Is Push Button System A Scam Or Can You Make $20K In 3 Hrs?

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Is Push Button System a scamWhat a system! Can you really make $20K in 3 hours or is Push Button System a scam? Could this be true and that easy to make that much money online?

Boy, the sales video for Push Button System is almost comical because their income claims are so ridiculous.

But, at the same time, not that funny considering some people will believe their BS and lies and will order this scam.

If there was one button to push to make us millionaires, this would have been on the news long time ago.  There’s no magic on the internet!


In my Push Button System review, I will show you the following:



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Push Button System LOGO


Product Name: Push Button System


Owner: Jay Brown

Price: $67

Recommended? NOPE.

Have you come across this Push Button System and think, “Wow! I can be a millionaire in no time!”


Push Button System Sales video


The sales video for this is pretty elaborate and shows how one can make over $7K-$8K just seconds after pushing a button.

This was shown with some guy Jay met in the park who was skeptical about this Push Button System and then shows him how it all works.


Push Button System LIES


So many testimonies in their sales video are making obscene amounts of money with this system and one must wonder could I really make that much money from doing ZERO WORK?!

It’s a dream I’m sure everyone would want to come true.

Wouldn’t all our financial problems will be gone?

Live the life we want to live, do what we want to do, and not have a worry in the world?

That’s what these types of products want you to feel.  They want you to imagine the life you would live if you just buy their system which promises all that.

But seriously, if there was such a system, don’t you think this would go to the highest bidder in the millions, even billions, instead of just costing us $67?!

These scam products exists because everyone wants to make money fast and quick.

So they make products that prey on people who are desperate for that money.

But guys, this is the internet, not a magical place.

There is no such thing as a Push Button System.

Hate to break that to you.




All the Push Button System wants to do is take your $67 and take that from as many people as possible.

Within some time, they will close it and then come up with another scam product to take more money from people like you who are searching for a REAL product to earn money online.

The Push Button System is not real and I can guarantee you will not make the kind of money they boast about in the sales video.

You will pay them $67 to get a BS system that will not work with a push of a button.  There’s no such thing, the internet doesn’t work that way.


Push Button System - Push Button Is NOT Real


There are real ways to make money online but NOT with one push of a button and NOT without real work.



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They say they give you a 60 day money back guarantee but guess what?  They will not give you anything.  They will not answer your emails, they will not pick up the phone.

If they happen to answer, they will give you all the run around and you will never see your money again.

The only thing real about the Push Button System is the scammers behind this site and I doubt is a guy named Jay Brown.


Push Button System Jay Brown


The other thing that is real is their disclaimer at the bottom of their web page which says:

The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.

How could this be when they said you can make thousands of dollars within minutes of pushing this one button??

It goes on saying this as well:

The video above is a sensationalistic view of potential earnings…

I would say it’s way over the top and way more than a “sensationalistic view” – man, it’s damn right ridiculous and obscene.


Push Button System Disclaimer


That sentence continues to say:

…setup and maintenance of the system is required…

But in the video, he said that setup and maintenance is already done, it was clear in the video that there is no setup required and all we had to do is push one button because everything is already done.

And of course like all scam type products, their testimonies are fake:

Testimonials included in this video sales letter are paid actors…

So many of these products use fake testimonies because no real results would be even close that the amounts shown in the sales video.


Push Button System Fakes Testimonials


They hire actors from freelancing sites like and get these testimonials recorded for these scam products.

Nothing about Push Button System is real except the part where they take your money if you give them your credit card info.

Don’t do it!




Of course Push Button System is a scam, there’s no doubt about it.

Once they get your money and info, they will say bye bye.

Except that they may spam you with other scam products or sell your info to other scam artists.

Beware of these types of products and look for the signs like the ones in this product plus these other ways I’ve mentioned here.

Just so you know there are other “push button” systems like Push Button Profits that I reviewed not that long ago here which also turns out not be a push button system.

This is because there’s no such thing as a magical button to push and you get money.

Making money online takes REAL work and REAL time to build, it’s not different than making money offline.

If you can remember that, you can spot a scam from a mile away.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Push Button System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! ๐Ÿ™‚


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



14 thoughts on “Is Push Button System A Scam Or Can You Make $20K In 3 Hrs?”

  1. Hi Grace, I am currently using this Push Button System and going through the steps in their videos to get started. Have you done the same to see if the websites they teach you to build will actually work and result in any income? I can’t even complete the first website to get it to work properly. Can you let me know please? Thank you for taking the time to read this. Jan

    • Hi Jan, Have you not read my review above? I said in my review that there’s no such thing as a push button system and that their websites are useless. I know this without going in there to set it up myself because I have seen this in previous products and I know how websites work so I’m not wasting my time on scams like this Push Button System. Websites do NOT work the way they say and they take a LOT more work to generate income… I know this because this is what I do everyday.

      I’m sorry you were sucked into this program, I would suggest that you try to get your money back but they don’t usually answer you so not sure if you’ll see your money.

      Put your money and work effort into something that WORKS! Read my free guide now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Good luck to you,

    • How can I start doing this I tried to put my credit card number and put 67.00to get started but they keep on denying me all the time

  2. I signed up for this system and so u are telling me that I will not make money from this
    Damn so I waste money on this system that I thought was really well I have to find something else
    That make me money and I need. Something fast case I’m trying to make more money then my brother in bitcoin case that is not going anywhere I my opinion and I went to make good money and a lot of it

    • Well, since you’ve signed up, I suggest you try your best and let us know how your experience is. I really don’t think you will make the kind of money they tell you but you can proof me wrong. It’s not easy to make money “fast” on the internet. There are proven ways to make money like I explained in my guide here but the Internet doesn’t bring you money any faster than you trying to earn it offline.

      Best of luck to you & Hope you keep us updated,

    • Hi they sent me text about push button scam thing but of course everything is faked and who is the stupid person can make 20k in just 3 hours?! Lols I make my 28k in my 9m since I work live in job and that’s real and real hard work but payed too much taxes lols that’s why I search everything online specially review’s. Thanks for the site ‘coz PTB is a totally scam!

  3. I’ve seen things like this often enough. master writing jobs, a thing that would supposedly pay you a bunch of money to send emails, and something else I gave my email to that repeatedly emails my spam folder telling me if I just gie them some outrageous amount of money I will immediately get weekly checks. hich is why their emails ended up in my spam folder.

    • Yes I agree with you Kayla, all those types of programs are not very good when it’s trying to sell you a big ticket item at the end. Stay away from systems like that and they often offer hardly any worthy training to help you in your journey.

      Instead, you can find a real true way to making money online like I have, I show you how here, check it out.

      I wish you best of luck in your online journey. Stay away from things that don’t make sense or make you feel good.

      I will be there to help you if you join me.

      Talk soon,

  4. is this real that anyone can earn money online?
    is this real then give me hint how it works and how i can earn money in easy way?

    • No, Abdul, as I was saying in the review above, this is not a real way to make money online. As well, there’s no easy ways to make money online, making money online takes hard work and skills.

      You can gain those skills by getting the right training for the method you want to use to make money with. I have a free training to start you with here:

      Best to you,


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