Is My Residual Profit A Scam? My Honest Review, Save Yourself $25!

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Is My Residual Profit A Scam?I’ve seen a lot of shady programs and My Residual Profit is another one of those.

Is My Residual Profit A Scam?

You will see below in my honest review that will show you what’s up with this My Residual Profit program and if it’s worth your time joining.

Sometimes, no matter how small the fee seems, money is not the only thing you waste when it comes to programs like this.

You forget you will also waste a lot of time and energy on something that will get you nowhere or find out that you’ve been scammed.

I’m glad you’re reading this so I can save you money, time and energy from this nonsense.


Here is how I’ll go through this My Residual Profit review:



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My Residual Profit logo

Product Name: My Residual Profit


Price: $25

Recommended? No.

This program has the worse business model to use for making money online.

Basically, when you join My Residual Profit, you are getting access to a system that tricks people into thinking you are actually selling a program: Processing Emails for $25 each.


My Residual Profit home page


In reality, what you’re actually doing is recruiting members into the program.

There is no product to sell.

You’re just selling the idea of an email program but all you’re doing is sending out info when someone joins and pays you $25.

It’s the same info you’ll get when you join and pay $25.

You’re basically paying $25 to scam people into thinking they are actually joining a program to just process emails.

It’s not, you’re paying $25 to get some pre-written ads so you can spam it all over the internet in hopes to recruit more people.

That’s where the real work comes in and I’ll explain more in the next section.




The instructions on their website seems so easy to follow:

My Residual Profit Instructions How It Works


These instructions sound like you’ll just get emails sent to you automatically, right?  Because it sure doesn’t say how the emails come to you.

That’s the trick part.

There’s actually a bunch of steps before “Step 1” – there’s a LOT of work to be done before you even see “Step 1”!

But, of course, they don’t tell you this.

Let’s see what else they tell you:

My Residual Profit How To Get Started


Oh wait, I have to pay first?  That wasn’t in the Steps above.

So I guess I’ll only need about 20 minutes to process emails everyday huh?  WRONG!

This is what you’ll be doing with your 20 minutes a day:

My Residual Profit What You'll Be Doing


So you’ll be spamming your ads all over the internet and trick other people into thinking this is an email processing thing but in fact it’s a recruiting thing.

When someone clicks on your ad and pays the $25, THEN you “process the email” to send them the same materials you received when you signed up.

What are you really selling or promoting?  A non-existing, invisible club you’re joining to get some pre-written ads so you can get other people to join and pay you $25 and do the same thing?

This is one of the worse scams ever.


Where’s the $1,000’s of Dollars You Guaranteed?

This kind of business model, if you can even call it a business model, is so shady it’s not even funny.

How do you sell something like this to your friends and family?

You’re supposed to post this on Facebook so what will you tell them?

This is an email processing bogus business?

Once you run out of places to spam, you’ll have no more leads.  Also, if you spam too much on sites or social media, you’ll get banned.

They only teach you how to spam, so you won’t know how else to market in other ways unless you have a marketing background.

Or, if you know how to build your own traffic generating website, which I’m sure you don’t.

The one page website they give you will get you nowhere because this type of website won’t get ranked in Google so no one will ever see it.

I know this because this is what I do, what I’ve learned when building my online business.

My Residual Profit’s training is so poor, you won’t know how to really build an online business but I guess you get what you pay for.

In the end, why you won’t make much money is because this is no way to do business: offering no value to anyone and tricking people into a nonbusiness.

You’ll be lucky if you get any referrals posting classified ads like the way they are teaching you.




In my books, My Residual Profit is a scam because it doesn’t have a sustainable business model as well they are tricking people into thinking all they do is email processing to earn the $25 when the real effort is recruiting other people to this.

You also get no refunds if you don’t like this product, they say it in their refund policy.

Meaning they have no trust in their own system because they very much know it’s a freaking scam.

Moreover, programs that throw around the word guaranteed when it comes to how much you can make is a sure sign of a scam.

The huge “Get paid up to $750 a day! GUARANTEED!” is total B.S. because in their disclaimer, you will see no such thing.

My Residual Profit up to $750 a day guaranteed


Here is their disclaimer which states in several paragraphs that no money or earnings are a guarantee:

My Residual Profit No Guarantees

My Residual Profit No Guarantees 2


They didn’t even change the very last part of the disclaimer to reflect the real company behind this scam.

Talk about shady.

They also have no business using this news video on their website as it has nothing to do with My Residual Profit, but they want to make it seem like this news is talking about them.

My Residual Profit fake news video


Scams always tout about what huge income you’ll make with just a few minutes a day and this is no different:

My Residual Profit $7500 a month


They even give you a calculator to see how much you can make but you know what, it’ll be impossible to get that many recruitments from the way you are spamming all over the internet!

My Residual Profit calculator


I highly don’t recommend My Residual Profit and I hope you would want to build an honest online business instead of tricking people into paying you $25.




If you have any dignity and morals, you will look for a better path to do business.

There is a real way to make money online that actually provides value to people, that actually helps people.

When you build such a business, you don’t need to go out to post ads or recruit people, people come to you!

If you’re willing to learn how to build such an honest business that is long lasting and sustainable, then I offer you my free guide which will explain everything about this honest business model:

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You will finally learn the real path to making money online that can generate an income that will really impact your life.

However, this is not for everyone as it takes hard work, consistency, patience, and persistence.

If you can give that kind of commitment to your online business, you’ll be very successful at it.

I’ve been using this model to make money online everyday and haven’t looked back!

It’s the safest way to learn how to make money online, you’ll never be scammed again.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Residual Profit is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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