3 Easy Ways: How To Check Keyword Ranking On Google

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You have a blog website and have been writing diligently on it, but how is it ranking on Google?  Today, I will show you 3 easy ways on how to check keyword ranking on Google!

Being on the first page of the Google search results, aka SERP, is essential to getting any type of significant traffic to your blog or website.  So knowing how to check your website ranking on Google will help you improve it if it’s not where you want it to be.

There are several components to getting ranked on Google and I will show you in this post the most important ones to have for your website.

Here are the topics I’ll cover:



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There are things you need to do to ensure your website shows up and gets indexed on Google before even checking your rankings.

Here’s a check list of things you should do to ensure your website gets indexed in Google:

  1. Set up Search Console (aka Google Webmaster Tools) – This is essential to getting your site indexed on Google.  Once connected, you can also bring this into your Google Analytics as well.
  2. Submit Your Site Map – Once the Search Console is set up and connected to your website, you should then submit a sitemap to Google through Search Console.
  3. Fetch As Google – Use this tool in Search Console to get new posts indexed quickly.

The instructions on how to do these three things for your website is all written in step-by-step detail in my post here.

Once you have all this set up and your site is indexed by Google, then you also need this one big thing:


Yes, patience, especially if you have a newer blog or website.  It can take a few days up to a week to get your site indexed.  Then, when you get indexed, you may experience that your ranking will start really badly on page 4 or even page 10.

But overtime, through your diligent persistency in producing awesome content on your site, you will see your rank improve.

There are other things you can do to increase ranking which I’ll go into in the last section of this post below.

The other thing I want to mention is that there’s no shortcut to ranking on Google and I wouldn’t take any black hat tricks either as Google often updates on how they rank sites and these black hat methods will be shut down pretty quickly.

Okay, once you get indexed, let’s go into how to check your keyword and website ranking!


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The three easy ways to check website ranking on Google are as follows:

  1. On Google Search Itself – I will show you how to do this properly to ensure your results are real.  The results can be skewed if you don’t use this method.
  2. Search Console – There’s a search analysis tool within Search Console which will be very useful to check keyword ranking on Google as well as how your pages have been ranking.  The only thing is that this is not real time, it’s got a 2 day delay.
  3. Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool – I love this tool because you can do your in-depth keyword search and then also check your website and keyword ranking quickly.  This tool will also give you a history of your rankings so you can see a trend as well.  See my full review of this tool here.

I thought it’ll be easier to show you how to use all three methods above in a video, so here it is and I hope you’ll enjoy it:


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Now that you know how to check your website ranking on Google, you can do this once a week.  I wouldn’t check it too often as sometimes it takes a week or two to see any significant changes.

I hope you are happy with your rankings!  I know I wasn’t happy with mine when I first checked, especially in the beginning of this blog, and I know there are still lots of room for improvement on a lot my posts.

This is why I’m continually working on the following 5 things to improve my rankings and you can do the same too:

  • Content Is King – This is still true to this day that you must have relevant, useful content for your audience.  How much you write also come into play these days as well and you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher if you have longer posts.  These days, you should really aim for 1,000 words, 1,500 to 2,000 words even better.  The more content you have on a post, the better it is because your reader will stay longer on your page which will improve the time people spend on your site, thus, improving your ranking because Google thinks you have great, useful content.
  • Site Speed – The time it takes your website or a page to load is measured in your Site Speed and of course the faster your site loads, the better it is and Google takes this into account for rankings.  Especially these days with the importance of mobile users, your site needs to load fast on that platform as well as on desktop.  I have two posts dedicated to the topic Site Speed and if you start here, you’ll also get linked to the other post as well.
  • Relevant News Story – Last month, I heard of a news story that has to do with a competitor of one of the products I promote on here and I was able to capitalize on that traffic.  The competitor was shut down and I thought, wow, all those people need an alternative!  That night I blogged about this issue and recommended the product I use and promote which linked to my full review post of that product.  That very review post has climbed from a ranking of 40’s to 30’s all the way to page 1 within 2 weeks! Read my full story here.
  • Blog Commenting – If you comment on high authority sites, anything above your own, higher the better, you will be able to get backlinks and traffic to your site this way and thus better ranking.  The key to blog commenting is not just a few words and that’s it.  The key to blog commenting is to think of it as a mini blog post – yes, write a lot and have it very relevant to the post you’re commenting on.  Share your own experience and your story with the topic at hand, this can bring you lots of traffic as your comment will stand out.
  • Guest Posting – This is certainly another way to get backlinks to your website and will improve your rankings.  Guest posting on higher authority sites will be excellent for your website and you should be able to get a lot of traffic from it so do a good job!  Your guest post should be of utmost high quality, with at least 1,500 words or more and should be highly useful to the audience of the blog you are guest posting on.

Hopefully you will see an increase in traffic and rankings if you continue to implement the 5 strategies above.  Would love to hear if you have other ideas to increase rank in the comments below!

Knowing your keyword rank is one thing, but knowing how to improve it will move your blog website higher in ranks or keep it up on top!


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If you have any questions about how to check keyword ranking on Google or anything else here, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to all my readers!



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  1. Thanks for making it easy to check keyword rankings! Didn’t know there are a few ways to do this. appreciate it!

  2. Great read, always looking to see where I rank, Love your tips! I agree with you and your tips are helpful. The information you have posted is very useful. Keep going on, good stuff.
    Thank you for this valuable information. I have enjoyed reading many of the articles and posts contained on the website, keep up the good work and hope to read some more interesting content in the future.

  3. Thanks for this article, I didn’t know you can easily check like that on google but in incognito browser. That’s very neat. I will check out Jaaxy too as that’s seems to be the fastest way.

    Thank you,

    • You will really love Jaaxy especially for the Site Rank check tool… the keyword search tool is fast and easy to use as well, and there are indicators on there to help you know which keywords are best to use!

      If you need any help or have questions about Jaaxy, please let me know!

      Thanks for visiting,

  4. This Article is very helpful. I have also created a blog and applying your methods hope so that it will also get ranked.

  5. Hello, you have explained about keywords and google rankings very nicely. I also use google search console which I feel is better than many others and I also check my ranking directly on the google search to get a good confirmation. You have explained the topic very well.
    Recently I am working on a blog in which I am able to get first-page ranking on google but I am not getting a good amount of traffic. It will be great if you can suggest me something and help me out of this problem.
    And thank for providing such information.

    • Hi There, thanks for visiting!

      From the looks of it, you really don’t have a lot of content on your site. To get one or two posts on first page isn’t going to get you much traffic.

      The more you write, the more keywords you’ll rank for, the more traffic you’ll get.

      It also doesn’t look like you are using the right keywords, and I find this with a lot of bloggers. It’s best that you get training on how to build your site as it’s still fairly new.

      Check out my free guide here to learn about where you can learn how to drive better traffic to your website and how to monetize it better to make money.

      You will learn how to write your posts better, how to choose the right keywords, know your readers, and essentially, how to make money from your blog.

      Best of luck to you and let me know if you have more questions!


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