Is Affiliate Millionaire Club A Scam? Oh My! Come See The LIES!

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Is Affiliate Millionaire Club A Scam? Oh My! Come See The Lies!I’m looking at this old program called Affiliate Millionaire Club and it looks like it’s gotten a facelift in 2017 so I thought I’d give it another look to see if Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam still.

As it turns out, it’s still very much a scam and with all the trickier it has, I am forced to inform my readers to really stay far away from this program.

The amount of lies in their sales video is absolutely atrocious and the program itself gives affiliate marketing a very bad name.

In my Affiliate Millionaire Club review, I will set the record straight and let you know once and for all what this program really is.

Don’t be fooled by this and lose your hard earned money!  The 60 day guarantee does nothing for you either, so put your wallets away and take a look at what the truth is in Affiliate Millionaire Club!


Here’s how I will breakdown my Affiliate Millionaire Club review:



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Affiliate Millionaire Club Logo

Product Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club

Owner: Mo

Price: $47/Per Month + upsells

Recommended? Absolutely NOT.

This Affiliate Millionaire Club offers you with a very attractive offer, giving you an automated money making website that is already making money while you’re watching the video.

The only problem with that is that it’s not real.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Auto Website Not Real


You see, there are no websites that can just generate you money automatically.  It doesn’t work that way.

Also, how is your account created when you haven’t created one?  Hmm.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Home pageThe program promises that all  you have to do is just set up your account with just 5 minutes of work, and you’ll be making thousands of dollars a day.

I hate to break it to you but websites don’t work this way and there’s no magic formula to create a “money making” machine like that.

If there was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it already?

Everything about this program is a lie and I will prove it to you in the section below.

The bottom line is that they can’t just give you a one page website and think that it will just generate money for you without doing any work.

It just doesn’t work that way and they are not teaching you anything in the process either.

Companies like this is just out to get your credit card and once you join, you will have no luck getting your subscription to stop.

The 60 Day Guarantee doesn’t do you any good either as no one will respond to you as I’ve seen real testimonies below.

Save yourself, and walk away from this product.




You won’t make any money with this program because this kind of secret system doesn’t exist and the websites you’ll be given will be cookie cutter, outdated looking sites that will not generate any income.

Why it won’t generate any income is because they will be giving the same websites to everyone that signs up and because everyone has the same website, it won’t rank on any search engines.

Nowadays, to be in front of billions of internet surfers on the first page of Google, you need to provide real and genuine value to other people.

Not only that, you need to keep continually providing useful content on your website for at least a few months before Google even gives you a look.

I know this because this is what I do, I have learned how to use this website to my advantage and have used the affiliate marketing business model to make money for me.

I can tell you how the whole process works right here in my free guide.

Affiliate Millionaire Club giving you a standard website that automatically makes money is a complete lie because there is work involved, there is time involved, and he’s no better than all the other scammers I’ve reviewed.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Scammer Himself


Let’s take a look at all their lies next because he does exactly what he said he hated in the sales video.




I will show the lies first, then I’ll show you some truths I found.

Lie #1) Limited Availability

This is a classic scarcity sales tactic to say there’s only 8 more spots available and it will drop down to 2 spots left to make it real, but I can go back and refresh the website and it’ll be 8 more spots available again.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Limited availability


You can go back anytime on that site and it’ll always be 8 slots still available.  Don’t trust it, many scam products use this same tactic.


Lie #2) Fake Video Testimonies

The first two video testimonies how they made so much money already with only 5 minutes of work as promised are just lies.

I found those actors on an outsourcing site called where you can hire just about anyone to do anything on there.

Here’s the first one:


Here’s another one, and in fact, this guy also did a testimony for Copy My Cashflow as well:


Lie #3) Fake Proof of Income

This Mo guy continues to deceive you with other fake proof of income when these people are just stock images you can get from stock image sites.

You can see there are 6 of pages of search results of this guy’s stock image on Google I found for this one:

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 2


And here’s another one, which is even worse with 10 page results:

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 3

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 6


Lie #4) Fake Email

As Mo’s video goes on, you will see he received an email from “Chad” which should be his real name since it came from an email supposedly but then I found out he’s actually someone else, Roger:

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 4

Affiliate Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 5


Lie #5) Hyped Up Income

Whenever products show you really fast “earnings” in a very short time without doing much work, this is sure sign that this is a scam.

I’ve highlighted this in my 11 Ways On How To Avoid Scams Online post to help others weed out the scams.

Affiliate Millionaire Club Auto Website


So, Mo claiming your money making website has generated over $4,000 in the 10 minutes that you’ve been watching that video is a complete lie!

Unfortunately for some, they won’t find out this is a lie until they pay and get into their account and see that there is no money there waiting for them.

I know this because I found some REAL testimonies on the internet in my research about this product and shown below under “The Only Truth”.


Lie #6) 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

You could say bye-bye to your money once you hand over your credit card to these types of scams.

You will not hear from them and you won’t be able to contact them in any way, shape or form as confirmed by real testimonies below.


THE ONLY TRUTH – Real Testimonies

The real testimonies I’ve found all talks about how they can’t contact them for a refund and having absolutely no response.

Both emails and telephone calls won’t work either, and one even being told that he doesn’t have a right to contact them anymore?!  WOW!

Affiliate Millionaire Club Real Testimonials


Albert Fletcher above calling them outright scammers and still can’t get any refund out of them, calling them thieves.

Here’s another one I found:

Affiliate Millionaire Club Real Testimonials 2


Alan Hastie confirms that there are no commissions to be earned by those “automatic money making” websites and of course, no response when trying to contact them.


Is Affiliate Millionaire Club A Scam?

This Affiliate Millionaire Club is a big scam, stay far away from it!

You will never get your money back.

You will not make any money.




Why I made this website is to help others find a safe place to really learn how to make money online because I have found it!

My heart hangs heavy every time I have to write about another scam on the internet but it also offers me an opportunity to show someone else the right path to take and point them in right direction.

Believe me, I’ve been in your shoes and have been scammed as well and I can’t stand these scammers getting away with what they do.

All I can do is keep telling the truth about them and spreading the word on what actually works, what’s real, and how to really make money on the internet.

I have poured everything I know into my guide, and I hope you will take a read so you can learn the right way on how to make money online safely:

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In my guide, I also show you a place where you can learn everything I’ve learned and start building your online business for free.

You will also get a network of support as well as my personal help so you will have answers to any questions you have.

I hope you will finally build the online business of your dreams!

I know I have and it’s the best feeling to know there is still a safe place for me to learn about making money online.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below.  I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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