Lifestyle Design International Review: Will They Scam You?

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Are High Ticket Programs Scams?At the request of their lawyers, my original Lifestyle Design International review has been removed.

Instead, this post is now about high ticket programs in general and what I think about them.  I believe what I have seen in my 2 years of reviewing hundreds of programs and systems will provide my readers some value.

After reading the truth about high ticket programs, you may want to think twice before you want to invest such a system.

It is definitely not all that cracked up to be, and you usually don’t know what you’re getting yourself into until you’re already on the inside.

That’s how they recruit people, you usually won’t know a lot about the program and in the follow sections I will show you what you would usually go through in a high ticket program:



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High ticket programs are ones where you could very much earn high commissions from.

The programs usually can earn you commissions in the thousands, 4 – 5 figures.

You are usually lured with the thought of having a life with no worries of financial programs because you’ll be making so much money.

You are shown how much money you could make with such system, the cars you’ll be driving, the houses you could be living in, and of course the jet setting vacations you could go on with your new found riches.

That is not all, you will be told all the back end will be done for you, and so many technical aspects of the system is done for you so you’re really getting an automated business.

You are also told you will not be doing any selling because they will give you their whole sales team to close sales for you all day long.

You will also be offered with coaches to make you think you are getting yourself into a mentorship program with the high ticket program but those coaches are the sales people that closes sales for the members who are already on the inside.

On top of it all, the most important information is always missing in their promotions and you’re not able to know everything about the program before you buy it.

What you think you’re buying is some system that costs anywhere from $37 – $97, it’s always under $100, but then once you get in, you find out there are TONS more to spend.




Ever since earlier this year, when the Federal Trades Commission (FTC) shut down two of the biggest high ticket programs out there, MOBE & Digital Altitude, high ticket programs are viewed as extremely risky investments to go into.

If the FTC sees high ticket programs as a program, then there’s really not much more proof you need to see  to stay away from high ticket programs, right?

You could click on the links I referenced above and see the comments in the MOBE thread especially, see how many thousands of dollars those members have lost.

It’s frightening.


High Ticket Programs Are Extremely Expensive

This is the part that most high ticket programs don’t tell you.  I’ve only seen about 3 (smaller) high ticket programs where you get to see the costs of these programs before you enter.

How they work is that when you buy in at the small fee of under $100, then you’ll go through a little bit of training and get to a point where you’ll have to talk to a coach.

The coach at that point is to basically tell you about the high ticket memberships or packages you could be buying to make the heavy big commissions.

These packages are usually digital marketing materials to live events and there are usually several levels you could buy at.

Each level will be priced anywhere from $25 – $30,000, depending on how high ticket of a program it is.

Some only go from $25 – $2,000 I’ve seen, then there are those who start at $1,000 and go all the way up to $30,000.

The point of these levels is that the more money you put in, the more money you could be making.  You need to buy in at the level you want to earn at.

Sometimes there are only 5 levels and you would need to buy them all if you don’t want to miss any commissions but that could run you about $40K – $65K I’ve seen.


You Have The Hardest Part Of A High Ticket Program

So you may think these systems are awesome because everything is done for you and all you gotta do is go out there and market.

But that is actually the hardest part of the system, the recruiting.

Most members of such system fail at this part because they need to recruit massively, not just asking friends and family.

In high ticket programs, you have to recruit thousands of people to find the little few that will also be crazy enough to invest like you did.

That’s another problem with such system, you’re not really creating any value but recruiting and recruiting so others can do the same thing and recruit some more.

Nobody is creating anything, selling any retail products, or have any outside sales other than the people who are going to be a member.

I digress, recruiting is going to be a huge part of this system and usually you are taught to use paid traffic to get the fastest results.

But, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be paying thousands more in advertising to test and figure out how to come up with a high converting campaign.


Not As Easy As You’re Pitched

The high ticket programs will always make you think it’s going to be so easy to earn those high commissions but the fact remains the opposite.

They will market to you like you only have to work 30 mins a day or an hour a day making you think this will be easy peasy, but if you’re going to be recruiting massively, you better find yourself some really good training on PPC.

They make you think you will have all this time to do everything else (like your hobbies, traveling, sitting by the pool) since your online business just runs on autopilot.

Making money online is not that easy guys, it takes some consistent hard work.




This is highly debatable.

Of course on the one hand you have the high ticket program owners who swear they are not a scam.

Then on the other hand you have FTC shutting down two of the biggest ones.

You can just draw your own conclusions here.

For me, in my opinion, I don’t like them, I don’t like the way they market to people as most of the time people have NO IDEA how much these really costs when they buy in at the low price, and it’s not necessary to spend so much money to start an online business, which makes it super risky.

I use a much more wallet-friendly business model.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether high ticket programs are a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



12 thoughts on “Lifestyle Design International Review: Will They Scam You?”

  1. Hi Grace,

    I should have done more researched. I now run across your information and I am running into exactly what you are talking about. I jot to step 6B and talked with my coach. After I hung up after that call in which they want me to pay $2,900 [removed] in which they will knock off $500 but you supposing get free $800 extras. The coach said I could get loan from my bank to pay this amount or they know a finance company where I can pay $244 for 16 months to borrow the $2,500. All of sudden I am getting funny vibes and something is telling me to go no further. When I canโ€™t shake something, I know itโ€™s my intuition telling me something is not write. I will be contacting them today to let them know I donโ€™t want to go no further. Thanks for the information.

    • Thank you Mimi for sharing your experience with all of us. Very brave of you and I’m so glad you went with your gut feeling and did some research! I really hope you will be able to stop the process and not put any more money into it.

      A very similar business structure of another program called Digital Altitude (Aspire) is being sued by the FTC for their business model which is very like [removed], so it’s only a matter of time that this will go down too.

      Run away! Have you checked out my free guide? You will learn the real way of making money online without the heavy price tag!

      Best of luck to you! Keep us updated on what you decide to do or what they said to you when you want to cancel.


  2. Hi Grace,
    I thank you for your review on LDI. I have been researching them for quite some time. Believe it or not the BBB gives them a B+ rating and your review is the first one I found that has called them for what they are. I will check out the system that you reccomend.

  3. Thanks for saving my time & money Grace. Upon reading your review with this company it saved me from upgrading to their monthly fees. Good thing I only spent $7.99 buying on their Entre Institute as it was a promo I don’t know what you call it but that’s how much I have paid.

    Yes I signed up under Entre Institute but when I watched the video for the coach/advisor they refer to me, that’s where I learned that they redirect me to the LifeStyle Design International.

    I even tried of researching reviews under Entre Institute name but I couldn’t find any on the internet.

    But when I found out LDI that’s when I got all the informations.


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