Is My Home Job Search A Scam? OMG! Hell Yes! Be Careful!

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Is My Home Job Search A ScamSo glad you are here and researching if My Home Job Search is a scam because you are really saving your wallet here!

You are smart to look around first because there are so many scams around these days that sometimes it’s hard to know a scam from another.

Especially a site like this where they use the word “JOB” and make their website look all professional, you’d think this would be legit.

You are in for a big surprise folks, and my review below will reveal all their lies and smoke screens.


I will take you through the following:



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My Home Job Search Logo


Job Site: My Home Job Search


Owner: Michael Anderson

Price: Free – $29

Recommended? No.

This My Home Job Search site is supposed to provide you the service of finding jobs you can do from home, thus their name, My Home Job Search.


My Home Job Search Home Page


You would think their name says it all and they even explain that you can find jobs that pay $14 – $56 per hour so it all sounds legit so far right?

Then I saw something that was very weird for a job site, I looked at the bottom of their home page and saw this disclaimer that says:


The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.


My Home Job Search Disclaimer


I was like what?  That is very strange if you’re providing a job search service.

“What am I buying?  I didn’t come here to buy anything,” I thought.

Well this is because this is NOT a job search service.

Yup, you will be surprise to know that they have misused the word “JOB” in their name and are deceiving thousands of people.

There are in fact no jobs on their site and you will not find any jobs even if you upgrade.

I will show you all the deceiving ways in a sec but believe me when I say I’ve seen this BS before.

I just did a review yesterday on a similarly named site called My Home Job Connection that uses the same misleading tactics and these sites should really be shut down.


So What Is My Home Job Search Really Then?

It’s a site that is filled with “opportunities” for you to make money online but get this, all those opportunities are linked with affiliate links.

Meaning if you click on anything to sign up or buy, the site owner, Michael Anderson, will make a commission.

This is how affiliate marketing is being used unethically.  While affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model to use to make money online, people like Michael Anderson has surely used it in the worse way.

Lying to people that they will get jobs when there are NO JOBS to be found and then leading them to low quality survey sites to outright scam products.

That is a nasty way to do business.




How My Home Job Search works is by tricking you into thinking you are searching for jobs by asking you all these questions about how much you want to make, where you live, etc.

But that questionnaire is really for finding the right surveys to hit you with.

The site claims you can earn $100 on your first day doing surveys but that is a crock of lie too because you cannot possibly make $100 from surveys that pay out pennies to $2 – $3 an hour.

You also don’t usually get that many surveys to complete in a day for you to earn that much either.

They also have other opportunities to explore but I find that they are opportunities you can find on Google on your own and you really don’t need My Home Job Search for it.

They do have some decent recommendations like and but then they also have low quality crap like Paid Social Media Jobs where you’ll have to pay to see the “gigs” (again, not jobs) that are available.

You can read my full review of Paid Social Media Jobs here.



On top of all this, they have a lot of deceiving tactics to get you to join or upgrade.

Let’s take for example the owner Michael Anderson, this guy is not real and when you’re doing business and taking people’s money, you should not be hiding.

The picture they used for Michael Anderson is a total stock photo where you can find that same photo on hundreds of other sites.

You will see what I mean as I show you a few examples here:

My Home Job Search Fake Owner 4


This site here gives him a totally different name:

My Home Job Search Fake Owner 3


Here too, he’s Tony P. and loves this other “Fallen Leaf” site apparently:

My Home Job Search Fake Owner 2


It goes on and on as you can see that this picture is being used on pages and pages as seen on Google’s search results here:

My Home Job Search Fake Owner


Fake owner…so there must be Fake Testimonies too, yup and I found those as well.  Just take a look at these two examples where I can find them on a stock photo image site and another product as another testimony.

My Home Job Search Fake Testimonies 2


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony 4


My Home Job Search Fake Testimonies


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony 2


These testimonies are also on the other site I mentioned earlier, My Home Job Connection.  Both of these sites must be owned by the same person or people.


They even try to give social proof to this site but the truth is they don’t even have a Facebook page which I tried to search out so this is all fake and the buttons are totally fake because they don’t work (real ones do):

My Home Job Search Fake Social Media Proof


Of course they can’t go without adding some fake news with all this.

The fake news talks about “work at home in the news” which has nothing to do with them but they put it there to make you think THEY have been on the news.


My Home Job Search Fake News


The only way the news would be talking about My Home Job Search is to expose what a scam this is because there are no jobs on there to search for.


With all these tactics to mislead and deceive you, I just can’t trust a site like this.  There’s also no way I would pay a site that uses this kind of tactics.

God knows what they would do with my credit card information if I gave it to them.

I would advise you to keep yours in your wallet as well at this point.




Of course My Home Job Search is a scam, there are no jobs to search for or any jobs to be found at this site.

All the opportunities presented there are very low quality and even luring you in to get scammed.  This is so disgusting of them to do.

I don’t know why these sites are allowed to be operating but for me, this is the best I can do is to inform as many people as I can about these scammers.

These guys will also no doubt share and sell your information so you will be hit with lots of junk mail and sales calls if they have your email and phone number.

That’s another reason why I didn’t want to upgrade since you’ll have to give so much information to them.

This is truly a horrible way to do business and prey on innocent people who are really looking for legitimate actual jobs… jobs = being an employee of a company where you don’t have to pay for a job!

Because of all that I’ve uncovered, I highly do NOT recommend My Home Job Search and that you should never go on there again.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Home Job Search is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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