Is Rookie Profit System A Scam? Don’t Get TRICKED Into Debt!

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Is Rookie Profit System a scam?I’ve recently came across this product called Rookie Profit System and I was curious about it since you can make so much money.

Then, I thought, “Wait a minute, is Rookie Profit System a scam?”

Through my digging, I found out what this really is and I’m here to tell you all about it in my Rookie Profit System review below.

You’ll be astounded by the real system that is behind Rookie Profit System.  I really hope you have not joined yet because this can be a dangerous game for your wallet!


In my Rookie Profit System review, I will take you through the following:



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Rookie Profit System Logo

Product Name:  Rookie Profit System


Price: $49 + recurring fees + $1,000’s upsells

Owner: Affiliate of Hidden System

Recommended?  NO.

What this Rookie Profit System sells on their page is a 21 Step System that will make you thousands of dollars in commissions and everything is done-for-you.

They use one of their top affiliates in their video, Steven Bransfield, to show off what can be achieved with this hidden system.


Rookie Profit System Sales Page


I say “hidden” because Rookie Profit System is not the real product you are buying and, to me, that’s deceitful and unethical.

The 21 Step System includes training for you on how to promote their real system and everything is done for you because they have a sales team that will close your deals.

So if everything is done-for-you, then what are you really doing to make those thousands of dollars commissions?  SELLING, of course.

If you’re a beginner, as they are targeting with their “Rookie” title, you’ll be at a loss on how to do this selling.

You see, because they don’t really train you on how to build an online business that attracts its own organic free traffic, you’ll have to go out and go buy traffic to get leads.

This is the only way you can get real results with this system and it will cost a lot of money to do this.

A done-for-you sales page is not going to result you in any sales because it’s a static site and Google doesn’t rank sites like this so it’ll never be seen by anyone unless you promote it.

If you don’t know anything about paid traffic and getting leads for your done-for-you site, you’ll be spending a lot of money to do testing and optimizing ads.

This is just the beginning, there’s much more.




The real product behind Rookie Profit System is MOBE (My Online Business Education).

If you look at the Rookie Profit System’s Income Disclaimer, it shows that it is indeed MOBE.


Rookie Profit System Income Disclosure Shows MOBE


What’s the big deal about MOBE?

The big deal is that once you are in at $49, they will sell and market you high ticket memberships because that’s your path to earning those $1,250, $3,300, to $10,000 commissions.

You see, in order to earn those huge commissions, you need to buy in at those membership levels, like paying for a right to promote, which I never do by the way since most affiliate programs are free to join.

You can’t earn unless you buy-in or sell 5 of those memberships without earning anything to be “certified” for that level.

What do these membership levels cost?  Here they are:

  • Silver – $2,497 + $27/month
  • Gold – $4,997 + $64/month
  • Titanium – $9,997 + $121/month
  • Platinum – $16,667 +$198/month
  • Diamond – $29,997 + $297/month

YUP!  You can put a huge down payment on a house instead since you have to buy all levels to be at Diamond.

That totals almost $65K! (If only I can put an emoji here!)

Also, for Titanium level and up, they expect a bank wire transfer and if you try paying with credit card, they add a 3% charge to those numbers!

At those levels you can earn the thousands of dollar commissions they are talking about.  If you’re not at that level, you don’t get those commissions and they go up to your sponsor instead who is at that level.

On Rookie Profit System’s site, they claim they are not a MLM but they are because upline can earn your commissions and you can earn commissions from your downlines.


Rookie Profit System is a MLM


If you have someone you recruited and they upgrade to a level higher than you, you don’t get that commission, the sponsor above you gets it if they are at that higher level.

It’s only 2 tier deep, but still, it’s a MLM.  Don’t be fool by any of their sales pitch on the Rookie Profit System website.




I will have to say that Rookie Profit System is a scam because that is not what you’re really buying.

They are tricking you and not using the name MOBE at all in their sales video or in their checkout page.

Do you usually order something online and get a different product?!  NO.

You are actually buying into the MOBE system who teaches and sells these “sales funnels” they call them to their affiliates to deceit others into getting them into the MOBE system.


Rookie Profit System Is By Mobe Training


Why such a run around?

This is because you can find many people complaining online about the MOBE system, losing thousands of dollars and not make any money from it.

Less than 1% of all members are making those thousand dollar commissions and 95% of all members earn less than $100, as per their income disclosure.


Rookie Profit System Income Disclosure


Is MOBE a scam?  I wouldn’t call them a scam but they sure have unethical ways to do business and their program is super expensive!

For these reasons, I do NOT recommend any of these products.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Rookie Profit System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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8 thoughts on “Is Rookie Profit System A Scam? Don’t Get TRICKED Into Debt!”

    • Sorry to hear this Enrique! This is why I have my blog to help inform others of these types of programs and to tell them about more sound ways to make money online.

      Have you seen my free guide that can help you get on a real path of success? If you haven’t I highly recommend you do so you can learn the best way to make money online.

      Best of luck to you,

  1. You posted quite a few good points there and see how this program will not work for someone like me. I did a search on MOBE and found nearly all people will have the same opinion with your blog. Thanks for your info.


  2. Luckly Ive read your comment about this and actually I am about to sign In already but I google and find what is rookie systems..
    I thought I only need to pay $49 but actually it’s more than that….

    Pls I need your Guide as I really need extra money and looking for good online income

    • Me too Clarie, so glad you got to my review first before you signed up for Rookie Profit System. Get my Free Guide here, you will learn to build an online business that will create a good online income, you will also get me as your mentor too at no extra cost. 🙂

      Look forward to helping you out!

  3. Thank you for letting me know about MOBE in detail.
    I was very interested in Rookie Profit System and I was thinking of sign up.
    I have seen your blog and know that it will cost a lot than I thought.
    But there is one thing to be clear.
    There are 5 levels – silver, golden, titanium…
    I would like to know if I can make money on silver step (the first level).
    Or should I enroll the entire levels.
    How much does it cost if I buy traffic.
    Look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hi Kyan, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Remember if you pay for a level, you have to make that money back before you make a profit, so if you choose to join them and go into Silver, you will not make that money back right away because you have so much to learn about paid traffic. It will cost you hundreds or even thousands more to learn how to use paid traffic right. Also, why do you want to work for a company that tricks people into joining MOBE? You want to make money unethically like that?

      I do NOT recommend you joining MOBE as I’ve said in the review. Check out my free guide instead and build an honest online business where you can help tons of people in your own topic that you love!

      Good luck to you whatever you end up doing but MOBE is NOT a wise choice.



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