Complete Profit Code Review: What A JOKE! See WHY!

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my honest review of Complete Profit Code what a joke don't buyDon’t get scammed guys!  In this review, I show you that the Complete Profit Code product is a total scam and you should stay far away from this!

This is basically a repeat of another product I had review called Total Income Answer.  These guys just keep changing names once they get caught in their lies.

I know there are lots of people on the internet desperate to make money online but folks, falling for scams like these are not good.

There is a much better, honest way to making money online and I will show you how after I rip apart this Complete Profit Code which is complete garbage.

Here’s what I’ll show you:



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Complete Profit Code LogoProduct: Complete Profit Code Website: Owner: Unknown Price: $77 

Complete Profit Code is a super low value product with a high price tag of $77 as of this post.  They attempt to teach you how to post links everywhere on the internet to make money online.

They claim all these big companies are willing to pay top dollars like $15 to post links but this is not true at all.

Complete Profit Code is trying to offer an affiliate marketing solution to you but going all about the wrong way.

Posting affiliate links all over the place like Facebook, Twitter and forums aren’t going to get you anywhere because you are not providing any value.

Also, you don’t just make money by just posting the links… their website says, “…the average amount you make per link posted is $15.”

That’s a lot of bull…. It doesn’t work that way.  People have to click on your links and you only earn money if someone actually buys something from your links.

Why would anyone buy from your links though when you’re just posting on forums and such places without much information about the products you are posting about?

They won’t buy, you’ll make nothing, and certainly not $379/day as they claim!

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online but this product is totally teaching it to people all wrong and totally scamming.

In the next section, I’ll show you all the different red flags to watch out for so you don’t get scammed in the future too!

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There are so many so I hope I can get through all of them!


If you look at the sales page for Complete Profit Code below, it’s pretty much looks the same as Total Income Answer:

Complete Profit Code web page   Total Income Answer

I’ll also point out that both of these pages go to another page called “Increase My Bank Account” – currently that is.

When I was reviewed Total Income Answer earlier, the sales page actually went to a page called “Home Wealthy Remedy“… but now that it’s been revealed as a scam, they have changed it and now directing Total Income Answer to “Increase My Bank Account” as well.

If the product is Complete Profit Code, then why is it directed to Increase My Bank Account anyway??  They try to confuse people with all these different sales pages.

When a product/company keeps changing company names, that’s a sure sign of a scam!



The sales page introduces Kelly Simmons as the owner with her picture right there but guess what?  That picture is FAKE again!

See, if I do a Google search for that image, it is actually a stock photo which is offered by many stock sites and this photo have been used on tons of pages based on the Google search results:

Complete Profit Code Kelly Simmons Fake Owner

Complete Profit Code Fake Owner

Now how do you trust a site that uses stock image for their owner’s photo?!

This is just nuts!


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This video they used on their sales page has nothing to do with this product so they want to lure how great it is to work from home but it’s not a result from using their product, nope!

Complete Profit Code Fake Video



Complete Profit Code High Income Claims

Whenever a program talks about using little time to make high income per day, it’s usually a true sign of a get rich quick scheme.

These guys always want to prey on people who are desperate to make money from home so they want to entice you with working little to no time to make ridiculous amount of money.

Don’t get me wrong, you CAN make a lot of money on the internet, but it requires HARD WORK and lots of it.

Nobody can make a full-time income on the internet from just working an hour here and an hour there.  It takes everything you got to make that kind of money and it takes TIME.

Nobody builds a full-time income overnight or even a month or a year (rare), it takes lots of consistent hard work and long time to earn such an income.



Love the way the sales page on Increase My Bank Account keeps saying there’s only 7 positions left.  This is just a sales tactic to get you to buy because no matter when I go back to it, it’s always 7 positions left, it never changes!

Complete Profit Code Time Pressure Tactics



If these are “JOB POSITIONS” as it infers in the image above, then why am I paying for this??  Have you ever had to pay to get a job?

What a definite scam this is!

If these are real jobs, we would not need to pay for this and the training would be part of your job training you get when you get onboard.


WOW!  Need I go on? I hope you understand what a scam this is now!


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Total ScamDo you see why Complete Profit Code won’t work??  With all the scams revealed in this product and their sales tactics, they are just out to get your money.

As well, to get those “links” which are affiliate links, you just need to join affiliate programs which you can find on the internet for free and those affiliate programs are free to join.

If you buy this product, you are paying for nothing because their training is super weak with no substance and you’ll learn absolutely nothing of value to actually make money online!

I urge to read on and allow me to recommend you something that is totally legitimate and you can learn affiliate marketing the RIGHT WAY.

There are so many of these scams out there and I’d hate for you to spend more money on these programs that offer you false promises.

I hope you can see by now what a scam Complete Profit Code is, and hope you will stay FAR away from it!




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Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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    • Yes, you can trust that Wealthy Affiliate is a real, legitimate opportunity. It’s actually a learning platform where they train you on how to build your own online business using affiliate marketing. You can learn how to build your own website and learn how to use affiliate marketing to make money from it. See my full review here to learn more!

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