Is Teens Earn Cash a Scam? Beware Of This Site, See Why!

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IS Teens Earn Cash A SCAM? Beware of this site, see why!I have seen a lot of things on the internet but this is really ugly guys.  This Teens Earn Cash site targets obviously teens (as young as 13 years of age) and I feel it is absolutely horrific for them to scam kids because they will not know better.

Is Teens Earn Cash a scam?  This is the reason I am writing this post so you can be informed on why this is a scam.

In my Teens Earn Cash review below, I will show you how this site is very deceitful and promises nothing but lies.

If you’re a teen and have landed on my page, I applaud you for doing your homework before signing up for scams like this.  I will show you how to really make money online instead.


Let me take you through my Teens Earn Cash review like this:



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Teens Earn Cash logo


Program Name: Teens Earn Cash (aka TeenCash)


Owner: ?

Price: Free

Recommended? NO.

The site Teens Earn Cash tells kids they can earn up to $500 today when they sign up and all they have to do is either refer others to the site, download free apps, or fill out surveys.


Teens Earn Cash Home Page


You can earn $10 for every referral you get to sign up which sounds attractive and easy to do.

Also, you even get a $25 sign up bonus that you can tell others about.

They actually push you to do the referrals quite heavily because that’s where they make the most money.  I will explain this more below.

So can you really make up to $500 today?

Teens Earn Cash Lies of Ways of Earning


“Up to” is the key, yes I made money today, it was $25 just for signing up but can I make $500 today as they so prominently say on their home page to get you to sign up?

It would be a very hard task to earn the remaining $475, here’s why:

  1. If I just did referrals, I would need to refer another 48 people to earn $480.  Maybe you teens know a lot of people but for me, I don’t know that many people to ask to sign up and not everyone I ask will sign up so I would need to know at least double that amount of people to ask to sign up.  This is not going to happen because not everyone will even look at the email I send or answer me right away, so I may even have to ask triple the amount of people.  You see how this is getting more and more difficult to get referrals this way?
  2. I can download apps, but when I got into the dashboard, I don’t see any apps I can download and in fact, there’s no such menu.
  3. So, the only thing I can do on the site, I thought, was go to the “Survey Bank” and fill out surveys.  But when I went there, there’s a bunch of offers instead and there were zero surveys.  The offers looked like I can earn a lot of money though so I go and take one of those offers…. oh boy!

Not only I will not make $500 today, I being taken down a very deep funnel of ads, after ads, after ads!

I also did not make $25 because I’ll probably never see that money!  Keep reading to see why.




All this Teens Earn Cash site wants you to do is bring in referrals and then make you go through these advertisement offers because for every one of those you click on, they get a commission.

If you actually sign up for anything, they will make a larger commissions.


Teens Earn Cash Has No Real Surveys


You will not be earning anything from these “offers” and there’s certainly no surveys for you to fill out to earn from.

Also, these offers can be really tricky as well, you may sign up for free but because you need to give them all your info including credit card info, they will charge you after your trial period is over if you don’t cancel in time.

Many people don’t keep track of what offers they sign up for and so they end up being charged because they simply forget to cancel, this happens all the time.

The one offer I tried to go through kept taking me to different sites after answering some questions, and it doesn’t seem to end after going to like 6-7 different sites.

It kept asking me to do things, and then signing up for things I don’t want nor interested in.

I couldn’t go through with it, and no I didn’t provide any real info as I went through the process because if I did, I will be spammed like crazy.

These types of sites will take your info immediately and sell it to all their “partners” and you’ll receive a large amount of junk email, junk mail and sales calls.

This is how this Teen Earns Cash site really makes money.

YOU, on the other hand, will have a very hard time seeing any money from them because they have a very unusually high payout amount of $125.


Teens Earn Cash Payout $125


This is the highest payout amount I’ve ever seen on a site like this and I’ve reviewed a lot of survey sites which usually have a payout minimum of $10-$25.

This means to me that Teens Earn Cash doesn’t have any intention to pay you because they don’t have anything on their site that can earn that kind of money for you.

Your best chance of earning enough to cash out would be to get referrals but soon you’ll run out of people to ask to join and they don’t teach you any other way to get more referrals.

I actually know how to get more referrals but I refuse to use my referral link for this site and give them more people to make money from because they are so unethical here.




Let’s look at how deceitful this Teens Earn Cash site is.


On the front page, they say you can make up to $500 today – this is highly not possible but anything is possible so I’ll give this one as a “hyped” up claim.

Teens Earn Cash Fake News


But then it says, “as seen on The Huffington Post” – no linking to what was seen on Huffington Post, so I search on Google “Huffington Post +” and I get nothing.

Of course, if you didn’t search the actual domain like I did, you will probably get some story on Huffington Post about teens earning cash… so this is just being deceitful here and a pure lie that the news outlet actually reported on them directly.


LIE #2) “..downloading free apps, and complete free surveys”

There is absolutely nothing for you to download or surveys to do when you sign up and log in there.

Even where the menu says “Survey Bank”, those are not paid surveys and this is not a real site that provides this kind of service.

Teens Earn Cash Menu


Those are offers on the “Survey Bank” page and where the rabbit hole starts.  Do not click on any of those!!

If you want legitimate sites that offer real activity based opportunities to earn, I have a compiled a list here.



No, they haven’t.

Teens Earn Cash Lie of starting in 2008

The domain has been created and bought just this year in March.

You can look this info up on any site that offers a “WHOIS” search and this is what I found below on this site:

Teens Earn Cash Created on Mar 2017



So since their site hasn’t even been up and running until March of 2017, then they sure cannot have teens making money from their site since 2012 like “Brooke Matia” is saying:

Teens Earn Cash Fake Testimonies


LIE#5) “Learn tips on getting massive traffic to your link.”

When they told me I couldn’t cash out till I have $125 in my account, there’s a tip on the bottom of that saying I can learn tips on getting massive traffic to my link.

Teens Earn Cash Learn Tips is a lie

So I click on the link in “tips” to see what I can learn and that link goes nowhere:

Teens Earn Cash Learn Tips goes nowhere

This is so typical, they are not in the business of helping you make money!



So, above, I had found out that the payout amount was $125 because I was trying to get my $25 sign up bonus paid out.

It also said that I only need to refer 10 people to get my money paid out (10 x $10 = $100 + sign up bonus = $125)… hmm, not so quick.

I was checking out their Terms & Conditions, the payout amount is actually even HIGHER than that at $150 and that amount is affiliate income only, meaning coming from referrals.


Teens Earn Cash Terms & Conditions Affiliate Income $150


If you can’t read that, it says:

Payments only begin once you’ve earned more than $150 in affiliate income.  If your affiliate account never crosses the $150 threshold, your commissions will not be realized or paid.  We are only responsible for paying accounts that have crossed the $150 threshold.

I find it funny, and not surprised quite frankly, that there is no talk about any other types of income in their Terms & Conditions which confirms what I was saying earlier that you can’t make any money on this site from those “offers” found on the Survey Banks page or make money any other way but referring people to this site.




Total ScamABSOLUTELY.  Teens Earn Cash (or TeenCash) is a scam, do not join them and I highly do NOT recommend this site.

Not only there is no other ways of making money on there except referring people, they are making money off of you as they take you down the deep funnel of advertisement offers.

You will not make money from this and if you do, you will have a very hard time getting that money paid out because they have no intention of paying anything out.

In their Terms & Conditions, they also have many clauses that talk about how they can deny you of any earnings or shut down your account if they find any fault in the way you were getting referrals so they can basically say anything about you to shut you down.

It is so disheartening seeing a site like this targeting teens.

This is why I keep exposing these scammers so the word gets out and hopefully our kids can be saved from malicious sites like this.




The internet is vast and full of opportunities but you must be very careful when trying to find the right program to learn how to make money online.

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If you are under the age of 16, I would highly suggest you talk to your parents first before joining ANY program on the internet.

There may be tricks and scams that you don’t know about and I would hate for you to give your personal information to the wrong people.

Building an online business though with your parents’ help will be a great way for you to start learning how making money online works and how you can use this business model I talk about in my guide to make money from it.

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You can do the same thing but in the topic you love!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Teens Earn Cash is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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