Is DailyBreak A Scam Or Could You Get Some Free Stuff?

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is DailyBreak a scamI’ve come across this interesting site called DailyBreak but I wondered if it is a scam since there are so many sites on the internet that look legit but really they’re not.

So I dived into DailyBreak to see what I can find out if this is a scam or not so I can report back to you if you should be using this site.

From the looks of it, it’s a rewards type site where you do some tasks to collect points and then exchange it for rewards, so let’s see if they have anything sneaky up their sleeves.

In my DailyBreak review below, I will show you the following:



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DailyBreak Logo


Program Name: DailyBreak


Price: Free

Type: Rewards Site

Recommend? No, not the best way to use your time.

I found out that DailyBreak is a rewards site where you earn points for doing little tasks called “breaks” and when you have enough points, you can exchange them for rewards.


DailyBreak Home page


This site has been around since 2008 but I hate the fact that I couldn’t find that simple information on their website and I had to go Wiki to find it.

Anyway, it’s been around for awhile so that’s good to know but that doesn’t mean much as I’ve seen too many things on the internet and sometimes, just because they’ve been around, doesn’t mean they are legit.

The DailyBreak website is very easy to navigate and you can earn points from taking on “breaks” which are not hard to do at all.

You’re basically just answering some questions, sometimes just one question or a few questions, nothing long like a survey.

You can quickly earn 4 points in a few clicks.

Then once you have enough points, you can use them in their store to donate to charities, to enter sweepstakes, or redeem them for gift cards.

Now let’s take a closer look.




First, you’ll need to earn points if you want to earn any rewards so let’s look at the details on how to earn points.


#1 Answer The Questions In Breaks

A break look like a news article on a certain topic, and in the article you just answer a simple question or up to 4 or 5 questions.


DailyBreak's Breaks


Once you’re done, you will earn the points for that break which is usually 4 points but have seen some up to 18 points, but rarely.

DailyBreak Questions

The category of breaks are News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Laugh, and Family, and within those breaks the types of questions are in the form of:

  • Quiz
  • Poll
  • Trivia
  • Games
  • Lists
  • None

All of them are very simple to answer and with just a few clicks you can earn the points of the break easily.


#2 Spin

There is a Spin To Win Points game you can use to gain points everyday as well.  The more you come back regularly in consecutive days, the more spins you’ll get per day.

DailyBreak Spin To Win

The most spins per day you can get is 5 and if you continue your consecutive days, you will keep your 5 spins a day.

DailyBreak Spin To Win Points

You can earn 1 point up to 40,000 points each time so no time wasted there, you get something every time.


#3 Earning Badges

There are badges in your profile that you can unlock to earn more points.

DailyBreak Badges

It seems the more active you are the more badges you can earn.

The more badges you can earn, the more points you can earn and also have the status of having so many badges earned.



There are three ways to redeem your points:

  1. Enter sweepstakes
  2. Donate to charities
  3. Exchange for gift cards



It seems you need certain amount of points, like 100, just to unlock the sweepstakes.

Then, once unlocked, you can see that most sweepstakes range from 50 – 150 points to enter for one ticket for a chance to win either a gift card, a laptop, or some other goody.

For a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card, it will cost you 300 points for one raffle ticket.


Donate To Charities

Again, you will need 300 points just to unlock this opportunity and then it will cost you 1,500 points just to donate $1 to Feeding America.

DailyBreak Feeding America 1500 points for $1

Also there’s only one option to donate at the level I was at (newbie).

You can unlock more options as you earn more badges/points.


Exchange for Gift Cards

You will also need 300 points just to unlock the gift cards.

DailyBreak Gift Card Redemption

For a $5 gift card to Amazon, Target, or Walmart, you will need 10,000 points!!  For a $25 Amazon gift care, you’ll need 30,000 points!


So your points aren’t worth much at all.




Geez… DailyBreak doesn’t seem like a scam because you do have an opportunity to get rewards for your efforts but dang, that’s a LOT OF EFFORT for very little rewards!

So although this is not a scam, I don’t think it’s worth your time at all.

You’re better off using Swagbucks if you like this kind of site and not have to work as hard.

You’re really earning barely any pocket change with DailyBreak and I would personally use that time to do something else that’s more worthwhile to make money online.

Quite frankly I have to think that DailyBreak is in it for the advertising, all the “breaks” look like ads for the news stories that people want to put out and promote.

There are a lot of products in the “breaks” too so I can’t help but think they are in it for the advertising dollars they’re getting while tons of people on the site eating up all the advertising and earning peanuts.

Also, it doesn’t seem there are real “winners” of their sweepstakes because their winner announcement is not even right with the wrong date:

DailyBreak Wrong Date for Winner


It’s Nov 2, not Dec 2, so not sure if this site can be trusted but I can’t find any hard proof to call this a scam, just things I would question.

So, even though this DailyBreak is legit, I do NOT recommend it because it seems like a huge waste of time.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether DailyBreak is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “Is DailyBreak A Scam Or Could You Get Some Free Stuff?”

  1. appears to be a scam! at first they seemed ok and i used some points to enter sweepstakes and then I started saving my points up and finally go enough for a walmart gc .thats when it keep telling me to vertifiy my email when in fact it had already been vertified and points used! its been months now putting me off,first saying it was my email,they having me send screen shots and just basicly messing me around,now they hardly ever even bother to answer me back,scam all the way! I have all the emails they have sent me and I have sent them and all the screenshots as proof


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