$3,384.16 Every Day Or Is Internet Wealth Biz (Business) A Scam?

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Is Internet Wealth Biz (Business) A ScamAre you super excited to have come across Internet Wealth Biz (Business) who promises to make you a millionaire or are your internal bells ringing with “is Internet Wealth Biz a scam?”.

I bet it’s the latter and that’s why you are researching about it!  I give your props for finding out the truth and I’m glad you have landed here.

I will show you in my detailed review of this Internet Wealth Business system below what’s really behind all the smoke and mirror.

Products like this I can spot a mile away because I have reviewed so many similar ones like it so I know the signs of a scam by just looking at their sales page.

Here my Internet Wealth Biz review will show the following:



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Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Logo

Product Name: Internet Wealth Biz (Business)

Website: internetwealth.biz

Price: $47

Owner: Brian Thompson

Recommended? NO.

Here’s another relatively new product on the web trying to convince you that his system is the one that will make you a millionaire.


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Sales Page


What is the system? You’ll never know because this “Brian” won’t say what you’ll be doing to make such money and instead just tells you that you can make a LOT of commissions.

This is the first big red flag of any product that tries to sell you something but won’t go into any sort of details of what you’ll be doing or what it is about.

I mean, do you usually shop this way?  Do you buy shoes without see what they look like?  Buy clothes or food this way?

Probably not, you usually want and need to know what you’re buying.

Instead, the sales video just sells you on the dream of the usual combination of:


For some reason, the internet is now known to be where the gold rush is where money just magically appears really fast and very quickly making everyone millionaires.


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fast Cash Talk



The internet now seems to also be the place where you don’t need to work much to earn thousands of dollars per day either!


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Little to No Work Talk



Thirdly, of course these systems are all run on autopilot, how else will you be able to just go jet setting off to all the different places around the world?!


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) System runs on autopilot


These three combination ingredients are plagued in all scams I review just like The Job Quitter System, Click Cash System, and the Auto Money System.

This one is no different and I can tell you right now, Internet Wealth Biz does not have this magic system that will make you thousands per day.

This is just not the reality of how money is made on the internet.

I know this because I’ve been making money online for years now and nothing is as quick, little to no work, or autopilot as they say it is.

I’ve seen many things online and there is no magic push button system that will make you a millionaire in six months!

Not like the way this guy is explaining it anyway.

If you want to be a millionaire in six months, try going on The Voice, America’s Got Talent or some other way to get rich quickly.

The internet doesn’t work that way unless you’re discovered by Ellen on YouTube, then maybe that can make you a millionaire from the net in six months.

But if you’re trying to make money online like everyone else?

You need a reality check and I will show you why you cannot trust this Internet Wealth Business or this Brian guy with what I’ll reveal below.

Guys like this just want your $47 and as many other $47 they can get, then they will close it down, rebrand it, and sell another magic push button system under a different name.

This product can’t be trusted, just keep reading.




This Internet Wealth Business system just feeds you a bunch of lies so you will get into the feeling of what it will promise you.

They will take your money then they will try to take more money with upsells behind the scenes by saying you will need this or that if you want to make more money or the higher commissions.

They will sell you more done-for-you templates and crap that you don’t even know what to do with because they won’t provide any training with it.

The worse part is, they sell this Internet Wealth Biz system based on a bunch of lies, let’s take a closer look at them.



There are a few people in the sales video to tell you they are making thousands of dollars a day and how this system has changed their lives.

But these people are usually actors, they either just use people they know or they hire actors from freelancing sites like fiverr.com.

It’s not hard to do for someone to just order one of these videos and they usually start as cheap as $5! Just take a look at the few I found:

Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 5   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 6   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 2   Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 3Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Testimonies 4



From beginning to end, the sales video is full of actors doing the testimonies, how can you even trust those income results are even real?!

These screen shots can be easily manipulated with graphics software which is not hard to do at all.

They are not logging into their account real time and it’s just not realistic to earn those commissions in such little time with hardly any work.

The internet just doesn’t work that way, you don’t just make thousands of dollars a day like the way they tell you, sorry.



“Brian” also says that him and his wife goes off flying all over the place because they are so rich and shows a couple like that was supposed to be him and his wife, but it’s all a lie.

He just used a stock photo again to add more to the BS of this whole presentation.

I found that photo on Google search and it’s being used hundred times over with over 10 pages of search results of that picture.


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Owner


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Fake Owner 2



Internet Wealth Biz (Business) False Promises

He makes this bold claim that he will make you a millionaire but at the bottom of the sales page you will see that there’s a disclaimer.


Internet Wealth Biz (Business) Disclaimer


The red underline reads:

The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.

Woah! That’s odd!

Guess you won’t be making $1,000s a day after all.

It also continues to say:

InternetWealth.biz does not guarantee income or success, and examples shown in this presentation do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.

Then why make such bold claims in the sales video?!

Just because they have a disclaimer, doesn’t make it right to just outright lie to people to take their hard earned money away.




With all the lies above and no product description of what you’ll be doing, yes the Internet Wealth Biz or Business is a scam.

There’s no doubt that you will not make the kind of money it claims and you will end up probably losing money.

Products like this just have false promises, lies and just pure BS.

They prey on people’s desperation to make money or need money quick so they just make these videos to make you think they can solve all your financial problems away.

Internet Wealth Biz can’t be trusted and you could forget about support or refunds which neither will exist.

I highly do NOT recommend this Internet Wealth Biz to anyone.




Don’t give up yet, it’s not all grim, there is a real way you can make money online but you need to understand how the internet works in order to do so.

There is a very legitimate business model to use that will take how the internet works and provide the vehicle to help you make money.

I explain it all: how this works, why it works and you can see what I do everyday in my free guide here:

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After showing you how everything works and what you’ll be doing, I will also show you in my free guide where you can learn to build this online business for FREE to start!

You will be in a safe place filled with like minded people just like you but I must tell you that this real path to making money online requires real work, dedication and time.

Making money online is real but it actually takes some good work effort and time to build up, so be ready for the real deal!

If you have work ethic to build your online business, you can really build to the level of making yourself into a millionaire, but it’ll take you some time to get there.

You could get scammed or you could actually use your precious time to build something for your future that will generate you a nice passive income.

I hope you make the right choice.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Internet Wealth Biz (Business) is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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