Is Profit Countdown A Scam? Very Dangerous, Turn The Other Way!

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Is Profit Countdown A ScamHave you seen Profit Countdown and wondering if Profit Countdown is a scam?  You are good to research before you buy, at least I hope you haven’t bought in.

The sales video on Profit Countdown is very catchy and makes it sound like making thousands of dollars online is a piece of cake.

Even more attractive is that Profit Countdown claims they do all the work for you, everything is automated and you can make thousands in a very short time.

All you have to spend is “four hours a week” to make thousands of dollars a month!  Easy fast money right?!

NOPE.  If it sounds too damn good to be true…. it sure is!

Real online businesses that make that thousands of dollars a month takes real hard work, lots of time to build up, consistent learning, and full commitment.  If you’re interested in building a real online business, read my free guide here.

Below, I will not only show you how deceitful this Profit Countdown is, but you will also find that if you’re not careful, you can get yourself into thousands of dollars in debt.


In my Profit Countdown review, I will show you the following:



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Product Name: Profit Countdown


Owner: Hidden (Affiliate of Jeff Lerner)

Price: $49 + $39/month + $1,000’s of upsells

Recommended? No.

Like the a lot of products in this industry, Profit Countdown uses a very tempting sales video showing you fancy houses, fancy vacations, and testimonies making thousands of dollars in the first 30 days with hardly any work.


Profit Countdown - $8900


Luring your emotions on feeling what it would be like to be financially free in such a short time.

Don’t buy into this kind of hype and “shiny object” because this is a total smoke screen for some other extremely expensive program called Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle.

You may wonder why someone would hide this fact and put up such a front to trick you into buying a product that is totally different.

Would you buy any other product like that?  Would you like going to the store to buy a box of cookies just to find out it’s a totally different product inside?

Not cool.

They do this because there’s been a lot of unsuccessful members that had joined the real program and they don’t want you to know the truth.

You will find lots of people spending thousands and getting themselves into debt for years without making much money.  See how one of my readers did similar things and spent over $15K.


Profit Countdown - Avoid Shiny Objects


You have to be very careful with products like these and doing extra research will help you very much to avoid them.




The real product works like this, you will spend $49 for the initial payment then you’ll pay a monthly fee to use their system.

Then they will tell you will you need to buy very expensive high ticket offers so you can make those big commissions they boasted about in their sales video.

The high ticket offers will run you in the thousands of dollars and you’re buying them for the “right to sell” or a licensing fee.

So before you earn anything you have paid $49, a monthly fee, plus you’ll be investing thousands of your savings into high end products that may have some value for you.

It doesn’t stop there, the investments you make into this program can cost as much as a down payment on a house!

That’s usually because there are different levels and if you want to earn from each level, you’ll need to buy-in at all levels.

Most people don’t have $100 to spend, never mind $1000’s, I know I don’t have that kind of money to through at a program who doesn’t even tell me the true cost from the get-go.


Profit Countdown - Coach


They say they give you a coach, guess what that coach is really for?  Get you to buy and upgrade to the next levels!

They are not interested in you building your business, they just need you to BUY.

As long as you buy, they make money.


Profit Countdown - Hyped Up Income Claims


They don’t even need you to make any money or care if you ever make money from your new business.

This is how they make their money and how their business works, they are NOT in the business of helping people build their online business.




Sure yes, Profit Countdown is a scam because it’s a smoke screen to trick you into buying something that is totally different.

Never buy something that you don’t know what it’s about.  Don’t fall for “magic systems” or “automated systems” because there is no such thing.


Profit Countdown - Jeff's 6 Figure Business System


You will notice that on the Profit Countdown site, you will go to a check out page that is selling Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, and not the Profit Countdown system.

Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System is basically the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and you’ll only make big money if you spend big money.

Profit Countdown is just a front for a very expensive program that will pressure you to go into heavy debt so they can make those thousands of dollars they talk about in the sales videos, not you.

You will not make much money in such a program because you will not get full training or help/support to build your online business.

Their business is to get you to buy into the higher and higher levels, they are not in a business of helping you build yours.

This program is especially not recommended for beginners because there will be so many things to know about building an online business that they don’t really offer comprehensive training for.

7 days of training is far from enough training to build a long lasting online business for a beginner, it also doesn’t allow you to train at your own pace.

You will also not be trained to build an online business suited for YOU because all their training is geared towards promoting Jeff Lerner’s system.

You’ll be basically trying to sell to other people the same thing you are doing yourself which is getting people into a very expensive program that is not likely to make any money from.

If you were more of a guru in the internet marketing business with a huge email list, then you may have a better chance in such a program.

But as a beginner, I have a much better and safer path for you to take.




I know from experience as a beginner myself back just over a year ago, I wanted to find something that I can safely learn how to build a real online business.

I was so tired of all the BS that was out there that give false hopes and promises.

Thumbs UpI was also scammed into learning unethical ways to make money online (basically scamming other people, no thank you) which I was terribly not interested in.

I wanted to build an honest online business which I’ve seen so many do, I wanted one of those awesome businesses.

In Sept 2016, I finally found it!

I was SO happy when I did find it because I knew right away that this was it!  It had all the training I needed, all the business tools I needed, and more importantly, I had all the support I needed!

Real support, people that actually care about you building your online business and helping you to do just that!

In my free guide, I show you everything about this place, how the business model works, why it works, and where you can start building your online business for FREE:

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I hope you will check it out as it will bring you so much clarity on how to build a real online business that actually helps other people.

There will be no selling needed in such a business model and I explain why that is in my guide.

You will be able to build your online business in a topic of your choice that you’re passionate about and will be happy to work on for months and years to come.

You will be building an asset that can generate a substantial income in the future with consistent hard work.

I say “future” because Rome was not built in a day and online businesses are no different.  Sorry, no overnight riches here.

Expect to be building something for your future, something you can depend on to quit your day job one day or build your retirement fund.

You will be building a passive income stream far into the future.

It’s your decision and I hope you make the right one for yourself.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Profit Countdown is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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