Is Smackdown Profits A Scam Or Can I Make $100/Day In 24 Hours?

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Is Smackdown Profits a scamWhat?! $100/day in 24 hours?!  Should I get excited or is Smackdown Profits just a scam?

I’m sure many newbies would be excited to see a product that offers such easy money in such a short time BUT sorry, don’t believe such hype!

In my Smackdown Profits review below, I will show you why this is just a lot of hype and whether this product can really bring you $100 days in your near future.

Cheap products are usually “you get what you pay for” types… so don’t expect too much.


Let me get started and show you the following:



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Smackdown Profits logo


Product Name: Smackdown Profits


Owners: Saul Maraney, Manny Hanif, and “Simple” Spencer

Price: $8.27 (as of this post) + Upsells

Recommended? No.

You are bombarded with high income claims at the top of Smackdown Profits’ sales page and getting that income very quickly too with little to no work.

They claim you can make $50-$100 per day within 24 hours with only 20 minutes of work.


Smackdown Profits sales page


It sounds super easy and you don’t even need a list, paid advertising, no tech skills, etc.

To anyone who’s just starting out, you may think this is the ticket to getting rich online but I can tell you right now that quick money on the internet doesn’t exist and any method that claims this is not sustainable for the long term.

By the way, do you even know what they are selling or what you’ll be doing to make $100 days?

Through all the hype you probably got all caught up and don’t even notice they don’t tell you what you’ll be doing or buying.

That’s what’s scary about these internet marketing products, you don’t get all the info before you buy which is not cool.

So, what is Smackdown Profits?  You wouldn’t freaking know until you’ve smackdown some money to them!

However, lucky for you, I have the inside scoop so let me tell you how it works!




Smackdown Profits New & Different Not


This “new and different” free traffic method is hardly new, ever heard of Facebook?  Yeah, I thought so.

When you buy Smackdown Profits on the front end, you will get is a PDF report that details out the whole system plus 5 training videos.


Smackdown Profits products


The method this product teaches is to help people in Facebook Groups and by doing so, you will give them an affiliate link to buy a product from that will help them.

If the person you are helping clicks on your link and buys that product, then you get to earn a commission.

This is how affiliate marketing works but doing affiliate marketing this way is complete wrong and I’ll tell you why a bit.

The income results they show you in the first video has to with selling their own products which as a newbie, you wouldn’t know how to do this.

As well, this training doesn’t teach you how to do it either.

Also, I feel this is skewing the results of the actual method being taught here which is posting affiliate links in Facebook Groups.

This method they are teaching you to go into FB Groups to help others and posting affiliate links is the worse way to use affiliate marketing because:

  • Facebook Group admins hardly allow you to do post affiliate links.
  • If you do so, you are likely to be banned from the group.
  • If you get banned a lot, you might even lose your FB account.
  • You’ll always be chasing to get this free traffic/sales.
  • You would need to join TONS of Facebook Groups to make the sales they claim.

They also offer other strategies like creating your own Facebook Group and other tidbits but the training is so light in this product that they don’t teach you HOW to do any of it.

Creating your own FB group if you’re brand new to all this will take you a very long time to get people to join your group because you will need to know:

  • How to build a FB Business Page to go with this.
  • What to offer people to entice them to join your group.
  • What to post in there to make people want to stay in your group.
  • How to grow a following on social media.

A lot of details that Smackdown Profits won’t go into to help you use any of the strategies they talk about.


Smackdown Profits quick easy riches 2


So, unless you’re an experience internet marketer, you’ll have a very slim chance of making those $100 – $200 days, and definitely NOT within your first 24 hours!




With any cheap products like this, they always have upsells because their main product is usually not good enough on its own.

The initial price is $7-$9 depending on when you buy it.


Smackdown Profits Price & Upsells


Once you buy it, they will hit you with three upsells:

  1. $27 – The Smackdown SUPLEX – Basically same thing as Facebook but the teaches you how to do it on Instagram.
  2. $47 – The $5k Smackdown – This case study shows how Manny (an expert at this) closes a $5K deal quickly and easily.
  3. $197 – 1-on-1 Coaching with Manny Hanif – Any product that requires you to PAY for support is not a good one because that means when you buy their main product and even their upsells, you will have no one to ask for support or help in implementing.  You’ll be all on your own trying to fumble through it all.




This product Smackdown Profit is not a scam although I don’t agree with any of their sales tactics on their sales page.

Nor do I agree that they don’t tell you what you’ll be learning on their sales page before you buy.

Even though not a scam, I still do not recommend this product because it lacks training plus that is not the best way to use the awesome affiliate marketing model.

The product is so light and comes with no support, any beginner will get lost in what they’re talking about and their results are skewed.

The owners also tell you their results are not typical and that they are exceptional, this is because they are experts in this field and have a reputation online already.

Smackdown Profits Income Disclaimer


If you’re new to making money online, you will need so much more than this product offers you.

Don’t fall for anything “easy”, “quick riches”, and “hardly any work” because you can’t build a sustainable long term business with those kinds of products.

Having said that, if you still want to try it, get it here, but I have a much safer path for you below.




If you want to earn money online, you need proper training and really learn how to build an online business.

To use the affiliate marketing business model properly, you need a website, there’s no way around this because, otherwise, you’ll always be chasing the money as seen in the above Facebook method.

If you build a proper website and learn how to use it properly, it will generate its own free organic traffic so the money comes to you instead.

That’s the difference between people who want quick riches and those who genuinely want to build an online business for the long term.

Once your site gets its own free organic traffic, it only keeps building on that traffic as you progress into the future, meaning, it’ll continue to get free organic traffic at an increased rate.

But that will only happen if:

  • You have proper, comprehensive, detailed training to show you how to build a site like that.
  • You put in the work that requires to build such a site.
  • You give your full commitment.

Making money online is learning a new skill and with anything new, it will “seem” hard at first… but with some awesome business tools and the great training, your learning will be easier than if you were to do this on your own.

I show you how this online business all works in my free guide here:

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In my guide, I show you how this affiliate marketing really works, why it works, and where you find the appropriate training & support you’ll need.


It’s true you will be helping others with your site and that’s the best way to use affiliate marketing.  I show you an example in my guide and how it’ll work.

The potential is huge if you have a website and use affiliate marketing.

You’ll be able to reach any financial goal ($100 days can be real if done properly) you set if you put in the real effort it takes which needs to be consistent and always pushing forward.

The support system I show you in my guide is really incredible too and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

You will be able to start your online business for FREE with what I show you so don’t waste anymore time on cheap products like Smackdown Profits and start learning really how to make money online!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Smackdown Profits is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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