What Is Paid Social Media Jobs About & Can I Make $700+/Week?

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Paid Social Media Jobs LogoIf you’re looking to make money online and wondering what Paid Social Media Jobs is about then you’ve come to the right place.

I will uncover whether this is a good opportunity or not and whether this is worth your money!

With these types of programs, you really wonder if these are legitimate and if you can trust these sites.

How I will peel back the onion on Paid Social Media Jobs:



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Paid Social Media Jobs, found at paidsocialmediajobs.com, is a site that finds you social media jobs that pays so you can work online from home.

Seems easy on the forefront but then as I take a closer look, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.



A job is usually you being hired as an employee to work for an employer.  The “jobs” they list are for freelancers and contractors, no one is hiring for a permanent employee for their company.

Paid Social Media Jobs Listings

Therefore, these gigs (better term for these “jobs”) are short term or one-time projects, you are not going to find real jobs on their list nor long term employment.



Experts in social media.  If you think anyone can just apply for this jobs, as they claim, you will surely be disappointed because there’s no way that you can do some of the things the jobs asks you.

For example, do you know how to get 5,000 views for a YouTube video?  Or, get 2,000 new organic followers in a very short time?

Sure, there are simpler things to do like:

  • Post a tweet on Twitter
  • Set up a Facebook Page
  • Reply to comments on posts

However, the bigger jobs that actually pay more will need someone who actually does this full time for a living.  Not for someone who just want to start making money online from scratch.



Paid Social Media Jobs $27As of this post, it costs $27 to join.  I say as of this post because I’ve seen other websites saying they had higher pricing before.

This only means that this is not a good program to join if they need to lower their price to attract more people to join.

If this was a legitimate place and highly regarded, the membership cost should be going up as more and more people want to get in on it.



There is training available but it’s very weak and not enough to perform some of the more advanced jobs that are on the list.

There are definitely no training on how to perform those “jobs”.

If you have any questions, you are left on your own pretty much and you won’t be able to reach the owner of this site.




Paid Social Media Jobs 6 Months EarningsYes, if you’re a super robot or know how to make illegal software to get thousands of likes on Instagram or thousands of organic fans for Facebook Pages in a short amount of time!

You and me, we will NOT be able to make what the website claims we can make in a week.

There are several factors that prevent you from making $700+/week:

  • You’re not an expert.
  • It takes you at least a week just to land one of these gigs.
  • You will need to juggle 100+ gigs a week because the lower paying gigs that are doable by you and me are very low paying like $1-$10 a gig, you will need to do a lot of them to make $700+/week.
  • Time constraint – you won’t be able to handle that many gigs a week!

Is it possible to make $700+/week, yes, anything is possible!  However, at what cost (you need to sleep) and if you even have all the expertise to do it when nobody trains you HOW to do it!


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With programs like this, I always like to warn my readers what to look out for so they don’t get scammed.  I hate getting scammed and would hate for you to fall for them too.



Fiverr logoHave you ever applied to a job and had to pay to get the job?  Nope.

Sure you are paying them for their huge database of jobs (not really jobs as I explained earlier), but guess what?  You can access gigs like that for FREE on places like Fiverr.com!

There are tons of people (individuals and corporations) looking for people to manage their social media platforms because in this day and age, any business must have social media presence these days.

You can get the same information Paid Social Media Jobs are offering on free sites, so you don’t need to join this site to get access.



Their website says because I’m from the United States of America, I get a special 50% discount.  However, this is the same discount you get no matter which country you live at.

Paid Social Media Jobs Fake Discount

The banner will change as it detects where your location is from.  I’ve seen on other sites where this says other countries as well.



So many of these types of programs always boasts about how much you can for with little time.  This is because so many of you are hungry to make money in a short amount of time.

Paid Social Media Jobs PayPal

Therefore, they prey on people like you to make it look like you can make that much money, but look at the image above, who knows if the site owner just deposited that amount of money into that PayPal account.

Of course, they don’t show real transactions from the “jobs” they’ve completed that adds up to that amount.  Fake images and hyped up earnings are always a huge red flag.




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Not sure if there’s much to compare, and although Paid Social Media Jobs has training, it’s not even close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers!


As you can see, there’s really not much to compare here.  You should at least check out what Wealthy Affiliate is and learn how you can get started in building your own business today!

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Hope to see you on the inside!


If you have any questions on either of these programs, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below!



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