Is Instant Income System A Scam? Total Copy Cat! Don’t Trust It.

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Is Instant Income Sytem a scam?When I saw Instant Income System I knew right away it was a scam because it looks almost exactly like another system I just reviewed here.  So whether Instant Income System is a scam is not a question at all, it’s more like a total scam and a copy cat!

In my Instant Income System review below, I will show you all the similarities of this product to the other product I just reviewed not long ago.

Both are not good products for you to buy so, that’s your quick answer but I want to prove it to you in the many ways this Instant Income System is a copy cat and how this product will not do you any good.


Here are the sections I’ll go over:



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Instant Income Sytem Logo

Product Name: Instant Income System

Website: Not sure, it’s been redirected so many times, my head is spinning.

Owner: So called “Karen Evans”

Price: $97

Recommended? NO.

Here’s another “link posting” scam that’s called Instant Income System.  They promise you can and even give you a “guaranteed way” to make $379/day just posting links for an hour on the internet from the comfort of your own home.

While working from home is great and it’s possible to make money with “link posting”, the method and model they teach you is totally wrong.

You see, this product is introducing you to affiliate marketing which is the process of making a commission when someone buys or takes action on the product or service you’re promoting.

When you join affiliate programs, the company that you joined with will give you an affiliate link.  This is the link that you will use to promote the products or services of that company and you can make money when someone clicks on your link and buys that product or service.

However, Instant Income System teaches you everything wrong to do and offers you a pretty bad business model.  I will share more on this below.

There are also a bunch of lies on their website that you need to take note of so you don’t get scammed in the future.  I will also address these down below.

This Instant Income System review will detail everything out and you will see that it’s a huge scam!




I will show here how Instant Income System is just a copy cat of the Freedom Cash System which the exception of the $500 that’s offered at Freedom Cash System.

But don’t get all excited about that $500 because it’s not real and you won’t see that $500 in that product.


So, let’s take a look at the similarities:

#1 PROOF – Site Setup Almost The Same

If you look at the two sites, except for that $500 dangling lure they use on Freedom Cash System, the two websites are pretty much the same.

Instant Income Sytem Same Webpage As Freedom Cash

Instant Income Sytem Same Webpage


#2 PROOF – Same Fake Owner, Karen Evans

There are many things on Instant Income System that are either exact the same or almost the same as on Freedom Cash System but I’m going to point out the big ones here like the same owner Karen Evans.

She’s on both sites and the “Dear Friend,” letter is exactly the same!  See here:

Instant Income Sytem Fake Owner

Instant Income Sytem Fake Owner On Freedom Cash


You may think maybe she is the same owner for both but that picture is not a real Karen Evans picture either.

I found that picture on Google as a Getty Images stock photo with 10 pages of search results of that picture on the internet:

Freedom Cash System Karen Evans is Fake 2


#3 PROOF – Same False Testimonials

Instant Income System has the exact same false testimonials as Freedom Cash System as seen below.  How can they be saying the exact same thing about the two different products?!

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony 2

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony 4

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony

Instant Income Sytem False Testimony 3


In addition, Instant Income System doesn’t even have anything on their Facebook Page that I found so there’s no way those comments were generated on the social media platform:

Instant Income Sytem FB Page


As you can see, Instant Income System has either copied Freedom Cash System or the other way around.  Either way, both of these products are not to be trusted since we can’t trust anything on their site.

As well, you will see soon that Instant Income System’s method of link posting that will not make you any money as I analyze below.




This Instant Income System won’t work for you because as I said earlier they are leading you down the wrong path of using the affiliate marketing business model.

I know affiliate marketing well because I use it to make money myself on this website so let me explain some things why this won’t work:

#1 REASON – Link Posting All Over The Internet

This is the biggest no, no!  This is essentially spamming.  Reputable companies won’t want you to use their band names to spam everywhere.

You will also get banned on sites that you do spam on.

The sites that you could spam on will not get you any clicks because those are sites that people know to stay away from because they are spammy.


#2 REASON – Their Step #2 Is Not Accurate

Let’s take a look at their Step #2 below:

Instant Income Sytem No Affiliate programs for Netflix & Google


There are a few things wrong with this.  No one can sign up for affiliate programs on your behalf, so this system can’t give you “customer records” to go post links for.

If you want to be an affiliate of these companies, you need to apply to each company’s affiliate program separately.

Most even require approval and you have to meet their requirements before you can promote for them.

Also, Netflix and Google both do not even have any affiliate programs, so Instant Income System doesn’t even know what they are doing here.


#3 REASON – No In-Depth Step-By-Step Training

When you sign up with Instant Income System, you won’t get the in-depth step-by-step training you’ll need to learn about affiliate marketing.

In fact, they don’t even know what this is called based on the information they are giving you on their website.

If you join them, you will be at a lost and no one to answer you.  All they want is your $97.  This is a total waste of time and money.


#4 REASON – You Won’t Earn $379/Day

Since they don’t give you any business tools or any comprehensive training and they tell you to spam all over, you will certainly not earn $379/day.

That kind of money is built over time and may even take a couple of years to build up to.  Spamming your links everywhere will get you nowhere and you’ll sure not earn $15/link.

While each real affiliate link can earn you anywhere from pennies to literally thousands, taking an average of $15/link is a wild guess as it depends on so many factors.

You won’t earn anything just for posting.  You need to have someone take action like buy something from your link that sends them to the website to take action on.


#5 REASON – No Sound Business Model

Without the right business model to use, you’ll never get to earn the money you’re hoping and certainly will not build anything that will generate you $379/day.

The website they offer you is cookie cutter that everyone gets so you will not get any traffic on there.  They certainly don’t teach you how to get free organic search traffic which is the best traffic to have.

Without the right training too, you’re not going to be successful with this program.

You will also not get any support with this product, you will be left on your own with so many questions and no answers.


#6 REASON – Lies

With the number of lies on their website, it’s no wonder Instant Income System is a scam.

They say how companies are “desperate” for people to post links for them so, first, if they are so desperate, then why limit how many can do this per city?  Secondly, companies are not desperate. (PERIOD!)

Their lying sales tactic of only having 9 spots left in your area is not true as it’s always 9 spots.

Even on the other scam site, it’s always 9 spots, so you can forget that’s anything to worry about.


Because of all the above stated in this section, I highly do NOT recommend Instant Income System to you and I have to say it is a scam.




If you are serious about learning affiliate marketing and truly want to build something that can earn you $300+ days, you need to know that it will take lots of hard work, time, and patience.

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I hope to see you on the inside!


If you have any questions or thoughts about whether Instant Income System is a scam or how Wealthy Affiliate works, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!  I always reply to my readers.  🙂



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