Is The Freedom Secret A Scam Or $10,000’s/Month System?

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is The Freedom Secret a scamI came across The Freedom Secret site today and thought right away that this is probably a scam because of all the high income hype.

They usually are when it comes to making money online and I’ve reviewed so many products in this field that I’ve pretty much seen it all.

Could one believe this hype on The Freedom Secret?  That’s what I’m here for to breakdown what this is really about and show you if you should join this system.

In my review of The Freedom secret below, I will go through the following:



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Program Name: The Freedom Secret


Price: $37 + monthly fees + up to $27,997

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No.

The Freedom Secret is a website with a sales video that claims you can make thousands of dollars a month right out of the gate and you can do this all on autopilot.

There are THREE red flags right there:

  • High Income Hype
  • Short Amount of Time
  • Little to No Work

These are typical red flags of scams to look out for that I pointed in this 11 Ways on How to Spot A Scam post.


The Freedom Secret Home Page Sales Video


Is there such a secret on the internet that you can earn that much money that fast without doing much work?

No, actually, there isn’t.

Sites like these do that to make you think you can so that you will join a program that is highly not good for beginners getting into making money online.

The Freedom Secret sales video also goes into making a sob story for you to relate to who had financial problems and now living in a mansion in just a year’s time.

They know how to push all your emotional buttons to make you feel you want that program but there’s a bigger truth you need to know.

You will need very deep pockets in such a program and of course in the sales video, they don’t tell you all this.

The Freedom Secret is therefore deceiving you into thinking you are going to buy a program that is super easy to make $10,000+ per month, just pouring money into your bank account, by doing hardly any work.

It’s no different than these other products I’ve reviewed that does the same thing:

There isn’t such a system I’m afraid and I will show you how The Freedom Secret really works.




How sites like The Freedom Secret work is by luring you with easy, fast money and then just giving you a small price to join like $37.

Once you’re in, you will go through some kind of mandatory training and you will get a “coach” to help you along but really the point of the “coach” is to get you to buy into their products.


The Freedom Secret is a funnel to Aspire


You see, The Freedom Secret is a cover up for a very expensive program called Aspire by Digital Altitude.

During your mandatory training that you must go through, you will have to pay more money to keep unlocking the training.

The training is pretty much geared to promote the same thing, recruiting other people to get into this program and you will make commissions on the fees and upgrades they pay.

In order to promote any of their products, you must BUY into them first for a right to sell.

I personally never join such programs because there are other ways to promote other people’s products without paying an arm and a leg which I’ll explain down below.



There are memberships and high ticket packages to buy:

Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month


Digital Altitude Products


The high end products are one-time payment:

  1. Base – $595
  2. Rise – $1,997
  3. Ascend – $9,997
  4. Peak – $16,997
  5. Apex – $27,997

You can only make commissions on the level you are on so if you start with being a Walker and you bring someone in who upgrades to Climber, you won’t be making that commission, it goes up to the next sponsor above you that is at the Climber level.

Same works for the high ticket packages, you will need to buy-in at all levels if you don’t want to miss any commissions.

That is exactly what the “coach” you get is for, to really make you fork out thousands of dollars to get you to the highest level so you can make tons of money.

This is also the part they say it’s automated – closing sales, something you won’t have to do when you bring in referrals.

These “coaches” will be the one doing that for you.  So the “coach” that’s trying to get you to buy things and upgrade is the “coach” that automatically close sales for your sponsor.

There will be a “coach” for you to close sales on your behalf when you bring in referrals.



Of course you can, but very hard.

First, if you go all in, you will have to invest $127/month plus over $57K – If you have this kind of cash laying around, you can probably buy property instead or make other investments that are way safer than this business.

Second, this business surrounds brining in leads, are you good at bringing in leads?  I see this kind of program to be successful for people who’s been in the internet marketing business for years who’s already built a big community of followers to promote this to.


The Freedom Secret Aspire has a very low Success Rate


Thirdly, the marketing material you’ll be given by them are the same ones everyone else is using so you’ll need to invest in paid traffic since no search engine will rank and show these types of template/one-page sites to anyone.

If you don’t have the cash, don’t know how to bring in leads, and have to use paid traffic, then this is a very risky business for you as you may go into a lot of debt and never make that money back.




I will also call sites like The Freedom Secret a scam because they don’t tell you all the details before you buy.  You are being tricked into buying something that is very hard to make money on.

You cannot make an educated decision if you don’t know all the facts about a program before you join.

I don’t believe that is a good way to do business and it’s totally not legitimate in my opinion.

Is the Aspire program that you get funneled to a scam?  Well, they sure act like it but they are not, because they have other products that can be sold to the public and structured in a way that they are not a scam.

However, I don’t like the way you have to pay to play, especially this kind of level of money that’s required.

You are also set up to fail in such a program when you’re a beginner because really, they don’t need to you to be successful because once they get your money, they don’t have to pay much attention to you.

Their support system is mainly to see you pay and upgrade.

There are many stories out there that people lose thousands of dollars in such high ticket programs because they don’t really teach you how to make that money back.

Their training is obviously not up to par and you’re left wondering how you’re going to bring the massive amount of leads that’s required to make that much money back.

Because of all of the above, I do NOT recommend you falling for the lies of The Freedom Secret and joining Aspire.




Instead of having to invest thousands of dollars into a system that doesn’t give much room to build an online business that you’re interested in building, you could be learning a much safer and less risky way to make money online.

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You will learn how this business works, why it works, and what is required of you to build such an online business.

Everything is covered in my free guide and I don’t leave anything out so you can see what you’ll be getting into and not be blinded with shiny objects.

This will be a real opportunity for you to learn how to build something that you’ll love to work on everyday as you can choose the topic of your online business.

You will also have business tools available to you that will make things easier plus a network of like minded people to help you in your journey.

I’ve been doing this since Sep ’16 and haven’t looked back since!

I hope you make the right decision for yourself.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The Freedom Secret is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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