Is Commissionly A Scam? My Honest Review: Exposing The Truth

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Commissionly LogoThis is my honest review of Commissionly, exposing the truth to see if Commissionly is a scam or not so you can decide for yourself if this is right for you.

If you’re looking to make money online fast, well, this product sure preys on people like you!

They have all sorts of promises on how much you can make in 24 hours and if you think you can make money like that, you need to read on.

There is a big surprise to you or, if you’ve been following me, there will be no surprise at all.  Also, don’t let a cheap product lure you either, it’s cheap for a reason!

Here are the sections you can explore in this review:



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Commissionly - Make over $100 in HoursProduct: Commissionly

Product by: Billy Darr


Price: $6 + Upsells (of course)

This is a system that shows you how to turn $5 – $10 into $100+.  They will give you the exact system they apparently used to turn a small investment into over $100+ in just 32 minutes of work.

That is what they are selling, they are selling their method of how to make hundreds of dollars with just $10 or less investment and that you can get paid the same day.

You will get paid because any affiliate commissions you make, they will be deposited into your PayPal account right away.

They are promising you fast cash.  Sounds great right?  Read on.




My initial cost was $6.20, I think it was $5.95 when it launched a week ago, but now it’s gone up a bit.

If you try to leave the sales page, you will get a 28% discount right away.

Commissionly Wait Warning

If you try to leave again, they will give you the first training video free if you give them your precious email and opt into their mailing list.

Commissionly Free Video



When products are sold under $10, there are often upsells to get you to buy more since you already invested in this.

This program is the same as all other ones I’ve reviewed before and offers you multiple upsell opportunities as soon as you completed your initial $6 purchase.

Why they have upsells is because they never sell you the whole system upfront.

You will never make what they made with your initial $6 purchase.

So what are the upsells?

Commissionly Has 4 Upsells


You have, not 1, not 2 but 4 upsells:

  1. $17 – 10 done for you templates – you know what I think about “done-for-you” anything – NOT GOOD.
  2. $27 – More in-depth “advanced” training.
  3. $47 – You get access to a “ninja software” that will get you results 5x quicker and a license to their sales funnel to use as your own.
  4. $97 – You don’t even have to work with this upsell, Billy’s team will implement the whole Commissionly method for you.

Well after spending almost $100, you get to the fourth upsell that tells you you can just have them do it for you.  Lol




With your initial $6, you obviously don’t get enough to make as much as they made unless you buy all the upsells, or at least upsells 1 – 3 if you want to do it on your own.

Commissionly Products

However, what you do get is a video training program (low quality though) that shows you how to implement their method to make over $100 with a $4-$10 investment.

What is this investment for you may think?  Well, to buy traffic of course.  There’s no way you can build anything else that will get you traffic instantly, unless you pay for it.

You will also get one template that they used to make their $103.86.

You also an audio version of the training so you can listen on the go.

Lastly, you get 2 Q&A sessions with them to get any of your questions answered.  How long they are?  No one knows, but at least there is some support, better than none.


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Not RecommendedI guess I should answer the initial question I raised at the beginning of this post, is Commissionly a scam?

Besides the hyped up earnings that newbies can’t earn, no, it’s not a scam, because you are getting some video training with your $6.

However, will you be making money using this?  There’s a high probable chance that the answer is NO.  You know why?

Because buying traffic is a slippery slope.  You need to know how to optimize those ads and do A/B testing before you can get any ad campaign to be successful, while spending way more than $10 to do all this testing.

$5 – $10 investment is not a lot for ads, and they claim to have a “new” method to do ads, but I can tell you right now that any kind of low investment will bring you low quality traffic which will be hard to convert.

Then you’re also going to be using templates, anything done-for-you kind of templates are not going to generate their own traffic so you will need to buy traffic.

Done-for-you templates are awful because there’s no customization to brand yourself or stand out from all the other people who buys this product.

As a beginner, I don’t recommend this product and you will not make money within the timeframe they promised.




The truth about making money online is that there is no easy, fast way.  There are definitely proven ways to do it, but those ways take time.

Just because it’s online or on the internet, it doesn’t make it any easier or faster to make money.  There is no fast cash, if there was, everyone would already be doing it.



If you truly want to be creating yourself something that you can rely on and build a passive income with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend some great, quality training.

Building a website about a topic you love that you can truly call your own, it’s the best part of having an online business.

I’ve been having so much fun with this website that it’s not even work and I look forward to it everyday!

Building a website and making money from it, it’s the best path to making money online because you have so many ways to make money from it.  Read this post here to find the 9 ways you can monetize your blog with!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways, and one of the ways I really love.  The perfect place to get high quality training on how to build this website is at Wealthy Affiliate!

They have the following, all in ONE place:

  • 2 free websites to start
  • Secured web hosting is included
  • You can buy your own custom domain there too
  • Training – 2 main courses, weekly live webinar, 13 classrooms to learn from
  • Learn basics on how to build your website, monetizing it, writing your content, and learn how your content can bring you free traffic
  • Live chat for immediate help
  • Access to owners
  • so much more!

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Wealthy Affiliate never gives you hyped up earnings, it really all depends on how much work YOU put into your business.

They will never tell you how much you can make because there are so many variables and you need to be the one building this business.

However, some members are already making a full time income.  There are over 800,000 members and I’m one of them!  I will help you through your first dollar earned in this new venture you want to take!

It’s all up to you how much you want to make by the effort you put in.  That’s reality.  There’s hard work but there’s also high rewards!

There are only two membership options at Wealthy Affiliate: Starter (FREE) & Premium ($49/month or $359/year – huge savings!).

Obviously the free membership won’t get you everything you need, but with the Starter membership you can:

  • test drive some of the Premium features in the first 7 days,
  • access to the 2 free websites,
  • first level of the two main courses,
  • plus you can remain free as long as you want.

Once you get the Premium membership, all training opens up to you along with all Premium features.  I’m an annual member because I like having the cheapest plan!  Lol

The only other cost you may want to think about is getting your own domain, registering for a domain is never free anywhere you go but it’s super cheap, $13-$16/year.  It’s worth having your own domain so you can start branding yourself. 🙂

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You will find the community in there is super helpful and easy to get answers from if you are ever stuck.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside and help you make your first dollar online!


If you have any questions or thoughts about Commissionly or Wealthy Affiliate, just leave me a comment below and I’ll reply to you quickly!



Let’s make money online!

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