Is Push Button Profits A Scam? Hidden Is Traffic Authority, See The Truth!

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Is Push Button Profits A Scam?Do you believe you can be rich with just a push of a button?   That’s what the program Push Button Profits want you to think!  Is Push Button Profits a scam or is this the real deal?

My Push Button Profits review below will reveal all the truth to you!

If you want the short version, yes it’s a scam, and you should stay FAR away from this.

If you ever hear: “Automated“, “Easy Money“, “Lots of Quick Money With No Work” – turn the other way as these are the signs of a scam.

If you don’t, you can end up losing thousands of dollars like one of my readers did here!

Don’t be scammed!


As with anything in life, anything worth having including making lots of money online requires hard work, learning, dedication, persistence and commitment.

If you’re interesting in putting in those requirements to build your online business then stop wasting your precious time, skip this scam review and go straight to my #1 recommended way to make money online:

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Those that are still curious then read on to my Push Button Profits review in the following sections:




Push Button Profits Logo

Product Name: Push Button Profits


Price: $47/mo or $144/mo + Traffic packages in the $1,000’s

Recommended? NO WAY.

So in my deep research, I found out Push Button Profits is not even a product or program.

It’s just an affiliate page to funnel you through to Traffic Authority which is the real program behind Push Button Profits.

Push Button Profits is really nothing but a smoke screen, selling you the dream of making huge stacks of cash without doing any work.


Push Button Profits Earning $1000's


Anyone falling for it will end up losing more money than they’ll ever make in this program and I will show you this below.

So everything that I’ll show you below will be about Traffic Authority since that’s what the product really is.

What is Push Button Profits?  Nothing but a mask.




Firstly, I’d like to mention how outrageously expensive this program is.

The membership it offers doesn’t even have everything you need to build an online business with.

So buying their membership won’t give you any “push button profits” that’s for sure.


Membership Options:

Push Button Profits Traffic Optimizer

1) Traffic Optimizer – $47/month, includes:

  • Traffic Link creator
  • Lead capture page builder
  • Traffic Rotator
  • and more business tools
  • Resell rights – Earn $16 per referral


Push Button Profits Traffic Academy2) Traffic Academy – $144/month, includes:

  • Everything in Optimizer
  • Traffic secrets from experts
  • Resell rights  – Earn $40 per referral


If you buy the Traffic Optimizer and your referral buys Traffic Academy, you earn nothing.  You need to buy into that level.

Any program that makes you buy into a level before you can earn money from it is a total scam.

Usually affiliate programs are FREE to join.  You don’t need to pay Amazon anything to promote any of their products on their site.

I never join any affiliate programs that make me pay or join at whatever level to be able to promote it.

It gets better.


Traffic Packages

Everyone who wants to make money online needs traffic (people to visit your site).  Without traffic, you can’t make any money.

This program tells you to buy ridiculously expensive traffic like these:

Basic $220 Clicks 170 to 190

Bronze $440 Clicks 350 to 380

Silver $660 Clicks 510 to 570

Gold $1,097 Clicks 850 to 950

Platinum $2,197 Clicks 1,700 to 1,900

Titanium $4,297 Clicks 3,400 to 3,800

Diamond $8,397 Clicks 8,100 to 8,400


This is the worse thing I’ve ever seen.  Not only the traffic is super expensive, but you have no idea where these people are from.

They say “clicks” you’re buying but do you even know if these are real people clicking or are they sending you bots?

Traffic Authority who’s selling these traffic packages don’t tell you where the clicks are from USA or India.

The clicks can also be from people totally uninterested in your site and are PAID to click on it.

Yes there is such a thing, at Fusion Cash, you can earn money clicking on ads, it’s called Paid To Click.

So Traffic Authority may buy clicks from a place like this by placing ads on this type of site so these people can click on your site.

You will make no money from such a traffic source because these people have no interest in your product which is to promote Traffic Authority.

You will just waste thousands of dollars on these useless clicks.

I highly recommend you don’t use their traffic packages because it’s so risky and you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on nothing!




This clearly doesn’t work because there is no real training in this program to show you how to build a sound online business to promote.

All they are interested in is you recruiting people to also become members.

They make it sound so awesome that you will even earn from your downline (people who your direct referrals recruit) but you will see no real earnings because no one will buy into such an expensive program.

You will see no real conversions from any traffic you buy from them.

This type of MLM is very close to a pyramid scheme as they concentrate on recruiting people instead of selling products to consumers.

Push Button Profits MLM Pyramid scheme

As such, pyramid schemes never lasts that long and will eventually fold, especially when the government catches on what they’re doing.




I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole.

Push Button Profits is a total scam because that’s what Traffic Authority is.


Push Button Profits Testimonies 2


You’ll be at a total loss and paying for a membership that is a total sham because you should be able to promote the products without having to buy into them.

The “reseller rights” are B.S. and their sales video is full of lies about how much you can make from this scam.


Push Button Profits Testimonies


You will not learn anything worth anywhere close to the money you’ll be paying into this program and you won’t be any closer to making any money online.

You are also buying things that comes with no training for you to learn how to use them.

These people are not interested in teaching you how to make money online, they are interested in just taking your monthly payments, your expensive traffic buys, and sending you garbage traffic that makes you no money.

I suggest you stay away from this program and save your money.

Put your money into a REAL training program that actually teaches you something real which leads into my next section.




Stop falling for the quick riches, fast money with no work.

There’s no such thing!

If you really want to learn the right way to making money online, you need to know that you must learn a new skill.

You must invest time and money into educating yourself how to do it right.

I know there are many scams out there ready to take your money and it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s not.

This is why I am here and want to show you the right way as I have finally found a SAFE place where you can really learn how to build an online business.

A safe place where you can learn how to generate your own free, highly targeted, organic traffic to your website, without spending a penny on traffic.

A safe place where you can learn how to build a real online business that will help others in a topic that you are passionate about and love to work on everyday.

A safe place where you will get lots of help from a huge community of like minded people.

A safe place where you can even start learning for FREE and see if you like it before you commit to anything.

I can explain everything about this safe place in my free guide on how to make money online:

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Be done with scams and use my free guide to show you the right path to building an online business.

You will not regret checking it out.

The guide will show you how it works, why it works, what you’ll need, where you can get started for free.

I will also be personally available to you as well for any help you need as well as the network of support.

You will finally be able to learn how to make money online the right way!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Push Button Profits is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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