Is NiceQuest A Scam? Here’s Your Invitation To Join NiceQuest!

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Is NiceQuest a scamNiceQuest is the latest and greatest survey site so I did some research to find out if NiceQuest is a scam or could this survey site really be the best one out there?

My NiceQuest review below will tell you more about what I found and how their survey site works but there’s one thing I want to point out.

One very peculiar thing about this survey site is that it’s invitation only!

Yes, you can’t just go to their website and join, you need to be invited to their program.

Lucky for you, I’ve got your invite but you must be and do something if you accept my invitation below:

  1. You must be from the USA.
  2. You must be 18 years or older.
  3. You must confirm your email address by clicking on the “Confirm Account button they send you right after you sign up.

If you qualify for 1 & 2 and will do 3, then CLICK HERE FOR YOUR INVITE!

NiceQuest is Invite only


You also earn 40 points for doing #3 as well, so it’s a win-win!

If you don’t qualify, then I’m sorry, I won’t be able to invite you but if you read the rest of my review, I have other options for you to try.


Let me take you through my NiceQuest review like this:



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NiceQuest logo

Product Name:  NiceQuest

Website:  GO HERE (This is your invitation.)

Price: Free

Recommended? No.

Another reason this NiceQuest stands out is because this is only for surveys, there is no other way of earning anything on there but surveys.

Most survey sites have other ways to make money but not this one, you just have the one survey thing to do on here.


How Does It Work?

After you sign up and confirm your email address, you will earn 40 Shells.

NiceQuest 40 Shells at sign up

Shells is their point system which you can earn when you fill out surveys.

When you’ve collected enough Shells, you can redeem them for gift cards or physical products from their online store.

The lowest gift card to redeem will use 45 Shells for a $5 Fandango Movie Tickets, other $5 gift cards like Toys R Us or Brookstone will cost you 60 Shells.

NiceQuest Gift Cards

Gift cards go up to 215 Shells for a $20 Amazon gift card.

For physical products, Electronics start at 75 Shells for a smart phone case for example but they have many categories to choose from.

This part is pretty cool in that there are so many choices to choose from for physical products: Children’s, Home, Home Appliances, Pet, Leisure, experiences, etc.

You can also redeem your points by giving to a charity or entering for a monthly draw for an expensive prize.

NiceQuest Drawing

These are the only ways to redeem your Shells on this platform, you have no cash options.


The Surveys

You will earn Shells for surveys you complete but you don’t know what you’ll earn until you have completed the survey.

That’s a bummer, who would want to spend all that time filling out surveys when you don’t know what you’re going to get?

If you don’t qualify for the survey, which is very common to happen with survey sites, they guarantee you’ll still get your Shells.

However, you won’t know if that’s a discounted number of Shells or not since you don’t know what you were supposed to get in the first place.

When there are surveys available to you, you will be notified by email or on their app which is available on both iOS and Android.

You are supposed to expect 2-3 surveys a month but have heard people experiencing only 1 per month.




Let’s take a look at the overall likes and dislikes of NiceQuest, in my opinion:


  • Lots of prize choices to choose from.
  • 40 Shells upon sign up.



  • No cash option, everyone wants to make money, not points.
  • Only way to earn points is surveys, most other sites have multiple ways to earn.
  • Only 2-3 surveys a month, that’s nothing!  How are you supposed to earn enough points to redeem anything?!
NiceQuest hardly any surveys


  • You don’t know what the survey is worth before you start – this is totally lame not to know how much time and how many Shells you’ll earn for it.
  • You don’t get the same products shown on site –  I’ve seen people complain about not getting the same brand or quality of product.
NiceQuest testimony


  • Products mysteriously out of stock when it was in stock at the time of redemption.
  • Not very well organized – People complained about products being shipped to a totally different address in a different state!
  • No referral program for you to make extra money with.

The biggest disappointment is you only get 2-3 surveys a month, that is nothing!

NiceQuest 1 survey per month

Some even say they didn’t even get that many, like only ONE a month!  How are you supposed to earn any points this way?!




After reviewing NiceQuest, I can say that it’s not a scam but because of all the dislikes I have about it, I can’t recommend this as a good survey site for you.

You’re better off with either Swagbucks (full review here) or Clixsense (full review here) if you are still wanting to do surveys as they have much better options and but have cash options.

In fact, Clixsense is cash only while Swagbucks has a point system which can convert to cash.  Both also have multiple ways to earn, not just surveys.

You can sign up for those here:

SwagbucksSign Up Here

ClixsenseSign Up Here

However, with either option, you won’t be earning much as these types of sites do not generate you more than pocket change.




If you are interested in making more than pocket change, I urge you to take some time to learn something new.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether NiceQuest is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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