Is Secure Job Position A Scam? My Review Finds: Rehashed Program

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Secure Job Position SCAM?I find it amazing how these products pop up that are all similar to each other with the same type of scam.  If you’re wondering “Is Secure Job Position A Scam?” then you’re at the right place because my Secure Job Position review below will show you what a big scam this really is!

I’m writing this to let you know how these scams work and so you can learn not to fall for it or waste your hard earned money on crap like this.

You will see how this is the same product as other products I reviewed not long ago here as there will be the same elements on both websites.

Not only that, the whole program is a sham because the system they teach is NOT how you should be making money online.


So, let me take you through my review like this:



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Secure Job Position Logo

Product Name: Secure Job Position


Owner: Kelly Simmons (not!)

Price: $97 (there are discounts if you try closing the browser)

Recommended? Hell, no.

This is another link posting scam.  There is, first of all, no JOB in Secure Job Position, so don’t think this has anything to do with any job you can do from home, let alone a secure one.

They make it seem like companies are hiring people to post links for them and paying them $15/link, this cannot be farthest from the truth.

This so called link posting is a lazy way of saying what it really is, affiliate marketing.

There’s a big difference between a job (actual employment from a company) and being an affiliate (a business owner), and what you’ll be is an affiliate of companies offering affiliate programs.

While affiliate marketing is a great business model to use to make money online, and I know this model well since this is how I earn money online, Secure Job Position is telling people how to use it in the worse possible way.

I will dive into the details more below but for now, just know you cannot use this method to make any money, let alone $379/day!




The past products I’ve reviewed like Complete Profit Code and Total Income Answer are now both forwarded to this Secure Job Position which is their latest scam.

This is what these scammers do, people like me reveals their scam, then they just slap up another new name, new domain, but same old info.

There’s even now another breed that will take the same info but changes the look slightly and changed the name of the owner like in Freedom Cash System.

All of these are about link posting and how you can make hundreds of dollars doing it.

Saying how companies are desperate to hire people, which is not true at all, if they wanted to hire, they would hire from places like India where labor is way cheaper.

The following are the same elements used in all of these “link posting” scam products:

#1) Featured on News Channels

They also say it’s featured on these well known news network, but it just says “work from home opportunities“, not Secure Job Position is being featured or any of the link posting products.

Secure Job Position Fake News


#2) Same “Dear Friend” Letter

They always use the same “Dear Friend” letter, the name and picture of the owner may have changed but the wording of the letter is always the exact same:


Secure Job Position Fake Owner 2

Secure Job Position Same Friend Letter 2


#3) Fake Owners

They are always fake owners because they always use stock images that are found on Google and on pages of other sites.  Below are “Kelly Simmons” and “Karen Evans”:

Complete Profit Code Fake Owner

Freedom Cash System Karen Evans is Fake 2


#4) Fake News Video

While this may be a real news video but this has nothing to do with the product Secure Job Position.  AND, I’ve seen this video used in other products as well!

Secure Job Position Fake Video


#5) Fake Testimonials

All the testimonials are usually stock images or actors, and in the case of Secure Job Position, they used stock images as seen below:

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 4

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 3

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 6

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 5

Secure Job Position Fake Testimonials 2

In fact, this “Veronica R.” testimonial is an exact testimonial I found on Freedom Cash System:

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony 4

And also found in Instant Income System:

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony 2




Like I was explaining earlier that Secure Job Position is teaching you how to use the affiliate marketing business model all wrong and this is because they teach you how to spam your affiliate links on social media and forums.

This is not the way to use the affiliate marketing model because:

  • People are getting smarter, people won’t just be clicking on links they don’t trust;
  • Companies don’t want you to use their name to spam all over the internet;
  • You must have thousands and thousands of followers on social media to make this actually work for you if you spam there but no one will follow you if you just spam links all day long and don’t provide any value;
  • You will get banned in forums that you spam to which is never allowed and if you actually found a site that allows spamming, you’ll still have no one to click on your links because people know those are spam sites.


Secure Job Position $379:day

You also don’t get paid unless someone clicks on your links AND buys something.  Secure Job Position doesn’t even point this out!  They make it sound like all you have to do is post the links and you’ll get $15/link for it.

This is a complete lie and so off the truth!


Their Step #2 is a complete lie as well OR they don’t know how affiliate marketing works!

Secure Job Position Step 2 completely wrong

Nobody can get affiliate links for you!  YOU must apply to all the companies’ affiliate programs individually.

If Secure Job Position is giving you links to post, that means those are THEIR affiliate links and you’ll be posting their links for them so good luck on earning anything!

Oh and by the way, BlockBuster doesn’t exist anymore and Netflix does NOT have an affiliate program as I asked them myself:

Freedom Cash System Netflix does not have an affiliate program


All these people do is lie.  Another one is that there is limited availability!

Secure Job Position Limited availability

First of all, there are no “positions” to be filled, these are not jobs.  And secondly, companies that offer affiliate programs never tell you if there are only a few spots left.

The affiliate programs are usually never limited but if they feel there are too many affiliates, I have seen some programs close because there are too many people requesting to be their affiliate but this is never used as bait for you to join their affiliate program.

This scarcity sales tactic is always used in scam products like Secure Job Position though and so that’s why it’s being used here.




I hope I have shown you what a scam Secure Job Position is and I hope you will not waste any money on it. I haven’t even mentioned that they will keep calling and contacting you to sell you more products and make you waste more money.

These scam products never have your best interest at heart and they are just trying to rake as much money out of you as they can.

If you really wanting to learn affiliate marketing and how this whole business model works, I can show you the way.

I can even show you how you can start this online business for free!  Take a look at my guide here for all the info you need.

I’ve never looked back after learning how to use affiliate marketing the right way!  It’s really the best way to make money online as well as creating a passive income stream.

Stop getting scammed and start building an honest online business that you’ll love to work on day in and day out.

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If you have any questions or thoughts about Secure Job Position or my guide, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to my awesome visitors!  🙂



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