Clone My System Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit? Truth Is Here

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Is Clone My System A ScamHave you seen the Clone My System site?  Are all your alarm bells going off and asking “Is Clone My System A Scam?”

I’m so glad they did and brought you to my Clone My System review so I can tell you what this is about and the truth behind this product.

There are so many products online nowadays that promise you all the riches and providing these sales video types to lure with the dream of having all that freedom from getting rich with their system.

I’m glad you are not falling for it and researching on them first because you have just saved yourself some money!


Let me walk you through my Clone My System review like this:



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Clone My System Logo


Product Name: Clone My System


Price: $47

Owner: Justin

Recommended? NO.

I found out in my research that there was an earlier version of Clone My System and it was called Steal My System which was before my time and now obsolete… so what these people do is rebrand the same system with a new name to scam more new people.

The very first thing that disgusted me was the story line about the dying father and how he lived a secret life, keeping this secret system all to himself.


Clone My System Sales Video


With his father’s dying wish, Justin is now sharing this secret system to limited amount of people so others can benefit from it too.

Don’t fall for it, it’s the same damn story line as before except the son’s name is now Justin and not Steven so it’s been over done.

The Clone My System sales video just goes on and on about how you can get right with this secret system and has the gull to say they are stopping the scammers out there when they are scamming themselves.

This is so low to do.

All Clone My System is, is a sales funnel to whatever product they feel like making money from that week.

As of this post, it is getting you to buy “Accelerated Income Program” but just a month ago it was promoting “My Mobile Money Pages” so who knows where this goes by the time you get to Clone My System, it may have gone from Accelerated Income Program to something else.

This is why their sales video is never specific about what you’re going to do or what their system is really about, or how it works.

It just pushes on all your emotion buttons about your getting out of your 9 to 5 job, or making you feel how rich feels like, or making you dream about your best life.

Never fall for these sales video type products because they never lead to any value and in fact you will probably be sent more spam, more scams, and more junk mail once they get your info.

I will get into the red flags so you can spot them easily next time.




#1 RED FLAG) Income Hype

Any time a video tells you how easily it is to make thousands of dollars with hardly any work is a huge red flag.

Clone My System Income Hype


There are no magic buttons on the internet as awesome the internet is and the opportunities it presents.

Don’t fall for easy riches on the web because making money online is no different than making money offline: it all takes hard work.


#2 RED FLAG) NO Terms & Conditions and Earnings Disclosure

Every website should have some sort of Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy and Earnings Disclosure and Clone My System has nothing like that on their sales page.

Usually these pages list the website name and the contact info but this Clone My System site has nothing which is very shady.


#3 RED FLAG) Checkout Page For Another Product

When I listen to a half hour sales pitch for “Clone My System”, I expect to be BUYING “Clone My System”.

Clone My System Checkout Page


That’s what I expect for every single other product I buy in store or online, so why should it be different for these make money online products?

When products like this switch products on you at the checkout page than the product you landed on in the first place, that is another huge red flag to stay away because you have NO idea what that other product is!

Do you usually just blindly buy things?

This just means there is no “Clone My System” product and this whole sales video is a sham.


#4 RED FLAG) Fake Testimonies

Because they obviously don’t have a real product behind Clone My System, then the testimonies must be fake.

Products like this always buy stock images or hire actors from freelancing sites like to make their fake testimonies with, and Clone My System is no different.

Just look at these two people in the Clone My System sales video who claim to have made so much money from this system but I also found them on, check it out:


Clone My System Fake Testimonies


Clone My System Fake Actors on Fiverr


Like I said before, there are no easy money on the internet and these people are not making it easy for me to have to keep explaining to people of this concept.

There is real money to be made, but not like this and it doesn’t come easy or with little to no work.


#5 RED FLAG) The Page and System Is A Secret

There are NO secrets on the internet on how to make money.  There are proven ways you can learn to make money online but there is certainly no hidden or secret ways to do it.

Products like this always say there’s some secret to it so you feel special for finding it but the fact is, this was emailed to hundreds to thousands of people and you’re not any special than the email you’re next to on  their huge list of people to scam.

Don’t fall for it.




HELL YES, Clone My System is a scam.

There is no real product behind Clone My System and they are just referring you to buy other products which you have no clue about so they can make a commission on your purchase.

Nobody buying the product they refer you to will be making money because those products are usually either more scams or very low quality products.

Worse yet, they can be programs that can suck even more money out of you or get you into heavy debt, you must be very careful when the checkout page is not the same product as what you should be expecting.

I’m glad you were able to read my review and I hope you have learned how to spot these in the future.




To not fall for scams anymore, you need to realize these things:

  • You cannot get rich very quickly on the internet.
  • There is no magic on the internet to spit money at you.
  • There is also no secret sites or pages that generates on autopilot.
  • It requires work and lots of it if you want to make real money online.
  • You need real training that you can learn from.
  • You’ll need business tools & support.
  • It actually takes TIME to build something that makes you real money.

If you’re ready to realize these things, you will be able to spot scams a mile away and not get scammed anymore.

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I’ve been using it since Sept 2016, and still there today so I can help others get their start as well.

Start your new journey today and start working on your online business!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Clone My System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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