$500 Cash Club Review: Scam? Yes! Copy? Yes! Funnel? Yes!

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is $500 Cash Club a scam?If you’ve ever come across this product called $500 Cash Club and wondering if it’s a scam, your alarm bells are correct, $500 Cash Club is a scam.

In My $500 Cash Club review, I will show you what this really is and show you how dangerous this product can be.

It’s a shame I have to write this post and it saddens me that these products are allowed to be on the internet space as many innocent people fall for it and they end up losing thousands of dollars like my reader did here.

People are really greedy and deceptive on the internet, the best I can do is keep writing these posts so more people can find them and educate themselves with these scams.


In this $500 Cash Club review, I will go over the following:



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$500 Cash Club Logo

Product Name: $500 Cash Club

Website: 500cashclub.com

Owner: Fake

Price: $97 + Upsells in the $1,000’s

Recommended? No, No, No.

$500 Cash Club is set up to make people think they can make thousands of dollars very easily and quickly without doing much work at all.

They also promise and even guarantees that if you don’t make any money in the first 30 days from following their system, you will be paid $500.

They market you an automated system that can generate $125K a month and show you all sorts of “proof” of the system working.


Countdown To Profits $125K per month automated


They have testimonies in the video telling you how they’ve made thousands of dollars, even one couple earning $70,000 in their 4th month.

Guys, if it sounds too good to be true, it SURE IS!

Making money online is real and can be learned but not the way these guys are telling it to you.

Also this is just all smoke in your face, they want to sell you the dream and make you want it badly.  That’s why you don’t even know what you’re really buying.

You’re just buying a “system” that “cranks out cash”…. really?  I can set up a website and video like that and you’ll give me $97 for it?

Come on, it’s not as easy as it sounds to make money online, especially when they don’t offer you sound advice and sound training.

I will go through everything and show you this is all a scam and how you should stay far from this system.




I can first tell you that it’s not a $500 cash club, it has nothing to do with a club or getting that money.

You will never see that $500 because they have a clause that you have follow their instructions exactly and, believe me, it’ll be hard to do so.  More on this later.

What’s really behind the smoke is that this is the exact set up as Countdown To Profits which I reviewed not long ago.

I mean, look at the fake owner on both sites:

$500 Cash Club Fake Owner

$500 Cash Club Fake Owner 2


And same $500 lure that you’ll never get:

$500 Cash Club Same as another site

$500 Cash Club Same as another site 2


Where Do They Funnel To?

These are both funnels to the real program called Aspire or Digital Altitude which I had reviewed already awhile back.

It is an extremely expensive program that sells very high ticket level memberships.

You also can’t make any money on promoting the levels above you unless you yourself also invests in those membership levels.

Not only the memberships are thousands of dollars, you will have an extremely hard time selling these types of memberships.

When I said earlier that you won’t get the $500 if you don’t make any money in the first 30 days is because of these huge costs that they make you pay.

Part of their instructions is for you to pour a lot of money into their system as well as paying for the right to sell their products.

If you know anything about affiliate programs, usually they are free to join.  You can join Amazon Associates for free and start promoting any of their products for free.

At Aspire, it’s different, you have to pay to have the right to promote, and that’s just not right.

Then, they make you pay for thousands of dollars for membership levels before you can make any money from selling those.

You will find full details of their program here so I won’t be repeating myself in this review.




Before you buy into anything, you gotta learn how to look for these signs that the program is either a scam or very low quality.

If you are not aware, then you could end up like one of my readers who lost over $15,000 by spending on products like this.

The very first thing you need to notice is the boasting of huge profits in a very short amount of time with hardly any work or automated.

This is the number lure for products like this and gives people an obscure thinking that they can make lots of money quickly on the internet and without any work.

This $500 is also a big sign that this is a scam, no one is going to just give away $500 just for watching a video.

It’s not that simple, quick, and easy to make money on the internet.

There are many more red flags to $500 Cash Club and you can read them all at Countdown To Profits since they are the exact websites.

I have also put together the 11 Ways On How To Avoid Scams Online so you can learn those and be in better shape to spot them in the future.




There is literally a sea of scams on the internet so how will you find a good program to join?

This is why I’m here, I want to show you that there is still hope and that you CAN build an online business that will generate you thousands of dollars a month.

BUT, it takes learning, hard work, time, and consistent dedication to your online business to build something so awesome.

You are not going to make so much money very quickly, no, it doesn’t work that way, your online business takes time to build.

Along with what you can bring to the table, you will need sound guidance and education.

We don’t just get out of bed in the morning and know how to build an online business.  I mean, isn’t that why you search out products to buy?

But finding the right guidance and path is the tricky part but I’ve found it and I want to share it all to you:

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I hope you will enjoy reading my guide and you will have my full support if you decide to join me.



If you have any questions or thoughts on whether $500 Cash Club is a scam, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to you!  🙂


Let’s make money online!

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