Is Lifestyle Now A Scam? The Secret Is Out! Not So Easy

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Is Lifestyle Now A Scam?Have you come across Lifestyle Now and wondering if Lifestyle Now is a scam?  They also go by the name My Lifestyle Now Mentor, so beware that they are all the same.

So you received an email regarding their simple done-for-you system and their sales video is so tempting isn’t it?

Well, I’m glad that you are here and are researching this crap before giving your credit card to them because you just saved yourself.

The secret is that there is no secret system that can make you thousands of dollars and without doing any work.

My Lifestyle Now review below will show you everything and what this really is so keep your wallet locked up for now.


I will take you through the following:



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Lifestyle Now Logo


Product Name: Lifestyle Now (aka My Lifestyle Now Mentor)


Price: $49.95/year

Recommended? NO.

You will be dazzled by how easy it will be to make money with Lifestyle Now’s system and how fast it will be to make thousands of dollars with their magical system.

Everything about their system is easy, 100% automated, hardly have to work to make the money, and hardly have to do anything to create the best lifestyle you can imagine.


Lifestyle Now sales video


Even the sales video tell you that this may sound too good to be true and that our system sounds magical but it’s real.  I find that funny because no legitimate program/product/system would say these kinds of statements.

If these guys are using statements like that, it’s so obvious there’s something up their sleeve.

All they want you to feel in this sales video is the freedom you’ll have if you earned thousands of dollars in a very short time without doing much work so what will you do with all that free time on your hands.

They are putting you in a dream state and make you want that lifestyle bad so you will buy into their program.

Of course, they are targeting beginners since most beginners will buy into products like this unfortunately because they don’t know better.

Why wouldn’t you believe them?  They even use statements about other people scamming you and how gurus won’t tell you these secrets.

Listen, I have to put a stop to all this now.  There is no magic system on the internet.  There is no secrets to making money online either.

This Lifestyle Now site is actually just a sales funnel to a system called Now Lifestyle.  I know, it’s confusing because, even though their names are just switched around, they are not one or the same.

If you look at Lifestyle Now’s Terms of Use & Earnings Disclaimers at the bottom of the sales video, you will see that they are actually owned and operated by My Super Affiliate Mentor which I had already full reviewed here.

Lifestyle Now is deceiving as hell and actually mimics the sales video at My Super Affiliate Mentor almost exactly.

But, instead of Lifestyle Now funneling to the product behind My Super Affiliate Mentor (yes that’s not a real system either!), Lifestyle Now funnels to Now Lifestyle.

Now Lifestyle is a real money making system but it’s definitely not as easy as how Lifestyle Now’s sales video made it sound.


Lifestyle Now revealed


I will explain more below but you can see there are a lot of these sales videos who say to get their system but it turns out to be another system.

This deception needs to stop, and that is the reason I write these reviews, to inform as many people as I could of what’s going on.




As revealed above, how Lifestyle Now works is that it’s just a front for another company called Now Lifestyle.


Lifestyle Now is a sales funnel to Now Lifestyle


Now Lifestyle is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company where you can make money from either recruiting others into the program or sell their Health & Wellness or Business Automation Tools products.

If you don’t know about MLM companies, you usually don’t make much money from selling their products and the money is in recruiting people.

This is because you will earn money from the people you recruit called a downline so the more your downlines recruit the more you make as well.

If you want to make money selling their products instead, you will have to buy them first and then sell so you will have inventory to deal with but you will get 50% commissions of the products you sell which is better than other MLM companies.

But the money is in the recruiting because there is a matching bonus for you when your recruits make money which is also 50%.

So say you recruit Robert and Robert makes $1000, you will make a matching bonus of $500.

If Robert recruits someone else like Adam and Adam makes a $1000, then Robert will get $500 and you will earn $250 for doing nothing.

Wow, this sounds awesome doesn’t it?


The Truth About Companies like Now Lifestyle

People who join MLMs, including myself years ago, don’t usually make that much money from it, if any at all, because it’s usually the guys at the top that are making all the big bucks.

The focus is on recruiting, recruiting, recruiting but they don’t show you HOW to recruit more, they only show you how much money you can make if you recruit.

Look, you only know so many people and you can only ask them so many times to join something like this in your lifetime.

This business makes you go chase the money always.  I bring this point up because the way my online business works now, I don’t chase nobody, people come to me, learn about what I do here.

Anyway, like I was saying because you are always chasing the money, you will run out of gas because of constant promotional spendings and efforts.

You will get tired of it and you will run out of money promoting.

This is another reason why I gave up my two online shops because I had to keep marketing and promoting, and going out to chase the money.

What I do now is much more comfortable and I get to talk about what I want, work where I want, when I want, and the money comes to me.

So if you like MLM companies, I guess you can join this program but I don’t recommend it because you won’t make the kind of money you are expecting from it and I don’t like the MLM business model at all.




The site Lifestyle Now or My Lifestyle Now Mentor is a scam because they are deceiving you like crazy and not telling you what the actual product is.

They are also making ridiculous income claims that are also discredited in their Income Disclaimer (which is also My Super Affiliate Mentor’s disclaimer) which states that the income claims are all an estimate of what they think you can make so those are not actual results you see in their sales videos.


Lifestyle Now Income Disclaimer


Which means all their sales testimonies are fake and many scams like this do use actors or stock images to create these fake testimonies.

Just take a look at these, they used the same stock images used in My Super Affiliate Network which I found on the internet being used in many other pages:

Lifestyle Now FAKE testimonies


My Super Affiliate Mentor Fake Testimonies


My Super Affiliate Mentor Fake Testimonies 3


My Super Affiliate Mentor Fake Testimonies 2


There are also just blatant lies like this system is free and getting free lifetime access which is not true at all as there is a membership fee you have to pay.

As well as other products you will have to buy in the real product this funnels to.

It also makes me sick that they say this fake system is “borderline-charitable“, WTF?!  FAR from charitable, the polar opposite of charitable.

I highly don’t recommend Lifestyle Now as this is an absolute scam and don’t think you should join Now Lifestyle either from all the points mentioned in the previous section above.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Lifestyle Now or My Lifestyle Now Mentor is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Is Lifestyle Now A Scam? The Secret Is Out! Not So Easy”

  1. Thank you for the information. I did some checking after reading what you had to say, and was actually surprised that they say in the disclaimer , The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.

    • Glad to hear this Rick, and yes, like any system though, it’s like that. Not everyone who tries something will actually make it work for them and sometimes it’s not because of the system itself.

      Anyway, you are better off learning how to build your own online business instead with a proven method, I have outlined everything about my online business here that makes me a monthly 4 digit income.

      You can go my path or something else, but the point is sticking to one thing to make it work.

      Best of luck to you,

  2. Hello Grace ,
    Thank You for the info. I checked up further on them and have saved myself $49.00 because of it. I am going to check out the Free Guide. Thank You in advance.

    W. S. Sherwood


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