Instant Daily Profits Review: WEAK! Don’t Buy, Read Me First!

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Instant Daily Profits ProductsHere’s another honest review of a new internet marketing product called Instant Daily Profits which was released recently.

It promises great things but is Instant Daily Profits a scam?  I will reveal the truth!

Another product that promises $100/day with little to no work as it only take very little time to set up and keeping it running takes even less time.

I will quickly just go over all these points:



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Instant Daily Profits Logo

Product Name:  Instant Daily Profits

Website: GO HERE

Owners: Erik Cagi and Saul Maraney

Verdict: 2/10 – DO NOT BUY


This Instant Daily Profits product is a training program that will teach you how to make $100/day.  Erik and Saul takes you through an actual case study that will show you how this all works.

You will get 5 PDF guides and cheat sheets which are all related to Facebook Live marketing and you’ll also receive 7 short videos on how to set up the system.

You basically find high converting affiliate products from Warrior Plus and then post on Facebook using the Live option.

Then you use that free traffic to capture your leads first with an email autoresponder Aweber and then you send them to the affiliate offer immediately.

You will need be able to build a list with your free traffic and also make money immediately and through the email follow up series.

Gee, this is sounding like 10X Commissions!

Erik and Saul claims that this system only takes 20-30 minutes to set up and that you’ll be up and running in no time.  You will only 5 minutes to maintain and keep up.


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Main Product: $5.95

Upsells: Yes, always for these types of products.


#1) $17 Done-For-You Bundle – These will be tools that will help you in your business.  Quick templates for you to build with.

#2) $27 15 Day Email Follow Up Series – Vendors like these in the make money online niche often offer done for you stuff but you have to remember everyone who buys this gets the same thing, so how you will differentiate yourself from the others?




I will go into more here what’s the good and bad of this product:


  • Low cost product
  • Simple to understand
  • Not paid traffic


  • The training is thin and doesn’t have any in-depth, step-by-step training on how to set up each aspect of their system.
  • The system is flawed because beginners won’t know how to connect all the different pieces to the email autoresponder to capture the leads.
  • The time investment is going to be a lot longer than 20-30 mins, at least even for me.
  • They don’t go in-depth about how to pick the best affiliate products.
  • The way they teach you to get traffic from Facebook is totally not targeted as you’re not posting in Groups or using Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Live posts are annoying to many people!!


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total scamYes, Instant Daily Profits is a scam because the income claims on their sales page are not from this system and are sales from other people selling his previous products.

You cannot make $100/day using their method doing Facebook Live posts.  If you can, everyone on Facebook can be quitting their jobs.

They also claimed that their method is brand new and it’s a secret which is another LIE on their sales page because Facebook Live or any traffic from social media is widely known as free traffic and so there’s definitely nothing new about it.

This method will also take way more than 20-30 mins to set up just for the email autoresponder alone, trust me, I’ve set one up myself and it takes time as you need to set everything up correctly and build a captivating capture page for your leads to enter their emails into.

You also need to write your follow up email series if you don’t buy their upsells.  Again, this shows that the main product is weak because they don’t have any training to get all this done on your own so you can differentiate yourself.. so you will take a lot of time learning this on your own.

There’s also no support as well and will have to jump through hoops to get your refund back.

This product is highly NOT recommended!




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