Is Laptop Lifestyle Secret A Scam Or Make $1000’s A Week?

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is Laptop Lifestyle Secret a scamHave you come across Laptop Lifestyle Secret and wondering if you can make thousands with this system or is Laptop Lifestyle Secret a scam?

Glad you are wondering because you’ve landed on the right page to get all the details of whether this is really a secret or if it’s just feeding you a bunch of lies.

These types of sites never tell you the real program behind it or what’s really involved and just blind you by dangling big commission amounts in your face.

Well, that’s what my review of Laptop Lifestyle Secret is for, to uncover the truth so you can make a wiser decision.

In my Laptop Lifestyle Secret review, I will go through the following:



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Program Name: Laptop Lifestyle Secret


Price: $49

Owner: Hidden (Affiliate of Jeff Lerner)

Recommended? No.

The Laptop Lifestyle Secret is a website that uses a sales video to just pretty much tell you what you want to hear: make big thousands of dollars, very quickly with little to no work while everything is automated.

This site is designed to make you feel good enough to push you to buy into their program.


Laptop Lifestyle Secret home page sales video


It talks about an automated system that will close all your sales for you and all you have to do is send people to the website they provide you.

After you do that, you will get amounts in the thousands deposited into your account like this is the easiest system ever.

You will also get a millionaire mentor to guide you through which sounds all mighty exciting to anyone new in this business.

They keep concentrating on how much money you’re going to make, how ordinary people are turning into millionaires with their system, and how you’d be spending your new found income on luxury things or paying off bills you have.


Laptop Lifestyle Secret will make you a millionaire


You’re also led to believe you can make thousands of dollars in your first week while learning the entire system by the end of your first week too.  Hmm, does that even make sense?!

While not telling you or disclosing how much this system will really cost you or that the hardest part of this business will be you getting the leads.

Jeff Lerner’s affiliates make a few sites like this such as Profit Countdown and Lifestyle Design International.

In fact, this Laptop Lifestyle Secret forwards to the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle’s checkout page which I’ve undercover in another review post that it’s a super expensive program to join.

To me, that’s absolutely annoying that these affiliates can’t promote the real program as it is and they need to sell it under layers of fake sites and fake names.

I will show you how this whole thing works in the next section.




You may be surprised as to how this really works because Laptop Lifestyle Secret is not a system or anything they said in the sales video.

Laptop Lifestyle Secret is a “sales funnel”, some say, into another program but I call it a very misleading way to trick people into a program they probably would never would have joined if they knew the truth.

The underlying program is the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle since the Laptop Lifestyle Secret sales page forwards to the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle to buy “Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System” on there.


It’s super expensive.

Laptop Lifestyle Secret’s sales video gives you the other parts of this program which is you’ll get a coach to guide you, you’ll get a sales team to close your deals, and all you have to do is bring in leads to the landing page (one-page site) they give you.

But they fail to provide the rest of the program details which are the other costs associated with this program.

Before you can do anything after paying your initial $49, plus you’ll pay monthly fees as well as investing in high ticket offers.

The high ticket offers usually come in different levels and will cost you in the $1,000’s!

You won’t be able to make those high commissions they talk about in the sales video unless you buy these high ticket offers first as a “right to sell” or “licensing” fee.

You will also need to buy from all levels if you want to earn commissions from all of them that can total up to thousands of dollars in the 5 digits!

I never join these types of programs because they are ridiculously expensive and they work very similar to Aspire and MOBE.

That millionaire mentor you get?  This person’s job is to get you to upgrade as much as you can until you are at the highest level.


Laptop Lifestyle Secret millionaire mentor


They don’t even need to pay any attention to you after that because they already got your money!

Sure they will close sales for you, but do you know how to bring you thousands of leads that is required to make your money back and then make a profit?

Unless you’re an experienced internet marketer who’s been doing this for a long time and built a large following, I don’t know how you’ll be able to promote this successfully to actually make those thousands of dollars they talk about in the sales video.

Free methods to get leads are very limited (the ways they show you anyway) so that would mean you’ll need to use paid traffic to get leads.

Then, you’re also spending even more money on something you don’t know much about either and may lose more money from bad ads or non-converting campaigns because you don’t know how to get use paid traffic.

If you knew all this info in the beginning, would you join anyway?

I highly doubt it.


Laptop Lifestyle Secret Commissions


They also make it sound really easy to “just send people” to the website but it’s way harder than it sounds and you’re definitely not going to make thousands of dollars in your first 7 days into the program.




There are better ways to make sales funnels than just mislead people to join this kind of expensive program that they should have the knowledge of beforehand, so therefore, Laptop Lifestyle Secret is a scam, in my opinion.

You are basically being tricked and you don’t even know what program you’re really joining until you get on the checkout page.

I mean, the checkout page is not even Laptop Lifestyle Secret, it’s Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

Which is good for me because it’s easy then for me to figure these fake sites out so I can tell you about it.

But there are many people who will fall for this kind of ploy and will go into it blindly.  They won’t know they have to pay all these other costs and get themselves in to huge amounts of debt or loss in savings.

There are many stories about people losing thousands of dollars to programs like this, even one of my readers said she got into $15K debt chasing these shiny objects.

Is Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle a scam? Not really but I wouldn’t want to work with a program who teaches others to deceive and mislead people to join their program.

I find that very unethical and irresponsible.

I do NOT recommend you falling for the deception of Laptop Lifestyle Secret and joining Jeff Lerner’s system.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Laptop Lifestyle Secret is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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