve worked on your online business during that time frame.  Working an hour a day is not going to cut it as Computer Experts Online suggests.

But will it be worth it?  Hell yes!  This is because the work you put in today will still be profitable to you in the months and years down the road, bringing you a stream of passive income.

That’s why there’s no time to waste if you really want to build this kind of business so let me show you how!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Computer Experts Online is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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