Is Facebook Cash System A Scam? Don’t Buy Into This, See Why!

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Is Facebook Cash System A ScamI received an email the other day asking me to try this new Facebook Cash System that can make me hundreds per day, but I’m like, “Is this true or is Facebook Cash System a scam?”

Glad I looked into it because I know this way of making money and it’s not all that’s cracked up to be.

Especially that $500 he promises you when you reach the end of the video, you really think that $500 will land in your bank account?

In my Facebook Cash System review below, you will find out what this really is and how you won’t be making hundreds per day.

I will walk you through it all like this:



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Facebook Cash System logo


Product Name: Facebook Cash System


Price: $47

Owner: Johnathon Crisper

Recommended?  No.

The Facebook Cash System allows you to make $500 – $1,000/day by just doing what you usually do on Facebook and other social media sites.

Although, not sure why they say “$3,576.72 Per Day” above their sales video because that amount is never mentioned and so why display it?


Facebook Cash System sales page


It’s just to get your attention of course and to deceive you, like what scam products usually do.

No system can make you that kind of money, especially not a system like this.

Anyway, the sales video has two parts to it and the first is just to get your info, email address and phone number, once they have that, you go on to the next level 2 where you can count down with them to get your $500.

The $500 is supposed to be yours at the end of the video but of course, when you get to the end of the video, he explains why you’re not going to get it.

Which is a sad deception method to get you to watch the whole video.


Really, What Is Facebook Cash System?

There is a loophole in their system apparently that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates were laughing about at a meeting that this guy Johnathon was at.


Facebook Cash System Zuckerberg and Gates


So Johnathon found a way to exploit this weakness in their social media platform to make you $500/day with this method he created.

Facebook has all the cash because of the huge amount of traffic it has and he’s saying he has this system that can take just 2% of what Facebook makes to make you one of the richest person in the country.

He makes this FB Cash System sound very easy:

  • Less than an hour of work
  • Just need a smart phone or computer
  • Just need internet connection
  • Just need to know how to click your mouse
  • Doing everyday things like posting, sharing and liking
  • Make money doing things you’re already doing

You just have to play around on Facebook in a different way but he never tells how that will make you money.

Products like this never tell you what the actual system really is and expect you to give them money without knowing what you’re buying.

They just promise you the world and keep making you think you can earn hundreds of dollars immediately.

He even gives you a “coach” to help you with your start.

This whole system won’t give you anything but a link posting scam that I’ve seen over and over again.

He will teach you how to spam social media to make a few bucks if that.

Making money this way will get you nowhere and you sure won’t earn hundreds of dollars a day like he says.




The Facebook Cash System is basically telling you to use affiliate marketing to make money on social media.  While affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from home, doing it this way will not make you much money.

I will tell you why this won’t work in many ways:

Reason #1) You Will Only Get A Few Sales, If That

He will teach you post your affiliate links to your FB wall as a status update so all your friends will see it.  Because they are your friends, you may get a few clicks since they trust you and may even buy one or two items which you’ll make a small commission on.

But then if you keep doing that, then your friends will catch on that you’re just spamming affiliate links to get sales and will stop clicking on your spam.

They may even unfriend you or unfollow you so your posts won’t be seen anymore.


Reason #2) Link Posting in Facebook Groups Is Prohibited

He will also try to teach you to post in Facebook Groups if you’ve exhausted your friends list.

But posting affiliate links to Facebook Groups is usually prohibited and that can get you banned or kicked out of FB groups.

As admins of the FB Group, you can set whatever rules you want about the group and they usually don’t want people posting their affiliate links in their group because they are trying to make money with their own affiliate links so why would they let others do the same.


Facebook Cash System Make $500-$1000 from doing things on FB


Reason #3) No Trust Factor

Posting links in FB Groups will also get you nowhere since now you are posting to strangers and so there’s really no trust there in the first place to click your link.

People are smarter these days and if they don’t know you or know what your link is about, they will not even click on your links.


Reason #4) Building Your Own FB Group Will Take A Long Time

It’s not easy to build your own FB Group and it will take a long time to build up a huge following so you’ll certainly won’t be making hundreds of dollars very quickly this way.

You would also need to know more about social media and how to go about building a FB Group so you will need to spend way more than 30 mins a day to learn all this.


Reason #5) Creating a Facebook Page Will Never Get Seen

So you would think building a Facebook Business Page will do the trick but guess what?

Ever since Zuckerberg tasted the mighty advertising dollars in his mouth, he has made it very hard for any of our FB Page posts be seen unless you advertise.

Your FB Page posts will never show up on anyone’s timeline unless you have a HUGE following or if you pay advertising.

Good luck building a huge following on your page, again, Zuckerberg makes this hard to do nowadays without spending money so the next best thing is paid advertising.

You will then end up paying more in advertising than making money from your affiliate links, especially if you don’t know how to use their advertising platform.




Yes, Facebook Cash System is a scam because you cannot make the kind of money Johnathon claims in the sales video and he lied about you getting that $500 at the end of the video.


Facebook Cash System $500 At End Of Video is a Lie


His sales tactics are all what I see in other scam products which are deceiving, lies, and false promises.

There are also no terms & conditions, contact info, privacy policy, or anything about the company or owner behind this product.

You cannot trust people like this.

Posting links on Facebook is not a real way to make money online and if anything, social media should be just an extension of your core online business.

You cannot make the kind of money from posting on social media than from an online business like this site you’re on.

I know this because I have big Instagram accounts (and here) and they don’t nearly make as much as my blog does.

Also, it’s hard to build trust if you just have a social media account.  You need a bigger presence like a website like this that provide value to people in order to gain trust and make the big dollars.

Facebook Cash System will not do that for you and the “coach” that you’ll get will only upsell you and make you buy things you don’t know what to do with.

The core purpose of this “coach” is not to help you make money but to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

I highly do NOT recommend Facebook Cash System.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Facebook Cash System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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