Is My Home Job Connection A Scam Or Can You Get A Home Job?

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Is My Home Job Connection a scam or does it have real jobs?You probably came across this job site My Home Job Connection and something prompted you to research if this is a scam or not, I’m so glad you did and that you’re here.

Looking for work from home these days is harder than ever because there are so many scams out there and with sites like My Home Job Connection, it’s even harder as they disguise themselves as job sites.

As I uncover the layers of lies on this site, I will show you that there’s definitely no jobs available here.


In the My Home Job Connection review below, you will find the following:



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My Home Job Connection Logo


Job Site: My Home Job Connection


Price: Free

Recommended? No.

The My Home Job Connection site looks all professionally done and actually looks like a legit site that will connect you to jobs that you can work from home.


My Home Job Connection home page


That’s exactly what the website name is called, right? “My Home Job Connection” should equal connecting us to home jobs, right?

If this is a site that will connect us to jobs, why would they have this weird disclaimer on the very bottom?

The disclaimer says:

The typical user of our website does not make any money using this system.


My Home Job Connection Disclaimer



Why would a job site have such a disclaimer when we should be connected to jobs that will pay us money.

That’s what jobs are right?  You earn money for performing the job role you apply for with a company and become an employee of that company, that’s what a job is, no?

Needless to say, I had to dig into this deeper.

What I found would shock you because as it turns out:

There are absolutely NO “JOBS” on My Home Job Connection.

My Home Job Connection is one of the worse scams I’ve seen to prey on people who are really looking for jobs online.

Instead of jobs, you are connected to low paying paid survey sites and scams, scams, and more scams.

The point of this site is to make the owners rich because anything you sign up for on this site, they will make money and get a commission for all actions you take.

This is exactly what My Home Job Connection is about and I’m glad I was able to tell you this before you go further with that site.

I hope you haven’t signed up for anything yet because there will be some offers on there that will make you pay and can get you into programs that will make you lose a lot of money.

Let me show you the rest of the ways My Home Job Connection will deceive and mislead you.




I will walk you through how they work to deceive from the outside, their home page, then how they lure you on the inside and how dangerous this site can be!



First, My Home Job Connection makes you think they are a legit site with social proof of having over 450K+ likes on their Facebook page but guess what?  That’s fake!


My Home Job Connection Fake Social Media proof


Those Like and Share buttons would work if they were real and I actually went on Facebook to search for their page and there isn’t one, no surprise there.


Secondly, they make you think they’ve been on the news with the caption “Working At Home in the News” – well, of course the subject of “working at home” has been in the news but they do this to make you think that THEY have been in the news.

My Home Job Connection Fake News


My Home Job Connection has certainly NOT been in the news.  If they were, it would be about exposing this filthy scam.


Thirdly, they make themselves look legit by having testimonies on their home page but guess what?  Yes, those are fake too.

I have found at least two of their testimonies as stock images and used on other sites as further testimonies as well.

Just see the examples here:


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony 3


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony 4


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony


My Home Job Connection Fake Testimony 2


If they had real members telling their real stories, they would say how ripped off they were and to stay away from this horrible site.


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Once you sign up, they will take you through your first step which is to make $100 in 24 hours… you may think cool, that’s awesome, I’ll take it.

My Home Job Connection Step 1 to Surveys


But what you are really led to are paid survey sites of Harris Poll, Survey Junkie and MySurvey:


My Home Job Connection Paid Surveys


Which I actually find Survey Junkie to be a scam because of the lack of payout and the shut down of accounts after members have earned money and they try to cash out.  Read my full review here of Survey Junkie.

Regardless which survey site you choose, you cannot earn $100 in 24 hours because you do not make a lot of money with surveys.

You will earn pennies to a few dollars if you’re lucky but you’ll spend so much time on them and to even get disqualify when you’ve already completed 90% of the survey.

Paid surveys are the biggest waste of time and you will not earn anywhere near minimum wage even.


So, if you didn’t like surveys, then the next step is to lure you more with this:


My Home Job Connection Step 2 opportunity makes $3K per week


You may think, dang, making over $3K a week, sign me up!

But be very careful, this actually leads you to a big scam called EZ Money Team!

Again, it’s one I’ve reviewed fully here if you want to take a look but basically you will pay $67 to learn how to spam the internet with your affiliate links.

Although affiliate marketing is one of the best business models you can use to make money online (and something I use everyday to make money), the way EZ Money Team teaches you is totally the wrong way to go about using it as well they will make it seem very easy.

The way they teach you will not earn you $3K+ a week, no way.  Especially when they give you done-for-you sites which you may have to upgrade to buy as well.

Done-for-you sees don’t get traffic on their own, so you’ll need to pay for traffic to make any money but that’s if you can pay for the right traffic.

If you pay for low quality traffic, you can end up losing a lot of money.

EZ Money Team will not teach you the right way to use affiliate marketing.


There are other scams and low quality products like EZ Money Team and Paid Social Media Jobs on My Home Job Connection and it’s endless.

If you sign up for anything or buy anything, the owners of this site will make money.  They will not care about you or what scams you will get yourself into.

That is why this is just a horrible site.




I really hate scams that use the word “job” because it’s certainly so deceiving to use that word when there’s nothing near a job on their site.

So, yes, My Home Job Connection is a big scam, you will not find any real jobs on there, and you might as well go to real job boards like and the like.

My Home Job Connection will not have jobs and they blatantly lie on their home page about these companies needing your help:


My Home Job Connection Fake Companies


Yeah, if they needed your help, you will find them on real job boards or at reputable recruiting companies.

There is nothing good about My Home Job Connection and I hope you haven’t falling for any of their deceiving sales tactics.

For obvious reasons, I do NOT recommend My Home Job Connection and hope you will not visit that site ever again.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Home Job Connection is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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