$379/Day In Your Pocket Or Is Online FastCash A Scam?

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Is Online FastCash A Scam?I was sent an email today for a program called Online FastCash and wondering if I can really make $379/day or is Online FastCash a scam?

This looked very familiar to me from other reviews I’ve done so I have my suspicions and glad you did too that brought you here to read my review on Online FastCash.

You’ll be happy to read what I found out below about this program and I wouldn’t sign up quite fast yet if I were you.

For $97.95, this ain’t no cheap program and I’m sure you don’t have much to spare so I’m going to give you all the info before you really decide to plunge down your money.

In my Online FastCash review, I will take you through the following:



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Online FastCash Logo


Program Name:  Online FastCash

Website: online-fastcash.com

Price: $97.95

Owner: Anthony Anderson (fake)

Recommended? NO

Online FastCash is yet another link posting program that promises you can make as much as $379/day, that’s $11K a month from posting links on the internet from the comfort of your own home.

Reading that Online FastCash sales page makes you want it bad because you’ll be working from home with no boss and making such high dollars from working only 30-6omins a day right?

Well,  not so fast because I’ve seen this kind of link posting program many times over and they just come out with the same sales page over and over again.  The only thing that changes is the name of the program and the name of the supposed owner.


Online FastCash Sales Page


In this case, the program is called Online FastCash and presented by Anthony Anderson but then they have a female picture.

This is not surprising because these types of people get greedy and just want to get this out to get as many $97.95 from as many people as possible, so they got careless.

But what’s worse about this program is that it’s totally not going to make you $379/day because this is not how you do affiliate marketing, it’s totally wrong.

The so called “link posting” is actually affiliate marketing where you get affiliate links from companies such as Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, and such name brands to promote their products with.

You will earn a commission only when someone actually buys through your link.  Meaning you won’t earn any money from just posting these links, but people need to click on your link that will bring them to the merchant’s site and buy something before you earn any commission.

While affiliate marketing is a legitimate and a highly recommended way to make money online, as this is what I personally use everyday, Online FastCash is totally telling you how to do it all wrong and in fact is ripping you off.

Let me explain more in the next section, but this is no different than these other ones I’ve reviewed that has the exact setup:




Programs like Online FastCash is nothing but bad news.  I will go through several ways this is a program that can’t be trusted and that you should run fast away from it!



There are three steps that to this Online FastCash system that is stated on their sales page and the second step is where it concerns me and where they are ripping you off.

I know affiliate marketing well and know the in’s and out’s of how the process works.


Online FastCash Step 2 Is Ripping You Off


The second step states:

Easy Step #2: Log on and enter your information to create your online account to place your links to quality products.

Well, guess what?

They are providing you links to post with it sounds like but the truth is, no one can get you affiliate links.  YOU must apply to every affiliate program directly through the company like Apple or an affiliate network like CJ to get your own affiliate links.

If they are providing you with links, it means those are THEIR links you will be using and you’ll be working for them and won’t be earning 100% commissions from them.

Because you don’t own those links, you will not know how many clicks you’re actually getting or how much you’re actually earning because they will tell you that data which could be scrubbed and give you only a small percentage of commission they get from YOUR efforts.



The way they are teaching you where and how to post these links are all wrong as well.

If you go posting these affiliate links all over the internet, you will not only get banned for spamming but you can’t develop any trust for anyone to click on your links.

No clicks, no buy, no money.

You will quickly find that you can’t really earn $379/day this way, or any money posting links like this, especially when they aren’t even your links.

You may get lucky on Facebook because you have some friends on there, but that’s not going to last long because your friends will get all annoyed from your constant posting of affiliate links.

You may then need to probably pay to buy advertising but you will soon find out that’s not going to be profitable for someone who doesn’t know how that all works and you’ll be sinking hundreds of dollars before you can figure out a high converting ad campaign.



The last thing I’ll point out is that Online FastCash has many red flags that I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that are signs of a scam.

I will quickly list them here so you can look out for these in the future:

#1 Red Flag – Fake Owner

Like I said earlier, these scammers are too lazy to even change the picture of the owner to a male photo when using the name Anthony Anderson.

Online FastCash Fake Owner


Also this female photo they used is a stock photo and has been used so many times as you can see here below:

Home Online Profit Education Fake Owner 2


Online Income Fake Owner


#2 Red Flag – Fake News and News Video

Sites like Online FastCash will put news logos and news video on their sales page to make it sound like their program is in the news but if you look closer, they are just saying “work from home opportunities” are in the news.

Online FastCash Fake NewsOnline FastCash Fake News Video

They do this so you think they are in the news when in fact they are not since no real news stories are linked to the news logos and the video never talks about “Online FastCash” as the program generating people lots of money from home.


#3 Red Flag – Fake Limited Availability

These counters they have saying there’s only limited amount of space left is totally fake as you can come back to this site many times on different days and they will still have the same number of positions left.

Online FastCash Limited Availability

These guys would not limit how many $97.95 payments they will receive so don’t you worry about that.

This is the internet, they will rake in as many people as they can to trick them into buying this bogus program.


#4 Red Flag – Just Plain Lies

Like I said earlier, you cannot just start making money by just posting the links, you need to have people clicking on them AND buying something at the merchant’s site before you can earn a commission.

Online FastCash Can't Make Money Right Away

This is not the way to do affiliate marketing properly and they are making money off your work efforts since these are most likely their links, not yours as explained earlier.




Heck yes Online FastCash is a scam, that is why there are so many sites like this.

They teach you the wrong way to do affiliate marketing, and just feed you lies about how this works.

Their sales page is riddled with lies, fake testimonies, fake everything to get you to buy into their fake program.

You will not make much money with this if any at all.

I highly do NOT recommend you using the Online FastCash system.




As long as people keep believing there is fast cash to make on the internet, the scams will continue.

They will make you believe anything to get you to open your wallets.

There really is not a fast way to earn money on the internet unless you get a real online job (though there are tons of scams there too) or offer your services and talents on freelance sites.

One of the real ways to actually earn a steady, consistent online income is using affiliate marketing properly but it requires you to actually work more than 60 mins a day and put in some real work effort and time to build it.

If you do, you can really build an big asset you can depend on that will pay you year after year.

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Stop getting scammed and blinded by making fast cash on the web, there’s no magic system or button to push.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Online FastCash is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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