Simple Income Strategies Review: Scam? Same Stuff? Yes! & Yes!

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Is Simple Income Strategies a scamHave you been searching around and want to find the truth about Simple Income Strategies and if it’s a scam?

I hear you, there are so many out there, your head will spin trying to figure it all out.

There’s definitely something fishy going on though lately, if you’ve been looking for make money online opportunities, you may have found a few sites looking the same.

I have no idea if they are the same owner because scam artists usually hide their identities but there are so many domains having the same prank lately.

Simple Income Strategies is another one of these scams and I can assure you, nothing good can come out of these types of programs.


Let me take you through what this really is:



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Simple Income Strategies logo

Program Name: Simple Income Strategies

Owner: Fake

Price: $97

Recommended?  No.

This Simple Income Strategies program is the same link posting game like many I’ve reviewed.

They say you can earn $359/day by just working 60 minutes a day at their “Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job”.

Truthfully, there is no job at all.

These sites use “job” and “position” language to trick you into thinking there are real jobs available… but you don’t PAY for jobs, you just get hired.

Companies are also not desperate to “hire” people to post links for them.  It doesn’t even work this way.

The worse part of all this is that Simple Income Strategies is the exact website as another program called Secure Job Position, which I already reviewed here.




So I want to show you how Simple Income Strategies is the exact same site as Secure Job Position.

But in reality, there are so many more sites that are the same as Simple Income Strategies selling the same scam.

The only difference with those is that they have small tweaks to them but majority of those sites are the same as this one.

So you can imagine what’s going on with this link posting scam.


Let’s look at the home page after you put in your info to “check for availability” at Simple Income Strategies:


Simple Income Strategies home page


Now let’s look at Secure Job Position, pretty much the same exact thing right?!

Simple Income Strategies home page compared


You will see the same “Dear Friend” letter on these two sites:

Simple Income Strategies Fake Owner




Why this is a fake owner is because this picture has been used on many other sites with different fake names.

You can also find this picture all over Google as a stock photo.

I won’t copy and paste the rest but you get the point, the two sites are entirely and exactly the same, testimonials and all.

If you want to see all the other lies and run around these sites give you, see my full review of Secure Job Position here.




This program won’t work because it’s totally teaching you the wrong way to use affiliate marketing.

While affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to use to build a great online business, I know this because this is what I use everyday, this program is using it only for their own gain and not to help you make money.

It’s telling you to post your links all over the internet which is basically spamming which is totally frown upon.

Also, the links you’ll be posting aren’t even your real affiliate links, you’ll be posting theirs and they’ll be making most of the money out of it.

You see, in order to get affiliate links you must apply to each company you want to promote, someone else can’t just get you links.

They don’t even have correct info on their site!  Netflix doesn’t even have an affiliate program (I’ve asked) and Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore so not sure how they are getting “links” from these companies.


Simple Income Strategies wrong affiliate programs


If they are providing you with links to post, it means those are actually their affiliate links and so they will pocket most of that money and just give you a small portion.

You will not be making $359/day with their method.  No one will click on your links anyway when you spam social media or in forums.

People are smarter than to just click on any links, there must be trust first.

In fact, you’ll probably get banned from the places you spam at.

Simple Income Strategies doesn’t teach you how to build a proper online business, once they get your email and phone number, they will be spamming you with tons of sales calls and junk mail.

These scams are not interested in helping anyone but themselves, that’s why there are so many of them with the same site.

I highly do NOT recommend Simple Income Strategies as it is a scam.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Simple Income Strategies is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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