Is Home Online Profits Club A Scam Or Easy $379/Day For You?

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Is Home Online Profits Club A ScamMust be so tempting to see Home Online Profits Club offering you a way to make $379 a day but is this really a scam because that’s over $11K a month just doing 60 mins of work a day.

Does it sound far fetched?  Is Home Online Profits Club a scam waiting to just take your $97?

It actually is far fetched and yes they will take your money pretty quickly plus more.  I will show you in my review below exactly what this is and how it really works.

You will not only lose your $97 but you will be making them even more money with what they want you to do.

In my review of Home Online Profits Club, I will go through the following:



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Home Online Profits Club Logo


Program Name: Home Online Profits Club

Price: $97

Owner: Linda Wilson (Nope)

Recommended? NO

It’s not hard for me to figure out what Home Online Profits Club is really up to because I’ve seen this kind of link posting scheme over and over again.

They will feed you lies all over their sales page so you will buy into the fact that posting links all over the internet is easy to do and you can make loads of money with it.


Home Online Profits Club sales page


On top of that, they take advantage of you wanting to work from home so that’s what they talk about it all over the sales page too even using the word “job” which this is not.

They simplify affiliate marketing as “link posting” but they are telling you to do it all wrong and you will not make money just by posting links.

I use affiliate marketing everyday so I know a lot about this subject.  It’s a legitimate way to make money online if you’re using it ethically and properly which Home Online Profits Club is certainly not doing.

I will show you below how wrong this is and that you should not buy in this program.

I will also show you the amount of lies that are on this site which is no different than these other programs that I’ve reviewed before:




The site Home Online Profits Club is just riddled with lies to make you think this link posting “job” is very easy to do but in fact it’s more involved than what they are saying.

First there is no job here to be provided so they are showing you an opportunity on how to post links to make money from home.

However, you will not make $379/day with the way they are telling because there’s no way anyone would even click on your links the way they tell you to just post links everywhere on the internet.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t work this way, people have to actually buy something before you can make any commissions so just posting them isn’t going to get you anything.

People has to click on your link and then buy something from the site it takes them to.  But no one is going to click on your links if you’re just spamming the internet.


Their Scheme Exposed!

Their Step #2 where you will be provided with “customer records for you to post links for” does not even make any sense.

Affiliate marketing does not work like that and in fact, affiliate links cannot be provided to you by someone else.


Secure Job Position Step 2 completely wrong


You must apply to companies like Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, etc or affiliate networks like ShareASale or LinkShare directly yourself to get your own affiliate links.

If Home Online Profits Club is providing them to you, then I could only imagine those will be THEIR affiliate links and you’ll be making money for THEM.

They are banking on you not knowing what affiliate marketing is or how it works and so you will take what they give you and you’ll be posting their links for them.

You will not see 100% commissions as you won’t even know how many clicks or commissions you’ll truly be getting since those are not your links and can’t log into those affiliate accounts.

Home Online Profits Club will probably just give you a tiny percentage of the commissions you make for them.


So Many Other Lies!

#1 LIE – Listing Wrong Companies 

These guys don’t even know that Netflix and BlockBuster don’t have any affiliate programs so how can you post any links for these companies?!


Freedom Cash System Netflix does not have an affiliate program


Simple Income Strategies wrong affiliate programs


Netflix hasn’t had an affiliate program for a long time now and BlockBuster doesn’t even exist anymore (what era do they live in?!).


#2 LIE – Home Online Profits Club are NOT in the News

They are using news logos and news video to make you think they are in the news but they are far from it.

Home Online Profit Education Fake News

Online FastCash Fake News Video

There are no real news stories linked to those news logos and the news video (which has been used a million times) just talks about working from home in general, not about Home Online Profits Club.

They will always use this tactic to make them look legit but these guys are far from legit.


#3 LIE – Limited Availability In Your Area

There are no spots to be filled guys, like I said, there are no jobs or positions.  Anyone can sign up to be an affiliate and there are very rare cases a company would limit the amount of affiliates they would take on.

Home Online Profits Club Fake Limited Availability

Also these guys are out to cheat you so, they will use this tactic to make you buy now and buy today.

They will not limit how many $97 payments they can steal.


#4 LIE – Fake Owner Linda Wilson

Linda Wilson is definitely not Linda Wilson because I’ve seen this picture being used in so many of these types of sites but used with different names.

Home Online Profits Club Fake Owner

If you’re going to take people’s money, we should be able to know who you really are and make yourself known.

There are many sites that use this stock photo, here are a couple of examples:

Home Internet Income Club Fake Owner


Simple Income Strategies Fake Owner


#5 LIE – Fake Testimonials

All those testimonies on their site are fake too because I’ve looked them up before and those are all stock photos plus they are also being used on other similar sites.


#6 LIE – Fake Guarantee

I say this is fake because I’ve seen many people try to get their money back and no one ever does.  You will not get any answers when you call and you will not get any replies when you email.

Home Online Profits Club's Guarantee Not Real

You will hear from them just after your 60 days has lapsed and then they can say, oh, it’s too late.

I haven’t heard of one person getting a hold of them for a refund and I’ve seen a lot of these link posting schemes.




Heck yes, Home Online Profits Club is a big scam and I would not touch it with a ten foot pole!

They are teaching you how to do affiliate marketing wrong (which could be a very lucrative business when done the right way), and scamming you by using their own links and not telling you to go get your own.

Everything about their site is fake or lies so Home Online Profits Club can’t really be trusted.

I highly do NOT recommend Home Online Profits Club to anyone as it is totally not legitimate.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Online Profits Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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