Is Massive Online Paydays A Scam? More Like Massive Debt! See Why!

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is Massive Online Paydays A ScamCould you really make $1,000 – $10,000 commissions or is Massive Online Paydays a scam?  I’m glad you’re here researching what Massive Online Paydays is about because my review will save you thousands of dollars!

This product is not only extremely misleading but you will not make those commissions next week as they promised.

In my Massive Online Paydays review below, I will show you all the deceiving messages they are giving you and reveal what the real product behind this mask.

I will take you through the following:



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Massive Online Paydays Logo


Product Name: Massive Online Paydays


Price: $49+

Recommended? NO.

Have you come across Massive Online Paydays and see that you can make thousands of dollars by next week?


Massive Online Paydays Sales Page


They make it sound very easy for you to make $2,740 per day so you can become a millionaire and if you follow their steps, you can make that by next week.


Massive Online Paydays $2740 per day


When you join this program, they will give you a millionaire website which apparently costs $27K to make and all you have to do is send people to it.

You are so lucky too to have come across their site since there’s limited millionaire websites available in your area.

You will not have to do any selling, have your own product, have any technical skills, or having any online experience.

This program promises to do all the behind the scenes work like maintaining the website, customer service, fulfillment, and most importantly will close the sales for you.

They are so generous to give you a full sales team and assign you a millionaire mentor as well to help you become a millionaire.

And oh, if you don’t make any money after following all their simple steps, then they will give you $500, no questions asked.

Wow, all this sounds wonderful isn’t it and that you have come upon a magic system that will spit out thousands of dollars to you.


If you believe all the Kool-Aid they are trying to make you drink, you have another coming to you.

There are many products that trick you like this and I’ve reviewed some of them like Rookie Profit System and Online Profits Breakthrough which all do the same thing.

Below, let me show you exactly what this all smoke and mirror is about and why you need to stay away from such a product.

You will see that I will help save you thousands of dollars!




Okay, let’s take a look at the real truth about Massive Online Paydays that they don’t tell you about BEFORE you buy into this product.


Uncovering The Truth

The Massive Online Paydays won’t tell you any truths because they are trying to trick you into joining the worse program ever: MOBE (My Own Business Education).

This is uncovered in Massive Online Paydays’ Terms & Conditions and check out page:


Massive Online Paydays Is Actually MOBE


Massive Online Paydays' Checkout Page is from MOBE


MOBE is a program that many have suffered large amounts of debt in.

You won’t have to search far to find hundreds of bad reviews about MOBE because they are a very expensive program to get into.

They start you off with a small $49 entry fee which makes no sense to have a program that could make you a millionaire to only cost $49.

But they do this low fee so you come into the program, that’s first step.

Then they will assign you a “millionaire mentor” to guide you through but what this person’s main purpose is, is to make you buy their high ticket items.

Remember how they said you gotta follow their “easy” instructions?

Well, part of that is upgrading to their $1000’s high ticket memberships and that’s what you’re also supposed to be selling to make those high commissions.


Massive Online Paydays $1000 - $10000 commissions


Here’s a look at their high ticket memberships:

  • Silver – $2,497 + $27/month
  • Gold – $4,997 + $64/month
  • Titanium – $9,997 + $121/month
  • Platinum – $16,667 +$198/month
  • Diamond – $29,997 + $297/month

Have your eyes popped out yet of their sockets yet?!

And guess what?  You can’t skip any membership levels, you need to buy into each level before you can make commissions off of it.

So that means by the time you get to Diamond level, you will have “invested” (as they like to call it) about $64K!!

Yeah, that’s a generous down payment on a house!


Massive Online Paydays Products and Upsells


Why they don’t show all this in the Massive Online Paydays sales video is because no one in their right mind would ever want to spend $2,500 + monthly fees on a program.

Let alone keep spending onwards to the higher membership levels.

That “millionaire mentor” will get you to spend your money and even convince you to just get into large amounts of debt just so you can get to the next level “to earn more money”.


Massive Online Paydays Provides Millionaire Mentor



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Will You Make Any Money If You Still Join?

Sorry to say, no, not the thousands of dollars they tell you about in the sales video at least.

In their own earnings disclaimer, they tell you that the average “active” member earn less than $700 per year and if you look at both “active & inactive” members, they earn less than $250 per year.


Massive Online Paydays Income Disclaimer


They also claim this is because they don’t continue the program after a month and don’t follow their training program.

Well, no kidding they don’t, who wants to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a program like this!


The Worse Part?

They give you the hardest part of the process to do… remember in the beginning of the sales video, all you have to do is “send people” to your millionaire website?

They make this sound very EASY but in fact this is the most important and hardest part of the equation of you making any money.

Getting leads and traffic to your static, done-for-you website (which doesn’t cost $27K to make by the way but more like $10 if that) is the worse part of what you need to do to make money with this program.

You know why?

The websites they give you is a piece of shit (excuse my language) because they are static sites, meaning no new content gets published on them and that means search engines like Google won’t rank them, which also means no one will see them unless you use advertising.

Using paid traffic is very expensive and there’s a huge learning curve to know how to use it.  You will then spend even more money trying to get people to your “millionaire website”.

This is why people don’t continue with the program.


How About That $500?

In order to get that $500, you have to follow all their instructions so you’ll never see that $500 because you’ll probably not do all they ask you to do which is upgrading and spending thousands of dollars.


Massive Online Paydays $500 guarantee


If you do follow all their instructions and get yourself into massive debt or lose all that cash you had saved up, what’s $500 going to do for you?  They will gladly give you that $500 since you’ve already giving them thousands of dollars.

This is a win-win for THEM.




Yes, Massive Online Paydays is a scam because they are misleading you into a very expensive hidden program which you would never join if you knew the truth from the beginning.

Massive Online Paydays is full of awful lies and trickery and will never reveal the truth of what you’ll be joining.

Products like this is disgusting and down right a scam.

The MOBE program itself is not a scam but a very expensive program with a very high failure rate and gets people into massive debt.

With everything I’ve revealed, you can probably tell I do NOT recommend Massive Online Paydays or MOBE.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Massive Online Paydays is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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