Is Home Wealth Business A Scam or $1,387/Day In Cash?!

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is Home Wealth Business a scamGosh, Home Wealth Business sure makes you excited about making thousands of dollars a day but is Home Wealth Business a scam really?

By the looks of it, you can even make millions and finally become a millionaire that you’ve always wanted.

Home Wealth Business also says you can make such fast cash without doing a lot of work.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Let’s sign up quick, right?! Nope.

And that’s why you’re here because you’re smart enough to smell a scam from a mile away.

I will break down this Home Wealth Business in my review below and show you just what a scam this all is:



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Home Wealth Business Logo


Product Name: Home Wealth Business


Price: $47

Owner: Brian Thompson

Recommended? NO.

Home Wealth Business Income Hype

I landed on Home Wealth Business like you did and on the front page I saw the massive claims about making thousands a day which peaked my interest.

Not only that, with working only less than 3 hours a day?!

Home Wealth Business Never Seen Before Video

I couldn’t wait to see this video that they claim has never before seen so I put in my info to see what this is all about. As soon as I saw the video, I was like…. HEY, wait a minute.. this sounds very familiar and guess what?  It was!

This is the exact video of another “million dollar” system that I reviewed not long ago called Internet Wealth Biz, just take a look, it’s the same thing!

This Brian guy was trying to pull a fast one on us and I’m glad you’re here to read my review because I will show you all the trickery this has that would make you cringe.

There are a lot of lies and BS in this video that you need to know about so you don’t fall for it and fork over your $47.

Once you do that, it’ll just be the beginning of never ending upsells and spamming that you’ll be sorry about.

There is no magic system or program that can make the kind of money they are showing you in the video, let alone all on autopilot without doing much work.

Making money online is very real but not the way they are saying and not as easy either.  There is absolutely no fast cash unless you’re a thief and go out and steal like these guys I guess.

My review of Home Wealth Business is here to warn you of programs like this and to let you see all the red flags which we will take a look at next.




The way Home Wealth Business really works is they will feed you a bunch of lies and make you feel what it’s like to have tons of cash just pouring in.

They want you to feel like it’s the miracle you’ve been searching for so you can make money quick with hardly any work so you can finally pay off all your debts, buy fancy cars, buy big houses, and go on vacation any day of the week.

What they don’t tell you is that once you hand over your personal info and your initial $47, you will be bombarded with sales calls and spam to get you to upgrade to other high ticket products so you can make those thousands of dollars you hear about in the video.

But really, you won’t be making that kind of money because it’s way harder than they make it since the hardest part of all is NOT automated.

It’s usually leads you need to generate which is hard to do when their training won’t have much about this important aspect of the business.

And really, they don’t need to provide that kind of training because all they want to do is squeeze as much money out of you as they can and then onto the next sucker.


Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Red Flags


Sites like this will always use fake testimonies because their system doesn’t work this way.  If it did, they would use REAL testimonies.

How I know these are fake?  Well, I found the actors on a freelance site called  This is a freelance marketplace where you can hire actors for as low as $5 to make you a testimonial video like these.

I found not just one, but several of them so how can you trust that this system will generate that kind of income when it’s all fake testimonies?


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 5   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 6   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 2   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 3Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 4



With all those fake testimonies, I don’t know how you can even believe any of their income claims.

As well, hyped up income claims like the ones they boast about is one of the 11 ways to spot a scam so this is definitely a red flag.

These types of income proof can also be easily manipulated with todays software so you really can’t rely on Home Wealth Business.

You will also hear that the testimonies talks about “Internet Wealth Biz” and not Home Wealth Business to get their results which is another sure red flag.

When a video makes you feel like you’ve won the lottery, you should run the other way fast.


Red Flag #3 – FAKE COUPLE

So who knows if this Brian guy is even real because he talks about him and his wife traveling to all these places and uses the below image but I found this image on the internet as a stock image you can buy on stock photography sites.

This image is also used on many other sites as shown on Google’s search results below so this is another red flag when you don’t really know who the real owner is and he’s taking your money.

When you take people’s money, you need to be able to be reached, found, and not hidden.


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Owner


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Owner 2



Internet Wealth Biz (Business) False Promises


No he won’t.  How can he with such a non-existent system?  Home Wealth Business is not a system you can trust since they have a disclaimer saying so!


Home Wealth Business Earnings Disclaimer


These types of sites will say ANYTHING to get you to buy and they will push all your emotional buttons to get there including make you a millionaire.

Making a million dollars on the internet is very possible but it requires a LOT of hard work and time.

Using a fake system like Home Wealth Business will not get you there as they are really not interested in making you money, they just want you to spend money.

There are many more red flags on this site but I figure that’s probably enough already and I think you get my point.




Of course, Home Wealth Business is a scam, I don’t see what else it can be.

With all the lies they spit at you and getting you all thinking you’ll be a millionaire, it’s really unethical to do business this way.

I have no doubt this kind of program will leave you high and dry once you start giving them any money.

Also, you don’t even know if a real system even exists if you pay them as all the lies I’ve pointed out above.

All I know is that once you pass over your personal info, you will be in for a ride of massive sales calls and spam emails galore.

I highly do NOT recommend Home Wealth Business!!




I hope you are ready for something real as you really can make money online if you learn the proper way to do it.

I have been using this business model since Sep ’16 and it’s been around for years so you know it’s a proven method.

I will not feed you any lies and I have explained the entire process of how this business model works in my free guide found here:

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You will finally learn a real way to make money online that is a long term method that can pay your bills for years to come.

You won’t be earning any fast cash with this business model (since there is NO such system that can), but if you apply what you learn, put some good work effort into it and time, you will build yourself an asset that will return back to you many times.

There’s a simple yet powerful formula to making money online and you can easily learn it.

Stop getting scammed by sites like Home Wealth Business and get started on your real online business today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Wealth Business is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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