$3,568.92 A Day Or Is The Job Quitter System A Scam?

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Is The Job Quitter System a scamMan, you would think you found the lottery with The Job Quitter System claiming we can have a job replacing income in just one short month! Is this the real deal or is The Job Quitter System a scam?

In my honest The Job Quitter System review below, you will see the truth about what this is all about and if you can really make that kind of money.

It’s product like this that makes people think you can get rich on the internet overnight without doing much work as well but I’m here to tell you differ.

See what I find out below with these topics:



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The Job Quitter System Logo

Product Name: The Job Quitter System

Website: thejobquitter.com

Price: $47

Owner: Richard Harper

Recommended? No.

Here’s another product promising to have found the secret loophole to the internet that will “force money” into your bank account.

The Job Quitter System is claiming you can have a job replacing income within your first month yet you better not watch their video if you think you will become super rich.

He is trying to make you think that this is a more credible system because he’s not saying you can make millions overnight but making a job replacing income in your first month doesn’t sound ridiculous?

Especially when you don’t need to do much work.


The Job Quitter System Just click and tap a few buttons


It sounds like you can quit your job by just clicking and tapping a few buttons on your smartphone since you don’t even need a keyboard.

This is because he has found a secret loophole in the internet that will allow you to just make money like that with such little effort.

It gets even better…

He will give you $500 if you stay watching to the end of all the videos, how generous is this Richard guy?!

He also shows you how much he makes in his accounts to give you some proof that his system works and wow, he sure makes a lot of money right?

Could you just copy what he does and start making mad money like him?

Let’s find out.




Oh boy, if you believed an ounce of what Richard says, you would have given him your $47 already and you wouldn’t be reading this.

Good for you and congratulations on spotting a get rich quick scheme.

First of, I can tell you right now that The Job Quitter System will not work because there are so many things wrong with what he says.


Let’s go and reveal some truths here:

#1) For instance, there is the secret loopholes… Is there even such a thing on the internet?

No, there isn’t.  There are no loopholes to be found on the internet, they don’t exist.


The Job Quitter System Loophole


There are just different ways of making money online which some will make you more money than others.

Nothing on the internet is magical or secret, but these types of products always try to make you believe there’s some magic button you can push to make loads of money.

There’s no such thing.


#2) Can you just copy someone’s system and make a job replacing income in your first month?

No you can’t, online businesses don’t work that way.

Any proven method that will bring in any significant amount of money will take a lot more time for you to earn that kind of money that will allow you to quit your job.

Nothing copied or duplicated can even be used to make money because copied sites do not get traffic (visitors to your website) since search engines penalizes sites that have duplicated content and your site will never be seen by anyone.


#3) Fake Owner –  is Robert Harper even real?

No, he is not Robert Harper but Jonathon Grey which is seen on the whois search here.


The Job Quitter System Fake Owner


Some people use an alias when writing online but if you’re actually taking people’s money and selling a product, you should really not be hiding your true identity.

Unless it’s a scam, of course.


#4) Fake Testimonies

The video testimonies used in this sales video are fake because products like this always hire actors from sites like fiverr.com where they can pay for cheap video testimonies.

Even the ones used in this The Job Quitter System is being used in another product called FB Cash System as seen here:

The Job Quitter System Fake Testimony 2


The Job Quitter System Fake Testimony



#5) Limited 100 Spots

The Job Quitter System is promoted through affiliate networks where hundreds of affiliate marketers can use them to promote to their email lists.

Each affiliate marketer has hundreds if not thousands of emails on their list and I highly doubt that if you wanted to give them $47, they would say no.

There’s no such thing as limited spots for these types of products, they will take your money anytime.


#6) Fake $500 – BS

This $500 they keep dangling in front of you is such a lie when you get to the end.  You find out that if you don’t make $500 in the first month by following all their steps then you will get the $500.

This is far different than giving you the $500 just for watching the video.


The Job Quitter System Fake $500 you'll get


This is the type of product where you have to follow all their steps which will require you to spend a lot more money that’s well over $500, even into the $1,000’s.

If you don’t spend the money, then they can say you didn’t follow all their steps and then deny you the $500.

So, this is just a BS sales tactic that will always make you out of pocket, not them.


#7) Fake Income Results

There’s a part where he shows you screenshots of his results but guess what?  Those are screenshots of other people’s results and it’s disgusting that he would steal other people’s results and claim it as his own.

See here is what he show as his August 2016 report of $12K+ in commissions from Amazon (I know this reporting format well), but if you see the Tracking ID, it says “10beasts-20”.


The Job Quitter System Fake Income Results


10beasts.com is a well known site that earned $40K in 8 months, a bunch of sites have been analyzing its results and this graph is from one of those sites analyzing 10beasts.com, which you can see here.


#8) Only need 5 minutes of work

The worse thing of all is that he tells you that you can make hundreds of dollars a day with only 5 minutes of work… actually LESS THAN 5 minutes of work!


The Job Quitter System 5 minutes of work


This is totally not possible and there is no automated system that can allow this.

Don’t fall for it!




Of course The Job Quitter System is a scam, if you didn’t get this answer from all the above truths I’ve revealed, I don’t know what will! Lol

This product’s purpose is to get you in the door with $47, then get you to upgrade and spend well over $500.

They will make every excuse they can to get rid of you if you try to ask for that $500 they promised in the sales video.

This is not a system, you cannot make money with doing 5 minutes of work nor are there any loopholes on the internet.

This product is a total scam and I just can’t recommend this The Job Quitter System at all.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Job Quitter System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “$3,568.92 A Day Or Is The Job Quitter System A Scam?”

  1. Wow! Thank you! I almost got into this scam. There are way too many red flags for me, glad I got to read this.

    I will check out your free guide, thanks.


    • Wish you read my review BEFORE you bought into their BS. Sorry to hear you need to delete your Job Quitter account. You will have to look at your member account area to see how you can cancel your account there.

      It’s better to build a real online business, all details are in my free guide here!

      Best of luck to you,


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