How To Create Online Course For Free: What To Know!

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How To Create Online Courses for Free- What To KnowEverybody knows something and you can teach what you know to the ones who don’t know by learning how to create an online course for free from me.

I’m going to teach you some things about how to create your online courses for free and show you some things you might need that aren’t so free.

However, I can show you tips on how to get most stuff for free so that you can get started right away.

In this post, I will go over the following:




An online course is a training or lessons around a topic that someone can learn about on the internet.

It’s convenient for someone to learn online because they are do it from anywhere with an internet connection, at the same time, the teacher can teach so many more people than holding classes in a traditional classroom setting.

When I say “teacher” you don’t really have to be a real teacher per se, we are all teachers in our own capacity.

The online world has given us a wealth of opportunity to earn a living and teaching others something you know is a great way to do that.

There are great benefits to online courses because you can usually go through the course multiple times to learn and reach massive amount of people you wouldn’t otherwise in the offline world.

There’s only one of you, but you can be shared to potentially billions of people as there are 3.75 billion people online these days and that number is only growing.





Literally, anyone who can learn how to make a video or write instructions can make an online course.

It would be easier to learn if you had proper training on how to create one, but with so much information on the internet, anyone can learn with enough research.

If you don’t want to do the research, you can get a training course like Passive Profits Breakthrough and let the experts put all the information together for you so you can learn at one spot.

As long as you know how to do something, there will be someone out there on the internet that will not know how to do it.

The more popular that thing you know how to do that others don’t will determine how much you can make from it.

So, as long as you know how to read, you can learn how to create online courses.




The best kind of online course is creating a video or video series.

This may sound hard to do but it’s easier for the students to learn from because of the visual aspect from it.

You will also sell more if your online course is in video form.



So the best thing you can do for online courses is to make videos, you can make the video course with equipment you already have like a smartphone, camera, camcorder, web cam, or laptop camera.

The device that can take videos with should be something you already have so that’s definitely free.

If you don’t have one, a cheap but high quality webcam that I’ve been using is the Logitech HD Pro C920.

I love this web cam because not only the quality is HD, the sound is very crisp and clear which is important in creating these online courses.

It’s got over 8,000 reviews on Amazon, so check it out here.




Now if you want to record your computer or laptop screen to show someone how to do something, I really love using Screencast-O-Matic because it’s super easy to use and you can get started pretty quickly.

They also have a bunch of tutorials as well to learn how to use their app so it’s very convenient and easy to learn.

Screen-O-Matic has a free option as well as a paid option.  The paid option is so little that it’s well worth the $15 per year.  The free version does a good job but the paid option offers more editing options which you may want for your online course.

If you want to use the cheap paid version, here’s 20% off if you want to sign up here!



The other thing you may need is a microphone, sound is very important for these video online courses and you may or may not get your online course approved if you don’t have good sound.

You may have a web cam that doesn’t record sound and may have to get a separate microphone so moral of the story is to get a web cam like the one I suggested above that records beautiful sound as well.

There are different types of headsets you can use, a stand alone microphone, or a headset with a microphone, or a little one that just attaches to your shirt.

Whatever you need, you can find one that fits you here.




Thank goodness there are already well established online course platforms for you to sell your online courses on.

Each one platform will have different requirements of your course so you should check out the different platforms before you get started so that you can create your online course correctly the first time around.

One very popular online course platform is called Udemy, you will probably run into more rules and more stringent guidelines here because of it’s popularity.  For example, you may need at least 3 videos in your online course vs only 1 video on a different platform.

You will need to learn how to price them your course as well.  To do that, search on these online course platforms to see how much something similar to your topic is selling for.

This will give you a good idea how to price yours, you will also get some ideas on how to make yours better if you can see any descriptions of the ones already on there.

There are a few more platforms to use and strategies for each which is all explained in the Passive Profits Breakthrough training which will help you so much.




I know the title of this course is about how to create online courses for free but you know what?  Free can only get you so far.

If you’re going to make money from your online courses, you need to spend the money on some things so you can have the right tools to make it look more professional which will equal more sales and money for you.

You will make that money back as well if you just invest what’s necessary and not buy extra things you don’t really need.

If you want to make money from online courses, then it means you will make more than one course, so it’s worth buying the right equipment or spending on good training that you teach you the right way to go.


How To Earn Money Online - laptop on floor


People who take this seriously and make it a business upload a video course on a daily basis, this is the way they can generate a big online income.

You won’t be making too much if you just create one or a few courses.  If you want to make a good income like a few hundred or a few thousand a month, you need to make a lot of courses.

It’s very do-able, it just takes time to build and create these online courses.

If you are going to do it for a business, you should really pay the $9 and get this Passive Profits Breakthrough and learn from the experts who do this for a living.

The price will go up to $12.95 eventually if you don’t it soon which is well worth it because it gives you the online course platforms to use, the strategies for each one and so many more tips.  There are 19 lessons in total, buy the Passive Profits Breakthrough here.




All I know is that if you’re trying to make money with your online courses, you will have some cost to it, as you will be building a business.

The costs are nothing when you think about what you can learn so you can do things right instead of wasting a bunch of time and effort on trial & error or using free tools that doesn’t work too well.

There’s nothing like working with good business tools for the things you need to do so if you can scrape up $100 and do this right, you can really build a nice business for yourself creating online courses!

I hope this has helped you and if you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always answer my awesome readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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