Is Mike Dee Rich Janitor A Scam? Outdated & Not Worth Your Money

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Is Mike Dee Rich Janitor A ScamThere’s this product called Rich Janitor that’s still in the internet marketing circuit from Mike Dee so if it’s lasted this long, could Rich Janitor still be a scam?

There are definitely mixed reviews about this product out on the internet so I will decipher for you what’s the real picture here for Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor.

Could this product still be relevant in 2017 or is it a product that needs to be retired?

In my honest Rich Janitor review below, I will uncover these truths:


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Rich Janitor Logo


Product Name: Rich Janitor


Owner: Mike Dee

Price: $27

Recommended? No.

Rich Janitor has actually been around for a long time since 2010 and names have changed since then too, Mike Dee used to be Mike Dougherty.

However, neither of these is the real owner, the domain is registered to a Ankur Patel so he may be the rightful owner behind the scenes.

I’ll just use Mike to make it easy.


Rich Janitor home page


I can see that their sales video has many scam warnings in it like a secret “proven trigger” that can “force money into your bank account”, really?!

If you can believe that, then unicorns do exist and I have one in my backyard.

He makes it seem very simple to make hundreds per day with hardly any work and you will just need to click a few buttons as you don’t even need a keyboard.


Rich Janitor Guru Hype


Here’s another play on you as well telling you that those “gurus” just hype up everything but then delivers nothing but a scam, while this is exactly what he is doing as well.

I just shake my head when I see these types of products with these sales videos that does nothing but contradict themselves.

Oh brother, he even says if you expect to be a millionaire overnight, then go somewhere else like he’s not intentionally hyping himself.

So what is Rich Janitor?  It’s a system that uses “money loopholes” that’s so simple and easy that it has gone under the radar of everyone.


Rich Janitor money loopholes


I’m so sure.

There are no secrets or loopholes on the internet – as soon as you can realize this, you will be less likely to get scammed.

He even go into a sob story about how he was a janitor who got fired and then scammed $8,500 from this recurring guru program.

His stories are very elaborate and then through his research he found this loophole, and another one, and another one.

Until he gets a software made and then that’s what he’s offering you, a software to copy other people’s content on the internet, modify it a bit, and put it on your own website.

Will this be the system that can save your family life too and make $6K a month?





Look if you are in dire need of money, go out and GET A JOB.  Do not try to make money online because the real way to make money online takes time and actual work effort.

There’s no such thing as secrets or loopholes on the internet that will earn you $5K+/month without doing any work.

So you will not make money with Rich Janitor because this software system he’s talking about is a totally outdated method of building an online business.

He thinks he can take other people’s content, spin the article by using that software and put it on your own website to make money with.

Nowadays, you can NOT get away with copied content, spun or not spun.  Google is very sophisticated and you cannot use spun content anymore.

Maybe back in 2010 when this product started it would work but not these days.  Your site will be penalized by Google and your site will not be seen by anyone!

Your site will be put on the blacklist and will never see the light of day.

Therefore because this method of making money is totally outdated, you will not be able to use it to make money online.




Because you are buying a software system, I would not call this a scam, but because I have seen so many people get up-sold and not being able to get refunds, I have to call Rich Janitor a scam after all.

Rich Janitor Testimonies


You will be pressured into upgrading or spend money on other things that you apparently “need” to make the thousands of dollars they talk about.

I’ve seen several people online pay way more than the $27 in the hundreds of dollars (there are like a $200 & $500 upsells) and not being able to get any money back.

Rich Janitor Testimonies 2


It seems hard to contact them as well if you want a refund so customer service is very grim.

For these reasons plus this method is totally outdated, I highly do NOT recommend Rich Janitor by Mike Dee at all.

Rich Janitor Testimonies 3




In today’s online world, you need to go with a program that always updates on the latest and greatest and Rich Janitor obviously doesn’t keep up with the times.

Building an online business today to a $5K/mo or a $10K/mo business is very possible but it requires actual work from your part, time, and dedication.

Building a business requires a lot of learning and taking action, the more work you put into it, the more results you’ll see.

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I suggest you stop looking for quick riches with scams and low quality products and finally use your precious time to build something worth your while.

This is your chance to really build for your future and for long term financial sustainability.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Mike Dee Rich Janitor is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



4 thoughts on “Is Mike Dee Rich Janitor A Scam? Outdated & Not Worth Your Money”

  1. I truelly believed him and I went further more to an extend that my children are suffering more and I’m devorced due the scam so that keeps on pitching on the internet.
    But he said he doesn’t need our money erepective of how much he spend to devolop the software. Really
    No he need $27 and he will subsidise $ $70. Really he is like them, my trust to him just vanished,


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